Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


282. Owen Grady 61

~“Well it’s a stupid rule.” Anna says sourly, sitting on the bed in her cocktail dress. “I bet Claire’s just mad because it didn’t work out with her and Owen so now she’s doing this to get back at him.”
You shake your head solemnly. “I just don’t know what to do. I mean, I don’t really have any other options.”
“You’ve been hiding your relationship for 5 months now; can’t you just go on doing that?” She asks, as if it’s obvious.
“No. Now that she knows, it would be impossible to get it past her.” You feel miserable just thinking about it. You knew when Owen first asked you out that coworker relationships were forbidden, but he convinced you to give him a shot. Now, you wish you hadn’t listened, because then you wouldn’t be in this position.
“Well what did Owen say?”
“We haven’t talked about it yet.”
“Wait, what?” She asks incredulously. “How have you not talked about this?”
“Because I know how it’s going to end Anna. I told you, we don’t have any options.” She looks at you sadly.
“It’s probably best to just get it over with then. I mean, it’s not like you won’t get to see him every day and hang out.” She knows it’s not the same thing, but she’s trying to help make this less painful.
You just shrug as you turn to look in the mirror, surveying your outfit.
“You look amazing, Y/n; you’re gonna break some hearts tonight.” She means it as a compliment, but it hits you hard. Will it really break his heart? You and Owen have been going out for a while now but neither of you have actually said the ‘L word’. You both had complicated dating history and now that you’ve finally gotten to a point where you’re ready to say it, you have to break up. You can’t help but wonder if he feels the same way.
“Come on, the Gala is gonna start without us.” She says, grabbing her keys from your dresser and heading out the door. You linger behind for a moment, still lost in your thoughts before you follow her out. You don’t know how you’re going to make it through the night in one piece.
You get to the fancy Gala and tug at your dress subconsciously, already nervous. Anna scans the room and you see her eyes land on someone across the way. You follow her gaze to see Owen talking to Barry by the bar. Your jaw almost drops at the sight of him in a suit jacket and tie. The man is gorgeous even on his bad days, but right now, you can’t help staring.
Without looking away from Owen, you whisper to Anna. “I don’t think I can do this.” She looks at you, concern on her face and takes your hand.
“It’s gonna be okay.”
You shake your head, fighting back tears. “No, It’s not.” Slipping your hand out of hers, you make to turn around. But just as you do, Owen looks your way and you watch his face take in your expression. You turn around as quickly as possible and run to the front door, wanting nothing more than to go home and crawl into bed and cry. Stupid rules. Stupid Claire. Stupid Owen for making you fall in love with him. None of it is fair.
Anna runs out after a few moments and takes you hand again. “Y/n, you have to get back inside.”
You shake your head, wiping your eyes and tell her no.
“No, seriously. When you dashed out, Owen jumped up on stage. He’s talking about the dating rule.” You lift your head to meet her eyes, shocked at what she has to say.
“What do you mean? What’s he saying?” You feel yourself straighten up, and you look towards the door, wanting to go back inside and hear what he has to say.
“Oh, come on!” She shouts, and drags you back inside excitedly. You immediately look up to the stage and see Owen, champagne glass in hand, speaking into the microphone.
“So it’s bullshit. If your relationship doesn’t hinder your job, then I don’t see the problem.” Owen looks out on the crowd and sees you at the back, and gives you a small smile.
“The reason I’m saying this is because I recently started dating one of my coworkers. She’s amazing and brilliant and beautiful and I’m not going to lose her just because of some stupid rule.” His face is beaming now and you can’t stop the tears flowing down your face. “If you don’t want to change the rule, then fine, I’ll quit. Have fun losing your only raptor trainer.” The cocky smirk on his face tells you that he’s actually going to get away with this. They would never risk losing him, not now that he’s finally getting the raptors’ respect. He looks out on the crowd and pauses for a second, before locking eyes with you again. “Y/n, I’m in love with you. And I’m not letting you get away that easy.”
The crowd erupts into cheers and he smiles down at you, walking off the stage. The gala coordinator gets on stage and says something about the party commencing after that great speech, but you’re not really paying attention. All you can see is Owen walking through the crowd, making his way towards you. You smile through your tears as he stops in front of you, his green eyes sparkling.
“Y/n, I love you. And there’s no way I’m going to lose you over some stupid little rule.” His hands go to your hips, pulling you towards him and you lean your forehead against his chest, arms sliding around his neck.
“I love you too.” You whisper through your tears. “I love you Owen.”
“Just like that?” You ask Claire.
“Just like that.” She doesn’t look thrilled to be changing the dating rule, but she doesn’t seem to be mad about it either. There wasn’t any hostility in her enforcement of it, she was just doing her job.
“Thank you Claire. Don’t know what to say. I just-”
“Its fine, Y/n. It’s probably for the best. I’m sure there’s a lot more people hiding their relationships. It’s better if they’re out in the open about it than shirking their duties while trying to pretend they’re not together.” You give her a smile and a nod before turning to leave the room.
You think about what you told Anna yesterday and wonder if that’s exactly how Claire feels right now. I just don’t really have any other options.

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