Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


281. Owen Grady 60 Part 2

“The meeting will only take like an hour. Just…” Owen looks at you, worry in his face. “If Hoskins shows up just go home. I don’t want you having to deal with him, especially not alone.” You smile at the sentiment and give him a nod.
“Sure. But if that happens, you better show up to the trailer with a six-pack to apologize for leaving me.” You smirk at him and he just shakes his head and laughs.
“I’ll show up regardless.”
By the time you realize he’s at the paddock, it’s too late to slip off unnoticed. Not that you can really imagine yourself running and hiding anyway. You’ve never been one ton from things that scare you.
“Well, howdy there sweetheart. I see your boyfriend is gone.” He crosses his arms haughtily and makes to look around. “Guess we’ve got this place to ourselves.” Everything about his posture and tone repulses you and you try to ignore him, walking towards the catwalk stairs.
“I’m trying to work.” You say curtly as you head up the stairs, but hear his clunky boots on the metal as he follows you.
“These animals are smarter than most humans,” He says before stopping himself, “Not including myself of course.” He gives you a wink and your face turns into a grimace. “They can miss one afternoon of training.” He moves unbearable close to you and you feel your body tense up. You look around panicking and see Barry at the foot of the stairs, heading your way. Of course Owen wouldn’t leave you completely defenseless.
However, as you watch Barry ascend the stairs, coming to your rescue, Hoskins’ hand reaches out to touch you and he grips your waist.
It’s not like you don’t know how to defend yourself, you could have just punched him in the face, but your first instinct was to push him away from you which turned out to be rather perfect.
Both you and Barry watch as Hoskins’ back hits the railing and his lack of balance sends him tumbling over the metal and down into the cage. You feel the shock of seeing him fall in, but you can’t hide the huge grin that covers your face. You didn’t mean to push him in, but it just seemed to work out perfectly.
You watch as he rolls over on the ground, clearly in pain and sees the four raptors standing over him. You don’t want to see him get eaten, at least not that badly, so you grab your clicker and click it at the girls.
“Ladies!” You shout and get their attention. You’re about to tell them to back off when Hoskins shouts at them.
“That’s right, listen to your master you animals.” He shuffles backwards on the ground and gets himself up against the wall before looking up at you. “Go ahead, call them off.” He demands, roughly and you stare him dead in the eye as you slowly reach your hand out past the railing and open it, dropping the clicker into the paddock.
“Oops.” You say without emotion, still staring at him, and a wicked grin comes to your face.
The terror in his eyes is almost enough to make you feel sorry for him, but you know the girls won’t attack. They just might terrorize him a bit more. “Please,” he shouts, flat against the wall, “Call them off!” He refuses to break eye contact with the girls and you realize that he might not be as stupid as he seems. “Open the door!”
You cup your hands around your mouth and raise your voice just loud enough for it to reach him. “Sorry, only Owen has the code to open it!” He’s squirming now and flinching at every move the girls make and you honestly can’t imagine being happier. Maybe after this he will learn a thing or two about personal space.
You look at Barry who is trying not to laugh at you as you slowly head towards the stairs.
“I guess I really should let him out, huh?” You say to him and he shrugs his shoulder.
“Eh, I think there’s a few papers we forgot to fill out this morning. You know how much Claire hates when it’s late.” You see the mischievous sparkle in his eyes and you can’t help but love him.
“Very good point.” You head towards the trailer, after telling Barry to keep an eye on them.
“She went to go find Owen.” He lies smoothly to Hoskins, still laughing.
After you finish your soda, you head back out to the paddock and see Owen running towards the safety cage, in complete panic.
“Whoa there cowboy, it’s only Hoskins, he can wait.” You say teasingly, but he stops dead in his tracks when he hears your voice and turns to run towards you. When he gets to you, he wraps you in a tight hug, his muscular arms nearly crushing you. “Owen can’t breathe.” You mumble and he pulls away, eyes still panicked.
“The radio kept going out. They said you were on the catwalk and that someone fell in, I thought you were hurt.” His hand slides up to your cheek and his eyes are much too intense to just be platonic worry. You stare into them, feeling the small smile creep onto your face and he leans forward just slightly, lips almost touching, before you hear the shout.
“Finally, Grady! Get over here and open this door!” Hoskins’ harsh voice pulls you out of his trance and Owen’s head snaps up. He looks down at you confused and you give him a small shrug.
“I kinda pushed him in.” He beams a smile down at you and grabs your hand to wake you over with him to the safety cage with him.
“How long has he been in here?” Owen asks Barry as they get inside.
“About 10 minutes.” This gets a round of laughter form the three of you as Owen calls off the girls and gets Hoskins back to safety.
The second he catches his breath, he straightens up and points a finger at you. “That bitch pushed me into the cage, and almost got me kill-” His accusations are cut short as Owen punches him square in the jaw.
Hoskins straightens up, holding his jaw. “You’re really gonna defend her? She left me in there for 10 minutes facing down those creatures.” His eyes are almost pleading with Owen, but you can’t imagine what he wants. Possibly for you to get fired, but Owen speaks up.
“Yeah, I know. She’s brave enough to stick around here even after you and your grabby hands showed up. She put up with your shit and then taught you a lesson.” He glances your way and his eyes light up. “That’s why I’m in love her. She’s tough as nails and damn brave.” He looks back at Hoskins and his expression gets dark again. “But regardless of that, if you ever touch her-hell if you ever look at her again-I will break your jaw.”
Hoskins is looking at Owen in shock and opens his mouth to say something when Barry speaks up. “Why don’t you just walk away while you can still walk? I don’t think Owen’s in a very patient mood right now.” Hoskins looks between the three of you and scoffs.
“You act like you’re in charge here, but just wait until they get my report.” He says, turning to walk away. “I’ll have all of your asses fired.” He gets into his car but you just shake your head at Owen.
“Thanks. I don’t think I’ll have any more problems with him.” He gives you a breathtaking smile and you notice Barry slip off to leave the two of you alone.
“So…” You start, putting your hands in your pockets. “You love me huh?” You wag your eyebrows at him and he laughs.
“Did it really take all that to make you realize?” He steps closers, hands going to your waist, but you flinch at the touch, remembering Hoskins hands going there just minutes before. He notices the movement and slides his hands down your arms, reaching for your hands.
He gives you a soft smile. “Sorry. I don’t want to do anything that-”
“Shut up and kiss me” You say, shaking your head. His eyes widen slightly in surprise, but he smiles and leans down, eagerly capturing your lips with his own. They’re soft and salty and you guide his hands to your hips before reaching up to cup his face. He sighs into the kiss and you open your eyes, pulling back.
“I think you owe me a six pack” You say a little breathlessly, smirking up at him.
“I think I have some in the fridge at the bungalow. You should come over and find out.” He wags his eyebrows suggestively and you can’t help but laugh.
“That sounds fun.” You press up onto your toes to give him another quick kiss, just wanting to feel his lips again and he meets you halfway, just as eager as you. Who woulda thought it would just take one total douchebag to bring the two of you together. At least Hoskins isn’t completely useless.

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