Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


280. Owen Grady 60 Part 1

~You see Hoskins approaching over Owen’s shoulder, who notices your grimace.
“What’s wrong?” He asks, before turning his head to follow your gaze. His face mirrors yours when he spots Hoskins and he shakes his head. “Here we go again.”
You wrap your arms around yourself and Owen notices the gesture. “How about you go take your lunch?” he asks, clearly seeing the anxiety in your eyes, but you shake your head.
“No, I’m fine. I can handle it.” He frowns at you and looks down at the supply shelf on the catwalk as he puts away the treat bucket.
“Well, he won’t touch you with me here.” He straightens his shoulders when he stands up and looks towards Hoskins, crossing him arms. You think about how sweet Owen is to you. Ever since you told him about Hoskins harassing you, he’s gone out of his way to make sure you aren’t around during his normal visits. However, while Hoskins’ appearance today is an unexpected one, you’re not just going to run and hide form your problems. Plus, Owen being here does make you feel safer.
“Your girls are looking good Grady.” He says laughing, before glancing at you and adding, “All of them.” You feel a shiver go through you and Owen steps to the side, blocking Hoskins view of you.
“The raptors are learning quickly.” Owen says shortly. “Why are you here?”
Hoskins drops his cheerful attitude and looks at Owen with contempt. “Maybe I just wanted to drop by for a visit. I’m sure you’ve missed me sweetheart.” He side steps Owen and looks at you, sending another shiver of fear through your body. Owen couldn’t get him fired for his physical harassment as he doesn’t officially work for the park, but you assume he has threatened him before. You could swear you hear Owen growl as Hoskins takes a step towards you.
“If you don’t have any business here, why don’t you get your ass out of my paddock before I make you?” Owen looms over him menacingly and you see a hint of fear in Hoskins’ eyes before he regains his composure.
“Actually, I have a meeting with Masrani. I should head over there now; don’t wanna be late. Maybe I’ll drop by later to see you.” He gives you a wink before turning around and walking towards the stairs. You see Owen take a step forward as to follow him, but you timidly place a hand on his arm. You don’t want him to get into any trouble because of you.
“Owen.” You say softly and he turns to look down at you, face transforming from anger to worry.
“Are you okay?” He asks and you give him a nod.
“He’s not so scary when you’re around.” You force yourself to give him a smile but you can see it doesn’t convince him. He places his hands on your shoulders and looks at you a little too intensely.
“I’m not going to let him touch you again. Ever. Okay?” The smile you give him now is genuine in response to his concern for your safety.
“I know. Thanks.” You feel a blush rise to your cheeks at his intense gaze and turn away, hiding your embarrassment. Out of the corner of your eye you see his small smile turn into a smirk and you feel butterflies in your stomach. Owen has always been protective of you since you started working at the paddock. You always assumed it was because you’re the only girl, but maybe it’s more. Is it possible that the irresistible Owen Grady has more than platonic feelings for you? You turn back to him and say, “I’m gonna go write up today’s report.”
“Do you want some company?” He raises his eyebrows expectantly, but you know you won’t get any real work done if he’s in the room. Especially now that you’re determined to explore his feelings for you.
“Nah. I’ll get it done faster if I’m alone.” He laughs and agrees with you, before you turn to walk away. It’s suddenly as if you’re hyper aware of the fact that he’s probably watching you walk away, looking at your retreating back, maybe even your butt. However, the most surprising part of all of this is…you kinda like the idea of Owen being into you.

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