Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


181. Owen Grady 6

~If someone had told me, six months ago, that I would soon be standing just outside a cage of velociraptors, observing them, I would have said they were crazy.
Yet, here I am, so who’s the crazy one now?
The raptors – and the other animals on the island – are interesting (and less scary when muzzled), and the pay is great. I’m used to the climate (humid and hot, every day), so even that’s not so bad.
There’s also the relatively small perk of my boss being drop-dead gorgeous, so I guess I didn’t get a raw deal.
Speaking of my boss…
Owen Grady is tall, tanned, and heavily muscled, with green eyes and wavy light brown hair. Basically, he’s freaking dreamy.
“Friday!” he hurries over to me, looking urgent.
“Did you file that report?” Owen asks, “Hoskins is on my ass about it.”
My eyes go wide.
“Oh, shit!” I blink, “I’m so, so sorry, I forgot the submission dates had been changed again!”
I expect him to be annoyed, if not downright mad.
“Don’t worry about it,” Owen says, “I’ll just tell Hoskins I forgot to memo you the new dates.”
“Oh my god, thank you so much,” I beam at him, “I don’t know how to thank you!”
Because he has literally probably just saved me from being fired.
“Well, first off, you can make sure you remember the correct filing dates,” he says it seriously enough, but he’s smiling a little.
I shrink, muttering another apology.
“Also,” he says, “you could come out to dinner with me tonight?”
I blink at him, trying to comprehend that.
“Are you… asking me out?” I ask.
His grin turns into a suggestive smirk.
“Maybe I am.”
“In that case… I accept,” I say, trying not to blush.
Oh my God, I have a date with Owen Grady… tonight!
“I’ll pick you up at say… seven?” he suggests.
“Sounds good.”
“It’s a date,” he winks at me and practically struts off to the raptor pen, probably entirely aware that I’m staring at his ass.
Oh man, what am I going to wear??? That’s the first thing I consider. Then I consider underwear. Last, I consider what exactly my cousin (and incidentally high-up-boss) Claire will say if she finds out…
I stand in front of the mirror in my bra and panties. Black lace; sexy, but not trashy.
I zip up my black dress – it’s tight and clingy on my hips and boobs, but below my hips it’s loose. Cute, but comfortable.
I decide against my only pair of high heels, instead slipping my feet into my lace-up boots. Somehow, I get a feeling that Owen will find it cute.
I’m right.
He shows up at precisely seven on his motorcycle, looking beyond gorgeous in a clean pair of black pants and a baby-blue button down shirt. He’s left his vest and knife at home.
He takes in my appearance – loose hair, my dress, and then the boots.
He smiles broadly, greeting me with a simple ‘hey’ as I climb onto the bike behind him.
“Where are we going?” I ask.
“You’ll see!” he calls back over the wind as we speed away from my tiny cottage.
When I realize where he’s taking me, I hug him, even though he probably won’t get that it’s a hug seeing as we’re still speeding down the road.
He pulls up in the Apatosaurus paddock, and I see it.
He’s set up a picnic table under a tree, which has been filled with lanterns; there’s a basket and a cooler box tucked under the table.
“This must have taken you ages…” I say, taking in the beautiful surroundings.
“It was no big deal, I just borrowed a jeep…” he’s pleased though, I can tell.
“It’s beautiful.” I tell him.
He grins.
“The boots were a good idea, by the way,” he says, leading me over to the table.
We eat dinner under the lanterns, drink wine, and laugh about work. He tells me about the raptors when they were first hatched.
“They used to follow me around everywhere… Blue used to ride on my shoulder. Used to give Barry heart palpitations, I swear!” Owen chuckles.
I laugh with him, imagining tiny velociraptors following him around and sitting on his shoulders like little scaly parrots.
We end up lying on our backs on the table, looking up at the stars through the branches of the tree.
“This is really nice,” I say after a while.
“Yeah.” Owen smiles, then he looks over at me, “You wanna get out of here?”
I smile.
“Umm… and go where?” I ask, feigning innocence.
“Maybe… my place?” he suggests, before leaning in to kiss me.
I let him, because even though I know it’s really dumb to get involved with your boss, I can’t help it.
“Owen…” I say, “I was… told…I don’t know if this is a good idea.”
He doesn’t move away from me, remains within proximity where he could easily kiss me again.
“Your cousin’s been talking crap about me,” he says with a sigh.
I shrug.
“Oh, man,” he grimaces, “she has got to quit that. Just because I didn’t go on a second date with her… I mean, I know she’s your cousin, but I really hope you don’t think terribly of me.”
He sounds – and looks – so sincere that I can’t help but believe him.
“I don’t.” I say, “umm… think terribly of you. And, if you’re still offering… I’d like to spend more time with you.”
Owen smiles.
“Shall we get out of here, then?” he sits up and offers me his hand.
I sit up too, take his hand.
I climb onto the bike behind him, wrap my arms around his chest.
He kicks the bike into gear and we speed off out of the paddock, towards Owen’s house. I suppose maybe he’ll clean up the Apatosaur paddock tomorrow, or maybe he’ll get someone else to do it. Owen is the sort of guy that people are happy to do things for.
Wow that sounded really dirty…
Either way, I guess I’m going to be in for a great night. All I can do right now, is just hope that it blooms into something more… solid. Because I really like him, and I’d love to go out with him again.
“Hey, you reckon you’ll come out with me again?” Owen asks.
“Like… another date?”
“Exactly like another date.”
I smile.
“Of course I will.”
Yeah… I like the way this is going.

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