Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


279. Owen Grady 59 Part 2

~“You’re wearing that?” Zack asks, seemingly surprised. “You think that’s gonna entice him at all?”
“Shut up, Zack. I’m not gonna dress like a slut for some guy. If he likes me, he’s gonna have to like me how I am.” You look at yourself in the mirror. It’s not like you’re dressing modestly; your shorts are rather short and your black tank top is pretty slimming on you.
Zack snorts at your comment. “Who’s gonna like you for you? You have a Tumblr blog.”
“I said shut up, Zack.” You decide to ignore him for the rest of the morning, not needing to hear his petty attempts at psyching you out. You try to tell yourself that you’re only going to be flirty and brash to win the bet, but really you’re just using that as your excuse to see just how much this Owen guy likes you.
When you get to the paddock, Owen walks over to the jeep.
“Mornin’. You’re just in time for their morning training.” He gives you a once over and smirks. “I think you’ll be impressed.”
You give him a smile and nod your head at Gray and Zack. “Well then boys, follow him.”
Zach gives you a stupid look as he walks by you and you smirk as you follow all of them.
“Now, park policy is only adults are allowed up on the catwalk,” Owen says to gray and Zack. “But Barry will stay with you in the safety cage so you can get a close up view.” But then he turns his attention to you.
“But if you want to join me…” He leaves his question hanging as he stares at you and Zack makes a quiet groaning noise.
“Yeah. Sound like fun,” You say. However, as you begin to follow him up the stairs and you catch sight of the raptors circling the ground below your feet, you suddenly realize something.You’re extremely afraid of raptors.
It’s not like you’ve had a bad experience with them, but at least the Trex is behind glass and the herbivores don’t actually look like they want to hurt you. These raptors however seem hungry and violent and frankly terrifying. You slow your walk as you get to the top and he turns around.
“You look scared.” He observes with a smile on his lips. You swallow hard, trying to play it off.
“No, well I mean yeah kinda. They are pretty scary.” You look over the edge of the railing nervously and almost jump when you feel his hand move to the small of your back.
“You’ll be fine as long as you’re with me.” He leans in and whispers, giving you goosebumps. Your face burns hotly and you nod silently as he ushers you over by the small table attached to the catwalk. You take deep breaths trying to calm yourself from the fact that these man eating animals are standing right below you and this devastatingly handsome man is at your side. Stay calm, you tell yourself. Everything is going to be okay.
After the raptor’s performance, you would be lying if you said you hadn’t enjoyed it. However, you can’t get in a word in edgewise with Owen as Gray rambles on about how exciting it was to watch. Just as Gray is winding down, another jeep pulls up by the paddock and Zara steps out, looking at you annoyed.
“You aren’t answering your phone! Claire has been trying to call you.” She looks exasperated and you feel around in your purse for your phone only to realize you left it at the hotel.
“Oops, I guess I forgot it this morning.” You say apologetically.
“Well, her meeting was cancelled and she wants to have lunch with you guys.” She waves the boys towards the car, but you get an idea.
“Actually Zara, why don’t you tell Claire I couldn’t make it?” Zack squints his eyes suspiciously at you and you smile. “I think I’m gonna stay here with Owen and learn a little more about the raptors.”
You know that Zara couldn’t care less and she confirms that with a roll of her eyes, returning to her phone. “Whatever.” She ushers the boys into the jeep and drives off.
When she’s out of sight, Owen’s hand moves to the small of your back once more, “I don’t remember asking if you wanted to stay.” He says with a smirk and you laugh softly.
“I could really use a break from my brothers. I love them, but they can be real pains in the ass.”
He laughs at this and replies. “I can see that, it’s almost like you couldn’t wait to get me alone.” This time he gives you a wink and you feel yourself get brave.
“No, if I wanted to get you alone, I would have invited you back to the hotel room.”
His yes go wide and you can’t help but feeling powerful at being able to surprise him like that. You smile wickedly and walk past him. “So, tell me about the girls,” You say but he grabs your arm to pull you back to him, hands going to your waist now.
His eyes are hungry as he looks down at you and you can’t help biting your lip in anticipation.
“Actually, I’d like to figure out how to earn that invitation.” The tension between you is thick and you can’t help yourself. You’re going to get a whole lot more than a kiss from this deal.
“Well, when do you take your lunch break?” You ask, and he replies quickly.
“About twenty minutes.” You can’t help your soft laughter as you’ve never flirted so explicitly with a guy before. You feel giddy with excitement.
“Well then, I’m gonna go grab a snack. And you can meet me in room 407.” You don’t give him a chance to respond, just winking at him as you turn to walk towards the jeep. You want so badly to turn around and see what he looks like right now, but you restrain yourself. It has been way too long since you’ve gotten some and never with someone as hot as him. You’re not going to do anything to ruin the moment.
You open the door to your room at his knock and he walks in, looking around. For a split second you could swear you see a hint of nervousness in his eyes, but it disappears too quickly for you to be sure
“So, the boys are with Claire?” He asks, and you nod, walking towards him with a smirk on your face.
Without any preamble, you place a hand on his cheek, rubbing your thumb gently across the stubble there and lift your face as he leans down to meet you. The moment your lips make contact, you feel like a fire has been lit inside your body. His hands move to your back as yours wrap around his neck urgently, your lips never parting except to take a breath. His lips are chapped and rough against yours but they just feel right against yours. His tongue brushes across your bottom lip and your part your lips willingly allowing him access. You step backwards, practically walking into the bed and he gets your drift, crawling on top of you as you lay down on it.
His hands slide down from your waist to the hem of your tank top and he slowly slides his calloused fingers under it as your tongues continue to explore each other. You reach for the buttons on his shirt and begin to undo them, but he beats you to the punch, leaning back to undo them himself quickly.
You laugh at his impatience as his hands move back down to your own shirt, pulling it slowly over your head. You give him a sultry smile as his lips return to yours and your hands move to his bare chest. You slide your nails gently down his torso and feel him moan against your mouth just as you hear the beep: the quiet beep that the electronic door lock makes when it’s been unlocked. Both of your go stiff for a second before jumping into action. Owen stand up off the bed looking for his shirt and you grab yours, pulling it over your head only to find it backwards. He grabs something off of the bedside table, but you can’t see what it was as you look towards the door.
Rather than Zack or Gray, you see your Aunt Claire . She looks at you with a surprised smile.
“Oh, hey. I thought you were staying with…” She stops when she opens the door fully and sees Owen standing next to the bed, still buttoning up his shirt. He looks up at her, with an unashamed smile on his face as he finishes up and you don’t think your face could get any more red than it is now.
“What is it Aunt Claire?” You hear Gray ask, nudging past her into the room. He looks at Owen confusedly, not noticing that your tank top is on backwards and just gives him a big, goofy smile.
“Oh, hey Mr. Grady!” That’s when Claire breaks out of her shock and loses it.
“How dare you! What were you thinking, she’s my niece!” She walks furiously towards Owen and she reaches up and grabs him by the ear.
If you weren’t so embarrassed about being caught, you would laugh at the sight in front of you. Owen went from a cocky smile to a terrified look in 2 seconds, wincing in pain as she drags him out of the room by his ear. He doesn’t try to fight her, however, and you respect that. But as you hear her shouting get quieter as she walks down the hall, you look up to see Zack in the doorway, looking impressed.
“Man, you really wanted that window seat, huh?”
That evening, Zara shows up to take you on some special after-hours tour of the park. Claire is making you stay with Zara and the boys, not allowing you to go off on your own and to top it all off, you still can’t find your phone. You searched the entire room after the whole fiasco with Owen, but you couldn’t find it anywhere, figuring you must have dropped it somewhere in the park. Claire promised to buy you a new one, but apparently that wasn’t going to be necessary.
“Oh, Y/n, someone dropped this off at the front office, said it was yours.” Zara pulls your phone out of her small purse and you take it, glad to have it back. However, when you look at the screen, you’re shocked. There are no call notifications on the screen from Claire or Zara or the multiple times you used Zack’s phone to call it. But there is one text message on it, the contact name saying, “Owen.”
“Thought I should probably give this back. Maybe I should have started by taking you out. Tomorrow night. 7o’clock. Jimmy Buffets?
You smile stupidly at your phone, not sure how you’re going to get past Claire, but you ignore that problem as you happily type out a small, “Yes.”

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