Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


278. Owen Grady 59 Part 1

~If it had been up to you, your spring break from college would have been spent in Miami, not on some island filled with dinosaurs watching your little brothers. After all, it’s your senior year. It’s your last chance to make some memories before you get out in the real world and yet here you are, watching Gray play with the hologram monitors and Zach stare at every pretty girl that walks by.
Aunt Claire was supposed to meet up with the three of you to give you a tour, but you got a call about some last-minute meeting and how she will meet up with you for dinner. Gray runs over to you, his eyes about to bug out of his head.
“Y/n, there’s a raptor paddock where they’re training raptors, but it’s not open to the public!” He jumps excitedly as he lifts up his arm to show the VIP wristbands Claire gave you. “Do you think we can get back there with these?” You give him a smile and nod.
“Yeah, I’m sure we can. Go get your brother.” Gray looks around, searching for him and spots him across the room talking to some teenage girl.
“Zach! Come on we’re going somewhere!” He shouts across the room and you shake your head. Well I could have done that, you think to yourself.
You send Zara a text letting her know where you’re headed and you head towards the Jeep Claire left you to get around the back roads on the park. You ask Gray how far away it is just as Zara sends you the location to your phone.
Gray bounces around in the back seat, “I wonder how big they are. Did you know that the raptors here at Jurassic World aren’t historically accurate? The scientists modify the genes so that they can adapt to the subtropical weather.” You try hard to pay attention as he rattles off a bunch of facts about the dinosaurs. You haven’t got to spend much time with Gray since you went off to college. In fact, the last birthday party you were able to attend was his eighth one and you still feel guilty about it. You tell yourself that after you finish school, you will try to get closer to your younger brothers; they really aren’t all that bad.
When you pull up to the paddock, you see a small group of company jeeps over to the side and decide to park there. The cage is bigger than you expected. It is a circular paddock with tall fences and walkways running cross cross over the top to allow for better viewing into it. You turn around to tell Gray to stay near you and not cause any trouble, but he’s already out of the car, running towards the men at the base of the stairs. You hop out of the car, throwing your bag over your shoulder and run after him, noticing that Zach doesn’t even bother to undo his seatbelt or look away from his phone.
You catch up to Gray just as he gets to the three men. The heavy set man in khaki mutters something angrily and turns to walk away, not even glancing at you and Gray. You put a hand on Gray’s shoulder and the men turn around to see what the commotion is. You look down at Gray.
“C’mon kid. I told you not to go running off.” You make to look up at the two men apologetically. “Sorry, he gets a little excited about the dinosaurs.”
As soon as you look up and see his face, you’re momentarily stunned. He’s tall and tan, with just the perfect amount of stubble on his face to look rugged but still professional. He stands tall and proud like a military man with his arms crossed. When he begins speaking, your eyes are drawn to his lips watching the way that they move and he stares at you intently for a few second before raising his eyebrows.
Oh crap. He said something and you were too busy gawking at him to hear what he had to say. You shake your head, clearing the less than decent thoughts that were encroaching on your mind.
“Sorry, what did you say?” You can feel your cheeks get red as he obviously realizes you were distracted.
“I said, my name’s Owen, and this is Barry.” The man next to him, Barry, chuckles softly as Owen looks back towards you with a smirk. “And don’t worry about him,” he says, reaching down and ruffling Gray’s hair. “The raptors are pretty exciting.”
“Oh, yeah. I’m sure they are.” You hate the way you sound slightly breathless and hope he doesn’t notice as Gray grabs his shirt sleeve and tugs him towards the large cage outside the Paddock door. Owen gives you a smile and shrugs his shoulders as he turns to go with Gray and you watch the two of them talk for a few minutes. You lean against the wall as you watch them and notice Gray cover his mouth to say something to Owen, even though you can’t hear him from this far away to begin with.
He then motions with his thumb in your direction and you get suspicious, eyebrows drawing together in confusion as Owen follows Gray’s pointing thumb and makes eye contact with you. You suddenly feel extremely self-conscious and look away, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear. Your face is red again as you are sure Gray has said something that will thoroughly embarrass you based on the way that Owen is still stealing glances your way as Gray talks to him.
“And you guys make fun of me for staring at girls.” Zach’s sudden statement makes you jump and turn around to smack him on the arm.
“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” You exclaim, slightly annoyed.
“I wasn’t sneaking,” He says, crossing his arms, “You were just very focused on a certain trainer.” You don’t know which you hate more: the fact that the noticed, or the fact that he was completely right.
“I’m just watching Gray, that’s all.” You say, not even able to convince yourself.
“Yeah, sure, but he’s definitely not watching me.” He says, nodding back towards the two of them. You turn to look and catch Owen’s eye again just before he smirks and looks back down at Gray. Oh boy, you’re definitely in trouble.
After spending over an hour at the raptor paddock as Owen showed Gray around and gave him a tour, you tell the boys that you need to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.
“Aww, man! He was just going to let me watch the training!” Gray whines and looks at you with puppy dog eyes. “Please just 10 more minutes?”
You want to say yes to him, as you really don’t want to leave this gorgeous man either, but you shake your head, seeing as you’ve already stayed 15 minutes later than you intended to.
“We’ve got dinner in an hour; we need to go get ready.” Gray’s excited face falls suddenly, and the frown there makes you sad.
“Well,” Owen speaks up, “If you want to come back tomorrow, you’re more than welcome to.” Owen speaks to you rather than to Gray, although Gray turns to you to beg.
“Oh, can we?”
“After all, you didn’t even join us up on the catwalk.” Owens eyes are flirty and you know you’re going to say yes. How could you ever deny this man anything?
“Yeah, okay. We can do that.” You give him a smile and you get butterflies at the grin that spreads across his face.
“Good, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then, Y/n.” He turns to walk away and you stare at him confused.
“I never told him my name.” You say, bemused, and Gray pipes up.
“Oh, I did. He kept asking questions about you.” Gray says this as if it’s not a big deal, but your eyes light up.
“Really? What did he want to know?” However, for once in his life Gray doesn’t want to talk.
“Uhmm, I’ll tell you later. Let’s get back to the hotel, I’m super hungry.” You groan inwardly at his deflection to your question, wanting to know what Owen could have possibly wanted to know about you. After all, there was definitely some sexual tension going on and you’re not completely oblivious to flirting.
When you get back to the hotel room, you’re about to question Gray, but he decides to take the first shower. Instead, Zach speaks up.
“So, were going back tomorrow to see your boyfriend?” His sass annoys you and you throw a pillow at his head.
“Shut your face.” You say harshly but he doesn’t give up.
“What? I’m not judging you; I’m not the only one who’s allowed to get a date on this island.” Your mouth drops at him and you let out a laugh.
“Are you kidding me? First off, you seem to be forgetting you actually have a girlfriend. Second, you can barely talk to the girls, let alone get a date.”
He scoffs at you and puts up a challenge. “Oh yeah? I bet I can get someone to kiss me before you can.” He smirks at you and you star at your little brother wondering when he got so brash.
“I’m not going to make a bet like that with you.” You say, disgustedly. Although, now you’re thinking about kissing Owen and that’s a dangerous path to go down.
“Why? Because you know I’ll win?” You see the glint of success in his eye before you even answer because you both know you’re not one for backing down from a challenge.
“Fine. I bet I can get Owen to kiss me before you can get some random little girl to kiss you. Winner gets the window seat on the plane ride back home.” You say, holding out your hand towards him.
He reaches up to shake it. “Deal.”

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