Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


277. Owen Grady 58

~“Y/n, snap out of it.” Anna next to you whispers as you find yourself staring across the room at Owen again. You shake your head a little, trying to regain your composure as you look at her.
“Huh? What did you say?” You look at her confused and her serious look breaks into a smile.
“I swear, girl. Remind me again why y’all aren’t together yet?” She smirks at you before looking down at the menu and pretending to be deciding on a meal.
“I told you already, Anna. We’re too good of friends. Getting into a relationship could ruin all that, and plus we work together so how awkward would that be if things didn’t work out?” You roll your eyes at her and look towards the guys now walking towards the table with both their and your drinks in their hands.
“Well, you guys can’t keep your eyes off each other. And who cares that he’s eight years older than you?” She shrugs her shoulder before lowering her voice as they get closer to the table, “I still think the tow of you belong together.” Just as she finishes her sentence, the boys place the drinks on the table and Owen slides into the booth beside you. He bumps your shoulder with his and smiles.
“What are you ladies talking about? The two handsome men who bought you drinks?” He smirks at Anna and she smiles at you, taking a sip of her martini and looking away. He was only joking but she couldn’t have been more obvious. You shake your head and look down at your menu, trying to change the subject.
“So what are you guys getting?” You look up to Barry who just shrugs.
“Just a burger for me.” He says distractedly as he points over Owen’s head to a television and starts talking about some game on the screen. Owen carries on the conversation with his friend and midway through it, he throws an arm over the back of the booth, resting it on your shoulders. You try to shut up your brain when it registers how warm the little gesture makes you feel and you glance over at him with a small smile creeping up on your face. You’ve been over it a thousand times: the two of you would be better off remaining friends. However, that doesn’t stop Owen from asking you every once in a while if you’ve changed your mind.
Anna reaches a hand across the table to put it on yours and gets excited.
“Oh my gosh! I forgot to tell you! Did you hear about Joshue and Stacy? Apparently they’re hooking up.” She leaves her mouth hanging slightly waiting for your reaction and you don’t disappoint her.
“What? Isn’t she like six years older than him?” You ask her, shocked.
“Haven’t you heard sweetheart,” Barry cuts in, having heard the conversation. “Age doesn’t matter anymore.” He raises his eyebrows at you and then looks towards Owen before taking a swig of his beer.
Of course Barry wants you and Owen together too. Apparently everyone on this island does, but you still don’t know. What if people were to talk about you the way that you just talked about Stacy? You force a small laugh at his comment and you can swear you feel Owen’s body shift slightly closer to yours.
After dinner, the four of you head off down Main Street through the light crowds of people. Owen takes his normal place beside you, hands in his pockets, as Barry and Anna walk up ahead of you.
“Barry’s right, you know.” He says out of nowhere and you look up at him.
“Hmm? Right about what?” You already know where the conversation is headed, but for once you’re actually not dreading it.
“I know 29 probably seems ancient to you-” You cut off the rest of his sentence with a snort.
“You’re not that old,” You say, covering your face as you laugh.
He smiles a little at your outburst, but his face seems serious. “But too old for you…” He says it like a statement, but you let out a sigh and answer it as if it was a question.
“Owen, you know that’s not true.” You wrap an arm around yourself and worry your lip wondering if you should say go on with your usual rant. The only problem is if you did, you might be lying.
“I don’t care how old you are.” He raises his eyebrows disbelievingly as he looks down at you and you laugh softly, bringing a smile to his face. “Really, Owen. I just don’t want to lose this, you know?” You stop walking and turn to look at him. Anna and Barry keep walking and you can’t tell if they didn’t notice you stopped or if they just want to give you two some privacy.
“I love what we have here, Owen. You’re seriously my best friend and what happens if we try the whole relationship thing and it doesn’t work out?” You raise your eyebrows waiting for a response and he nods.
“Yeah, I get that. But what happens if we do work out?” He gets that goofy smile on his face and you shake your head, already knowing it’s going to be hard to say no. “What if we’re actually the perfect couple and we just don’t know because we’ve never tried.” You laugh, leaning back against the wall behind you and listen to him.
“I mean, I already know the sex will be great, but I know we’d be good at the other stuff too.” His nonchalance about sex is one of the things you’ve always liked about him. He can joke about it without things getting awkward.
“Besides,” He says, moving closer to you, putting a hand against the wall to the side of your head. “I really want to be with you.” He looks into your eyes with his piercing green gaze and you lose yourself for a moment, forgetting what you were talking about. You blink a few times and shake your head softly.
“You really think that would be a good idea?” You ask, feeling your walls begin to crumble. People make relationships work all the time with age differences.
He smiles don at you, noticing that you didn’t disagree outright like you normally do and he takes advantage of this.
“I really do, Y/n. I think it’s a fantastic idea.” He smiles widely and you can’t help but return it. You bite your lip trying to find a good reason why you should keep avoiding a relationship with him. There’s no denying that you’re crazy about him and he really is a great guy, so why not give it a try?
“Okay.” You say softly, still looking up at him. His eyes widen slightly in surprise as if he hadn’t expected his charm to work.
“Seriously?” he asks and you nod you head. His shocked expression soon turns into a full blow grin and he nods his head, trying to look cool. “Okay, how about you come over to my place Friday and I can cook you dinner.”
“You can cook?” You ask, incredulously and he acts mock offended.
“Of course I can cook, I live alone.” He looks at you like you’re crazy and you purse your lips.
“Fine, I guess we can do that.” He smirks down at you and you see a wicked glint in his eyes.
“Oh, and one more thing.” You wait for him to say something, but instead he swiftly leans his face closer to yours, his hand moving to the back of your head as he captures your lips in a kiss. He tastes like alcohol, but you relish in it as you wrap your arms around his neck. His lips move against yours expertly and you can’t help but imagine what they could do in bed.
You hear someone close beside you let out a wolf whistle and you pull apart to see Barry and Anna a few feet away.
“Finally,” She says over dramatically. “You guys just won me fifty bucks from Chris.”
“You were betting on us?” You ask, surprised but not exactly angry. You don’t think you could ever be angry after a kiss like that.
“Everyone was, sweetie.” She says while smirking and you look up at Owen.
“Well, as long as other people can benefit from it, I guess we have to go together.” He laughs at this and wraps an arm around your shoulders as you head back down the street towards the jeep. You have a feeling that you and Owen can be great together, and you aren’t going to let a silly thing like your age stand in the way of that.

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