Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


287. Owen Grady 56 Part 2

~You pull your pen out of your bag and read through your paperwork in your hands, making corrections as you go. When you prop your feet up on the small coffee table in front of you, the mechanic walks in the room.
“It’ll be another 15 minutes, Miss; we gotta finish up one before you.” You give him a smile and a nod and he leaves the room as you continue to work on the papers in front of you.
After a few minutes, you hear the bell on the door jingle and before you can turn around to look at who just entered, he’s calling your name.
“Y/n, really?” You drop your feet off the table and he stands in front of you, arms crossed. “You didn’t think it might be important to mention he’s your brother? After all the shit we’ve said about him.”
You flinch at the anger in his voice and don’t see why it’s really a big deal. Owen’s dating you, not your brother, so why should their feud affect your relationship.
“I don’t see why it would matter.” You shrug your shoulders and wrap your arms around yourself defensively. “It’s not like we’re super close. Besides, you’re dating me, not him.” You look up to meet his eyes and he lets out an exasperated sigh. He drags his hand down his face before looking calmer and sitting down on the coffee table.
“Y/n, it just would have been nice to know.” You open your mouth to defend yourself again but he holds up a finger, cutting you off. “And don’t tell me it never crossed your mind. You obviously didn’t tell anyone on purpose, but still…” He shakes his head before looking at you. “I just would have liked to know.”
Finally that bit of fear that was hanging on your heart causes you to speak up. “Oh really? When was I supposed to tell you?” You ask him incriminatingly. “When we first started going out? Are you telling me that wouldn’t have affected how you feel about me at all? Or maybe I should have told you when I got hired. Maybe then you would have just hated me from the beginning and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.” You cross your arms and sit up, anger rising in you. “Owen, I didn’t tell you because I was scared. You hate him so much and I couldn’t stand the thought of you rejecting me just because I was his sister. So I get that you’re mad I didn’t tell you, but don’t act like I wasn’t justified in my fear. I love you and I couldn’t imagine losing you because of that.” Your eyes fill with tears as you watch him watch you and he frowns before looking down at the ground.
“You’ve never said that before.” He says quietly and your eyebrows draw together in confusion as you look at him.
“Said what?”
He raises his head and looks into your eyes before smiling softly. “That you love me.”
Your eyes go wide, realizing that you did in fact let that slip and you can’t help but stare at him in shock. “Well, I just meant that-”
“I love you too.” He cuts you off as he reaches for your hand. “And I’m sorry.” He gives you a small smile before continuing. “I’m sorry that I got mad, but I’m more sorry that you thought I wouldn’t like you just because you’re his sister.”
You can’t help but scoff and butt in, “Yeah right.” You shake your head but he reaches up and places his hand on your cheek, directing your attention back to him.
“If you think that anything, especially something like that, could keep me from falling in love with you, then you’re crazier than I thought.” You slowly feel a smile creep onto your face as he says this. “I love you regardless of who you’re related to; I was just shocked. I’m sorry.”
You give him a nod, accepting his apology before grimacing.
“What’s wrong?” He asks, scooting closer to you and bringing your hand to his mouth to place a kiss on it.
“Something tells me that he’s not going to be as accepting about all of this.” Owen’s face hardens and you see that alpha side of him for just a second.
“Do you want me to come with you?” That thought scares you more than just having the conversation with your brother.
“God, no.” You shake your head but look back up to him. “I can do it.” Owen stands up and leans down to give you a kiss on your forehead.
“Okay, well I’m gonna get back to work, but come find me when you’re finished with him.” You give him a nod and he adds. “And don’t think you’re off the hook about not telling me it’s your birthday. How about dinner tonight,” He says, smirking as he continues. “And as for your punishment,” He winks as he backs up towards the door. “Well, I’ll figure out something.”
You watch his retreating back as he walks out the door and laugh to yourself before focusing on the task at hand. All you have to do is have an adult conversation with your brother about your love life. Piece of cake…

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