Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


235. Owen Grady 56 Part 1

~You often listen to Owen and the guys ranting about “Hoskins” as they call him.
When your mom got remarried, you changed your name, but Victor was in his stubborn college years and kept your birth dad’s name. It never bothered you, as you weren’t really old enough to remember your father before he left, but Vic was close to him and he hated your step-dad Anthony. Because of this, no one had yet to discover that you are his little sister and you’re hoping to keep it that way. However, you have to put up with all of the trash talk. It’s not that it isn’t all true, though. You know your brother can be a douche bag and he has this idea that he won’t let go of about using dinosaurs in combat; while you agree that it’s an insane idea, he’s still your big brother and you love him.
You’re glad no one knows about it, though. Mainly because you don’t want people to think you got this job because of nepotism. You studied hard and worked hard to get this internship and you want to be judged on your work, not get special treatment because of who your family is. However, you’re beginning to think that if Owen found out, you would probably get the opposite of special treatment simply for not telling him. After all, you’ve been sleeping with him for a few weeks now and you’ve never even hinted at having a secret this big.
You give Owen a smile as you walk up the catwalk to watch him begin his training and he returns it. Leaning against the railing, you pay close attention to the girls and take notes in your chart abut their behavior and attitudes today. However, when Owen finishes, he looks up towards you smiling, before quickly getting an angry look on his face. You turn around to see Vic walking up the catwalk and your heart stops. He’s holding a bunch of balloons by their strings and has a bouquet of flowers in his other hand. Owen comes to stand in front of you defensively, but Vic grunts.
“What’s the problem here Grady? She can’t have balloons on her birthday?” Everything about their stances and facial expressions say that they despise each other. You get a fleeting thought of jumping over the railing into the cage simply to avoid this situation, but Owen turns to you.
“It’s your birthday?” You can’t quite figure out the emotions on his face, it’s almost like disappointment mixed with surprise. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
You open your mouth to speak, but Vic cuts you off. “Why would she tell her boss about her birthday? That’s really none of your business, Grady.” Owen’s attention returns to him and he snaps back.
“Actually, it’s none of your business, Hoskins. My relationship with her doesn’t concern you.”
“Relationship?” Vic’s eyes look like they’re about to pop out of his head when he looks between he two of you. “What do you mean relationship?” He stares down at you sternly and you feel five foot tall. You should have made a run for it when they were fighting.
“Ummmm…” You look up sheepishly between them, Owen catching on that you’re not telling them something and you close your eyes. You take a deep breath and speak quickly.
“Owen is my boyfriend. Vic is my big brother.” You spit it out before backing up towards the stairs, reaching behind you to find the handrail. “I need to go turn in this paperwork. Gotta go.” You turn and run down the stairs, not ready to face them once the shock wears off. You jog past Barry who reaches a hand out for your arm.
“Hey, where’s the fire? Is everything okay?” Barry looks at you with concern and your wide eyes probably aren’t reassuring. “Well, Owen just found out that Hoskins is my big brother,” Barry looks a little shocked, but remains silent for you to finish, “And Vic just found out that I’m sleeping with Owen.” You imagine you look like a scared puppy right now because Barry lets out a loud laugh and pats you on the back.
“I was going to take the work truck to Repairs to get the oil changed.” He says humorously, holding out the keys for you to take. “You look like you need to get away for a while.” He gives you a wink before turning around. Barry, aside from Owen, is your favorite coworker because of things like this. He’s always looking out for you and doesn’t judge when you make stupid decisions, like running away from your problems.
You’re going to face them both eventually, but separately… and after they cool down. As you drive away, in spite of it all, you let out a small, exasperated laugh when you look towards the sky and see the few balloons that Vic brought you floating through the air. You can’t help but thinking to yourself, What have I gotten myself into.

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