Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


234. Owen Grady 55

~You didn’t ask him if you could come; you just assumed he would want to do it alone. However, when he woke up in the morning and told you to be ready to leave by 7:30, you got dressed quickly with excitement. You’ve been to the lab with him a few times, watching the egg incubate while he spoke to them, but you never expected to be there for the hatching.
However, now as you stand behind the glass and watch him look at the eggs in awe, you feel like a proud parent. You can’t be inside for the hatching as he needs to imprint on Blue, and you being there could ruin that. He needs to be the first and only person she sees so that she can get attached. So after the hatching, you figure you’ll go pick him up some lunch.
Around noon, the lab crew is ushered out as the egg begins to crack and you watch Owen’s excited face. He’s so focused on her that you can’t look away. After a few minutes, you can see her squirming out of the hole that she created and Owen helps her out softly. She looks up towards him and nips at his fingers gently. The lab workers around you are holding clipboards and recording information, but you just smile as you see Blue crawl into Owen’s hands. He’s already looking down at her with such love and affection in his eyes and you know it’s time to tell him.
You come back with sandwiches and see Owen sitting in one of the chairs in the lab, chatting with a technician so you walk in with a smile.
“I brought food.” You exclaim happily lifting up the bag in your right hand and then you look to the side of the room with the rest of the crew and hold up the bag in your other hand. “For everyone!”
You get lots of thanks for lunch and a kiss from a giddy Owen. He tells you that blue is getting her initial tests and bloodwork done and then after that he will need to be alone with her again. You smile when you hear him retell the experience that you just watched, but with his own special flair for storytelling.
The workers call him back into the room to be with her and you can’t help the butterflies that you feel in your stomach. You place a hand on your slightly raised stomach as you watch him go and whisper to yourself. “Tonight. I’ll tell him tonight.”
You decide not to make it a big thing. He’s not big on surprises to begin with but you get the perfect opportunity while laying on his lap on the couch. A football game plays quietly on the tv while he talks about how Blue is going to be released to him in a few days and she will be staying at the bungalow. He seems to be excited about this, but looks down at you.
“Are you okay with that? It might get a little hectic. You know what they say: ‘Two’s company. Three’s a crowd.’” He smirks down at you and a smile creeps onto your face but not for the reason he thinks.
“Four.” You say softly, willing yourself not to get emotional.
He looks down at you confusedly with his eyebrows drawn and lets out a soft chuckle. “Uhm, no I mean three. Have you not heard that phrase?” Your smile grows wider as you reach a hand down to your stomach and place it there, watching his eyes follow the movement.
“I’ve heard it. It’s just,” You pause for a second as you see it dawn on him and you finish your sentence, “There’s going to be four of us.” His mouth drops as he stares at your stomach and freezes. You let out another soft laugh, tears starting to form in your eyes as you sit up next to him, removing yourself from his lap.
“Owen, I’m five weeks pregnant.” You look into his eyes and he gasps softly.
“I’m gonna be a daddy?” Your tears begin to flow at his choice of words and you nod as you watch the smie slowly creep across his face.
“I’m gonna be a daddy?” He repeats again, louder and more excited before jumping up off the couch and picking you up in his arms. He spins you around once and you can’t help joining in his excied laughter before he leans down to kiss you.
“I love you.” He whispers against your lips as his hands travel down to your stomach. “I love you both.” The tears flow freely now, and you can’t help but smile against his lips. He’s going to be a great father. To both of his little girls.
Your stomach is big and swollen when you get the news from the lab. The second egg impplantation has been successful. Now you have two little girls on the way and neither of you could be more excited.

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