Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


233. Owen Grady 54 Part 3

~“We need more,” Claire’s nephew whispered. You turn to look at him.
“More what?” You don’t know what he’s talking about, but he rattles off numbers and looks back up at you.
“Teeth. We need more teeth.”
You stare at him for a moment, before turning to look at Claire. You realize what you have to do and , standing up, you open the emergency box on the wall and grab a radio. You turn to the three of them, “Okay, so you just wait here.” You say, trying to sound reassuring. “It’s going to be fine.”
You run towards the paddocks and you hear Owen yell at you, still firing his gun at the Indominous.
“What the hell are you doing?”
He looks terrified and you turn to him before yelling back, “If you fight, We fight!”
You see the comprehension in his eyes but you turn to run away before he can say anything more. You hold the radio to your face, “Lowery are you still there?” You ask.
His voice comes back shakily, “Hey, Where are you?” You ignore his question and continue running towards your destination.
“I need you to open paddock nine.” You thank the heavens that Lowery was man enough to stay behind in the control room.
“Paddock Nine? Are you kidding?” You sigh as you stop in front of the large door and stare up into the camera as you speak.
“Lowery, it’s the only way.” You throw the radio to the ground and stare at the door, heart racing as you hear it groaning to open. When it’s fully up, you look into the darkness and see her approaching. She gets to the entrance and bends her head down in front of you. You reach a hand out and pet her, tears filling your eyes.
“They need our help, baby girl. We have to try, okay?” You wrap your arms around her snout and hug her once before you turn to run. You feel the ground shake as she runs behind you, and lets out a loud roar. When you get back to the Indominous, you turn to the right to avoid running right at the dinosaur and she breaks through the statue behind you in her grand entrance. She lets out another loud roar as the Indominous turns to look at her, and the battle begins.
They begin to fight, each going at the other’s throat. You cry as you look over to the others and avoid getting hit by one of their tails. The Indominous crashes Rexy into the building where they were hiding and you look at them, terrified, and scream, “Run!”
You watch, frozen in fear, as she holds down Rexy and goes for her throat, but a sound pulls everyone attention towards the lab. You all see Blue come running towards the dinosaurs and leap up onto the Indominous’ back.
While she struggles with it, Rexy stands up, latching on to its neck and dragging it to the floor. She walks backward dragging her towards the giant tank and throws her into the railing. Just as Rexy is about to go for the kill, the mosasaurs leaps out of its tank and grabs a hold of the creature, dragging it down into the water with it.
You and the others step out of your hiding spot and look at the two dinosaurs standing in front of you. You reach your hand out towards Rexy, but Owen looks at them and slightly shakes his head. You have to leave, and there is no way for you to stay with them now; it’s better for them to run and hide before more soldiers come to kill them. They both turn and run off, leaving you behind to watch them go. You know it hurts Owen just as much as it does you to watch your baby leave, but Owen had a lot more losses today. You reach for him and he holds you tight in a hug as tears roll down his face. You sob into him and think about everything that has happened today. So many lives lost and yet here you stand, with the man you love, safe at last; at least you have that.
Two years later
He’s chasing you around the kitchen as you try not to drop the bowl in your hands. “Owen, Stop! I’m going to spill this!” He threatens you with more tickles but you hold your spoon out in front of you, stopping him. He gets a wicked glint in his eyes but you say, “I’m not afraid of you Mister.”
“Oh, really?” He responds, “Do remember I single handedly trained four blood thirsty raptors to listen to my commands?” He smirks at this and you just laugh out loud.
“Are you kidding me!” You look at him; eyebrows raised and point the spoon at yourself, “Tyrannosaurus Rex!” You turn to run away again but he finally catches you and pulls you to him tightly before kissing you. You hold the bowl out to the side and murmur against his lips.
“I’m going to spill this,” But you refuse to be the one to break the kiss. Finally, he pulls back and smiles down at you.
“You really are an amazing creature.” He looks down at you so sweetly and our heart bubbles up with happiness. That is, until he reaches down into the bowl of batter and dips his hand in it before smearing it across your face. You scream as he turns, running from you this time, and you throw the spoon at his head.
“Owen I am going to kill you!” He laughs at this and locks himself in his room.
“Call me when the cake is done!” He shouts through the door. You tell him to come out and face you like a man but he refuses.
“Fine,” You say in mock exasperation. “But I’m taking off my clothes so they don’t get burnt by the oven.” You put down the bowl and pull your shirt over your head and using it to wipe the mess off your face. “Guess you’ll miss out on the show.”
You make as to walk away from the door but you hear it creak open just a crack and you turn back to him, shoving the door open. Laughing, you push him backwards and onto the bed and fall on top of him. You smile down at him as you straddle his hips and he leans forward to kiss you.
“Okay, you win.” He says, pulling back to look at you and reaches his finger up to tap it on your nose. “Are you happy now?” He tries to sound sarcastic, but his smile gives him away and you lean down and continue kissing him. The cake can wait. You pull back to look him in the eyes as he pulls your body ever closer to his and you respond.
“Happier than I ever thought possible.”

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