Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


232. Owen Grady 54 Part 2

~You wake up to find a sleeping Owen by your bed, looking very uncomfortable in the small chair. You stretch your muscles as best you can and send a silent thank you to the IV next to you. You remember the doctor saying something about internal bleeding, but you were pretty high on morphine, so you don’t exactly remember much. All that you know if you’re going to be fine and you’re healing.
You hear Owen stir beside you and glance over at him
“Hey there Sleeping Beauty,” you smile and he matches it with one of his own.
“Ronnie’s fine. She had a slight infection but they gave her something for it. She’s already walking around again,” he says cheerfully, and you laugh.
“Yeah, about that, when can I get back on my feet?”
“The doc said you can leave today if you feel up to it.” Just about that time, the doctor walks into the room and explains how to finalize all your papers and information before you leave. He gives you some painkillers, but you throw them in your purse, not wanting to be too drowsy. Owen offers to drive you to the paddock to see her and you happily accept. Once you see her walking around and acting normal, you’re satisfied. However, your stomach is not.
“Hey, what do you say about getting some lunch. I’m starving.” Your stomach growls in emphasis and you reach down to cover it.
“Why don’t you come back to my place and I’ll make you something. I haven’t eaten in a while either.” He says this with a friendly smile and doesn’t seem flirty at all, so you accept. Secretly, you just want to see what Owen Grady knows how to cook. When you get to his place, it’s just as messy as you would expect. As he heads towards the kitchen, you stop to look at his pictures. There’s one of him with an older woman, his mother you assume, and one where he’s extremely young, no facial hair at all wearing a Jurassic park shirt. Lastly, there’s one of him, pretty recently you’d say, with four small creatures in his lap. You thank the person who captured this scene because you’ve never actually seen a smile quite like that on Owen’s face.
He clears his throat and you find him leaning against the doorframe staring at you. “I’d say ‘take a picture, it’ll last longer’ but…” You laugh at this, and head towards the kitchen where you already smell something on the stove.
“Hope you like spaghetti,” he says cheerily and you go to sit on a barstool wincing slightly at the pain.
“Most definitely!” You realize just how hungry you are and are thankful for his hospitality. “Owen thanks. For this, and Ronnie, and just everything. I’ve never really had someone take care of me like this.” You try not to blush, having sounded clingier than you meant to. He smirks, but doesn’t say what you expect.
“A beautiful girl like you? I’m sure you’ve had plenty of guys fawning all over you.” He turns back to the stove with a quiet laugh but you don’t return in.
You debate saying this, but your lack of a filter makes you start, “I’ve only ever been in one relationship.” You say meekly. He turns his head at this, but continues stirring the pasta. He doesn’t respond so you go on.
“We were together for 6 years, Austin and I, high school sweethearts,” you take a deep breath and let it out. “And then one day I found out that he was sleeping with one of my friends. That he had been doing it for two years.”
“Seriously? He asks, turning around now. “Guy sounds like a total douchebag. I don’t understand how a guy can cheat on a girl, like, have some respect.” He shakes his head angrily and turns back to the pot, picking it up and taking it to the colander in the sink. “Well, you deserve better than that anyway.” He says emptying the pot. “Someone who will be faithful and actually care about you. Someone smart enough to see how amazing you are. Someone-“
“Someone like you?” you tease, lifting an eyebrow.
You know you shouldn’t flirt, but it seems so easy now. He’s not the same guy. He obviously wouldn’t do that to you. He walks over towards you and leans across the table, mere inches from your face.
“Exactly.” He doesn’t move, waiting for you to make the first move, and you respect that. Looking back, you’ll probably blame it on the pain meds, but you put one hand on the back of his head, running your fingers through his hair as you pull him to you for a kiss.
You stay over when you can, but you’re both constantly busy. On the rare day that you do get to sleep over, you can’t help but think how foolish you were to distance yourself from him. He is not the same guy as Austin, and you actually believe him when he says he would never hurt you like he did. When he says I love you for the first time in his sleep, you feel like your heart is going to leap out of your chest. You finally found someone worth keeping, and you’re not going to let him go anytime soon.

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