Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


231. Owen Grady 54 Part 1

~He always comes to visit you during his lunch, and when your lunch hours coincide, he insists on taking you out. However, the great Owen Grady’s charms don’t really work on you. He’s cute yeah, and he can be sweet when he wants to be, but you’re not exactly looking for a hook up or a boyfriend or whatever it is that he wants. Instead, you spend your time with your favorite girl. Everyone else is afraid of her, and quite right so. Tyrannosaurs are scary, but you’ve raised her since she was just a baby and you know she won’t hurt you. She’s really a big sweetheart, to you at least. They still won’t let you do trainer shows because the last thing they want is for something to go wrong and people watch you get eaten, but you know that would never happen.
Today, you’ve skipped lunch altogether to go in the paddock with the vet. She seemed worried, but your constant reassurances calmed her nerves. You pet Ronnie around her large eyeballs, telling her to be nice to the vet lady. She’s just bandaging up a small wound she got from stepping on the goat pole this morning. You can feel her growling and you hush her so that she doesn’t let out a full on roar, as this would probably scare the vet away for good.
After it’s all finished, you look towards the glass and see none other than Owen Grady leaning up against it watching you. When you come out of the paddock and walk around, you tell him exasperated. “Who let you in here? The exhibit is supposed to be closed”
“Yeah, well I’ve got friends all around this place,” he teases smirking at you.
You continue to stare at him, waiting for the truth.
“Okay okay,” he says putting his arms up in defense, “So I snuck in. Big deal.” He says nonchalantly. “Just wanted to see you.” He says, smiling again really turning on the charm.
“Well that’s very sweet of you Owen, but I’ve got to get back to work.” You say, honestly tired already from the long morning.
“Y/n,” he says seriously, smile dropping from his face. “You’re exhausted, take a break. Let’s go get lunch.” This time, when he says it, it doesn’t sound flirty or suggestive, and you are really hungry. You decide to give it a shot and nod your head.
“Yeah, okay, but just this once.”
He smiles and nods, then responds with a hint of sarcasm “Yeah, sure, just this once.”
After lunch, you can’t help but realize that you really did enjoy yourself. If you ignore all his shameless flirting and bragging about the raptors, you could actually see yourself with a guy like him. He walks you back to the paddock and stops to look at you seriously, “You know, you’re pretty badass.” He starts, “I mean, even I wouldn’t step in there with that thing.”
Something snaps in you when he calls her “that thing”; you know he wouldn’t put up with someone talking about his girls like that.
“Well, ‘that thing’ has a name.” you snap and don’t even understand where these emotions are coming from. You turn to walk away, “I’ve got to get back to work, thanks a lot,” you say, laced with sarcasm. When you’re sure he’s left, you take a deep breath, unsure about what has gotten into you. You weren’t really that mad about his comment about your girl. You can’t help but wonder if you just needed an excuse to push him away; you started to get to close to having feelings for him, and you had to shut that down right away. No matter how charming Owen Grady is, you need to be strong. You won’t be just another girl on his list.
The next day, you come into work to find a rose in your locker. You pick it up and smell it, smiling, but frown quickly when you see the note tied to it that reads “I’m sorry.” You throw it back into the locker and slam it shut. What game is he playing? You have heard all the rumors, but Owen Grady being sweet was not something you had prepared for. Maybe he just wasn’t used to rejection and needed to pull out the big guns. Well, it isn’t going to work on you.
You walk over the paddock on the catwalk as you whistle for Ronnie, but she doesn’t come out of the trees. The guests are lined up at the glass, waiting to catch a glimpse of her, but you begin to get worried. Did her wound get infected? Is she sick?
When she was little, the size of a raptor, she got sick once and you went into the cage every day so she could lay her head in your lap as you soothed her. Now, as she won’t respond to anything the trainers try, you decide to go in the paddock. Sarah, a guard tries to stop you, but you won’t listen.
As you walk in, you can hear the crowd begin to get louder, shocked at the idea of someone actually going in the cage with her. Finally, as you call her name, she steps out of the tree line, slightly off balance. She bends down in front of you and drops to the floor, knocking you to the ground and pinning you down with her head. You winced as she does this but hold back your scream. You’re pretty sure she broke a rib or two, possibly your leg, but there were hundreds of people watching, and the last thing you wanted to do was cause any panic.
You see Sarah rushing to the door with her tranquilizer gun, but you throw your hands up to stop her.
“I’m fine!” you shout. You motion above your head to one of the trainers for a mic and she tosses you her headset. You wince as you reach out to catch it, sure that something is definitely broken.
“Hello folks,” you say, adjusting your volume for the speakers. “I am perfectly okay!” you hold your arms in the air for reassurance, holding back a whimper. “This here is Ronnie, and she’s been a little sick lately. Apparently she thinks she can still fit in my lap like she did when she was little.” This gets a round of laughter and you try to keep up the smile. “We’re going to close the exhibit and get a vet in here to make sure she is okay. We should be able to open it back up by tomorrow. Until then, feel free to watch videos of her feeding in the Visitors Center.” You wave to everyone then reach down to pat her snout as the throngs of people are ushered out of the exhibit by the guards. When the gates open, you see none other than Owen Grady rushing in beside Sarah.
Ronnie seems very sick as she doesn’t even move at their entrance. Sarah pulls your legs out from under her head and you moan in pain.
“Can you walk?” she asks.
You clutch your stomach in pain, “No. I think she broke a few ribs. God it hurts.” You don’t cry but you can’t help the few curses that pass your lips as Owen puts his arms under yours to help you up.
“I didn’t mean for it to go to your head when I called you a badass; you didn’t have to fight her.” He says, chuckling, but his face remained tight. You could see he was genuinely concerned for you. You wince again in pain as the set you on the medic’s cart and Owen sits beside you. As they drive you towards the clinic you look at him.
“What are you doing here?” you ask, sounding rather rude simply due to the pain.
“I wanted to make sure you weren’t mad at me. When I said ‘that thing’ I didn’t mean-“
You cut him off. “Owen, I wasn’t mad. I was just… frustrated.”
He looks at you like he doesn’t understand and you go on. “I’m not looking for a boyfriend Owen, or a hook up or whatever it is you do.” You glance at him and he’s still staring at you. “I’m here to work, and after lunch I just felt like I was getting too comfortable with you.”
You avoid looking at him now but he puts his hand on yours, dropping the subject. “That was really brave.” He says, drawing your eyes back up to his. “I mean, she literally broke you and you just played it off like it was nothing.”
You just shrug, “Yeah, well, I didn’t want people to start panicking. Besides she didn’t do it on purpose, she’s obviously not feeling well.” Your heart begins to hurt as you think about her being sick and wishing you could be by her side.
“She’s going to be okay,” he says, understanding your silence. “When they take you in, I’ll go check on her to make sure she’s okay.” You smile at him again, trying to remember exactly why you were trying to stay single. Just because one guy messed you up, it doesn’t mean that they all will.
“Thank you, I’d really appreciate it.” The medics get you to the front door and there’s already a gurney waiting for you; Owen watches as they load you onto it and just before they wheel you away, you look at him, “Thanks for the flower. It was beautiful.” You watch him grin as he gets farther and farther away and you head off to get patched up.

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