Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


230. Owen Grady 53

~It’s not that you don’t like your coworkers. They’ve actually been really nice and welcoming, especially considering you’re just an intern; you never expected to be treated so well. It’s just, when you get to your apartment at the end of the day, you have to shower and do your online classes and you never really have any time to sit back and draw anymore. So at lunch, you like to distance yourself from the group and go lie against the cage and draw the girls. Today, you try to focus on Charlie, but she keeps moving around and you’re getting dizzy trying to follower her movements. Owen is up on the catwalk and while he isn’t training right now, he is talking to them; and they sure do love when he does that. They all bump and bustle around, watching him up above and your eyes automatically go to him.
You watch the way he leans with his elbows on the railing. His head is cocked slightly as he talks to them and it brings a smile to your face. You notice the way the sun is highlighting only the one side of his face and the rest is throw in shadow. Before you realize it, you’re slowly making sketch marks of his shape in your book. You start off with simple shapes to get his position right, but then you begin to highlight his features, his thick thighs, his muscular arms, the way his vest clings his chest tightly. You tell yourself you’re only noticing these things because you’re trying to draw him but you feel yourself biting your lip and you know it’s more than that. But really, who could blame you? He is a beautiful creature.
You look down and continue to work on his body before looking back up to get a good look of his face; however, when you lookback up, he’s not there anymore. You frown slightly as you look down at your unfinished sketch. You wouldn’t even dare drawing his face by memory because you know you couldn’t do it justice without looking at him. You let out a heavy sigh and put your pencil up. It was silly to even try to draw him; you know you should stick to the raptors. However, just as you’re about to flip your sketchbook close, you hear the gate rattle behind you. You look up to see Owen himself, hands gripping the bars, staring right into the notebook on your lap. Your eyes go wide and your cheeks begin to heat up as you slam it closed. There’s not way you’re getting out of this one.
You try not to make eye contact as you stand up to leave, but he opens the door for you and you glance up at him. Big mistake. The smirk on his face makes your face hotter and you wish you had just stuck to tracking Charlie around with your eyes.
“That looked pretty damn good, Y/n.” He gives you a charming smile and there’s a hint of teasing there, but you can see he’s actually giving you a sincere compliment. And you had just begun to think your blush might start cooling down. “But then again,” You hear the change of his tone and you know he’s about to make a sarcastic comment, You did have a pretty great model to work with.” He wiggles his eyebrows at you and you’re so nervous that you try not to laugh but end up snorting anyway.
“Sorry,” You say, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear, “I guess it’s kinda rude to just go drawing someone without them knowing.” You give him a shy smile but he just laughs.
“Actually, I’m a little disappointed.” He says and your eyebrows pull together in confusion. “Well you see, I thought you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of me. But I guess you just kept looking at me so you could figure out how to draw me.” He raises his eyebrows playfully as if asking a question and you laugh, feeling less nervous. You secretly appreciate the flippant way he’s taking this conversation. You were worried it would get really awkward.
You feel the unexpected courage rise up in you and you say, “Maybe I do just like looking at you. Does that bother you?” You challenge him and you see something in his eyes that almost looks like pride.
He looks down at you with an almost predatory grin and he gets extremely serious as he says, “Oh no, Y/n. That definitely doesn’t bother me.” You blink a few times and let out a small breath you hadn’t realized you were holding. He’s definitely more experienced in the flirting game and he’s obviously won this round. You laugh nervously as you pull your notebook to your chest before looking back up at him.
“I should really get back to work.” You give him a shy smile when he frowns and turn to walk away, trying to get out of this new and strange situation as soon as possible. As you walk away, you hear him call to you, “Well I’m always here if you need someone to model for you.”
You chuckle lightly to yourself and you feel proud. You might not be on Owen’s level, but you definitely surprised him with your nerve. In your book, that’s a success. You decide you’re going to take him up on his offer and maybe you’ll get the chance to finish that sketch after all.

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