Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


229. Owen Grady 52

~It’s not like you don’t hear them talking; they don’t exactly try to hide it. You’ve heard all the names like dork and nerd and klutz, but you try to brush them off. You didn’t come here to make friends or be admired, you came for your love of dinosaurs and getting to work with living ones was just a dream come true. Besides, they’re just security guards they didn’t get hired for their brain or talent, they got hired because they’re big and scary (which you would never actually admit to them). You however, got hired because of your vast knowledge of the dinosaurs and your 4.0 college GPA. It’s needless to say the human resources department was extremely impressed with your resume. However, there is one guy who never seems to pick on you. Owen Grady trains the raptors and is always coming over to your paddock. He comes and talks to the guards, but he doesn’t seem to be very good friends with them so you wonder if he’s actually coming to watch your dinosaur.
Rexy really is impressive and she has become so much tamer since you arrived a few months ago. He watches you train her with almost a pride in his eyes so he must really like the dinosaur. Anyway, he shuts up the stupid guards from making their comments when he’s around so you’re grateful for his presence, even if he doesn’t ever talk to you directly.
As you’re cleaning the meat blood off of your hands from Rexy’s snack time, Owen approaches you for the first time.
“You’re pretty impressive with her out there.” He gives you a smile and you return it, he really is charming.
“Thanks,” You blush and try to think of something witty to say, “But I’ve only got her. I can’t imagine working with four raptors that are smarter than me.” You look back down to the sink and he scoffs.
“They only think they’re smarter than me.” You sigh as you realize you basically just called him dumb, but it’s not like it isn’t true; they are incredibly clever. You bite your lip anxiously and glance at him and see his smirk and realize he’s joking. “Well, maybe they’re a little smarter.” He gives you a wink and leans against the wall as you dry your hands.
“Can I help you with something, or…” You ask, wondering why he’s here talking to you of all people. It’s not that you don’t want to talk to him (in fact you want to do much more than talk), but surly he has better things to do.
“Not really. I just wanted to meet you formally. Everyone at my paddock talks about you.” You frown at this, figuring that they say the same things as the guards. You give him a forced smile, but he looks across the paddock towards the guards and grimaces.
“Not like they do, though.” He looks back at you with a soft smile, “They’re douchebags. Everyone else thinks you’re amazing. I mean, being Rexy’s trainer isn’t exactly a coveted job.”
You laugh at this in agreement, “Well, what can you do?” You give him a shrug but he doesn’t seem to be joking.
“I could get them transferred, you know, if they keep harassing you.” His green eyes are on yours and you feel like this has gotten strangely personal way too suddenly. You try to form words while looking into his eyes and it turns out to be a struggle.
“Um, No. It’s okay, Owen. It doesn’t really bother me.” You try to look away so he doesn’t read the lie in your eyes and you look over towards the treat buckets that need to be cleaned. You really need to get your work done, but you don’t want him to stop talking to you, in case he doesn’t do it again.
However, his eyes follow yours and he asks, “Do you need help with those?”
You’re so surprised at him. You’ve heard Owen was a ladies’ man, but you can’t tell if he’s actually flirting with you or just being friendly.
“Sure,” You say, giving him a smile. “That would be great.”
Owen asks you a few questions about Rexy and her paddock while you’re cleaning the buckets and when you’re finished he gives you a smile.
“I need to get back to work.” He looks away with a frown as if he really doesn’t want to and this gives you butterflies. He really must like you. “But I’m going to be working late tonight so, you know,” he pauses and you see the first hint of uncertainty in Owen Grady that you have ever seen (or heard of for that matter). “You should come by and I’ll introduce you to the girls.”
He looks like he genuinely wants you to so you nod, “Yeah, that sounds like fun.” He gives you a smile as he turns to walk away and you can’t help the butterflies in your stomach. You didn’t come here to make friends… but there’s really no harm in getting to know Owen a little better.

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