Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


228. Owen Grady 51

~When Owen sees you leaning against the cage watching the raptors, he comes over to stand beside you.
“You look upset.” He says; he’s always so interested in you. You give him a shrug and a short reply.
“It’s nothing.” But of course, Owen doesn’t accept that answer and turns to face you.
“What’s really wrong?” His green eyes stare into yours but you don’t relent. The last thing you want to tell him is that his height makes you mad, although that’s the simplest way to put it. It’s not like he can help the fact that he’s over 6 feet tall and you’re only 5 foot.
“Really, Owen. I’m fine, See?” You give him a big forced grin but he just laughs. Turning back to the girls, you think about how much you really do like him, but even just standing next to him makes you feel insignificant. Even in college, you were teased for being so short and while you tried to laugh along, it really does bother you. There’s nothing you can do about your height, except wear ridiculous pair of platforms that your sister bought you, but you’re not going to resort to that. It wouldn’t be so bad if super tall people like Owen didn’t always want be beside you talking and hanging out to make you look even shorter than you are.
Owen turns as his name being called and tells you he will see you later. You just nod as he leaves and slide down to the floor to watch the girls play with the large ball that was put in the paddock. It really is quite humorous to watch.
As you sit there on the floor, one of your coworkers comes and sits down beside you. Her name is Heather and she’s been kind to you since her first day and you became fast friends. You welcome her company, but the first words out of her mouth shock you.
“I swear, Y/n, if Owen doesn’t ask you out in the next few days, everyone here might just die from the sexual tension.” You practically jump at her comment and your mouth hangs open before hurriedly asking her.
“Heather what the hell are you talking about? Owen and I aren’t like that?” You can’t help the number of thoughts running through your mind as she scoffs and responds.
“Oh, come on. I’ve never seen two people flirt so hard.” She pauses and makes a face. “Well, except for today, you really seem like something’s been bothering you.” You ignore her attempt at empathy and question her further.
“Heather, Owen and I aren’t flirting. I mean, he’s funny and charming, but he doesn’t like me like that. Besides, we wouldn’t be good together anyway.” You tighten your arms around your legs and rest your chin on your knees, thinking about how embarrassing it would be for people to make fun of you for dating someone as tall as Owen.
“What do you mean you wouldn’t be good?” She seems legitimately perplexed and you give her a clueless look, not understanding how it’s not obvious to her.
“Heather, he’s over a foot taller than I am. I look like a shrimp next to him. Do you know how many people would tease me? I got enough of that in college.” You look away from her, your face turning red when you realize how stupid you sound out loud. If Owen really did like you like she says, are you really going to let something as simple as your height ruin that?
“Y/n,” She says, placing a hand on your shoulder. “If you think anybody cares about your height, you’re wrong.” She looks directly into your eyes to make sure you get the message. “You are beautiful, smart, funny, and thoughtful. Owen looks at you like you’re the only girl in the world. He doesn’t give a shit about your height, Okay? You two need to get together before we lock you both in the shed.” She gets a nervous look on her face and rubs the back of her neck. “Plus, I have twenty bucks that it will happen within the next week so you would really be helping me out.” She gives you a quick smile and jumps up, moving just out of your reach before you can hit her.
“Heather!” In a much better mood, you jump up and begin to chase her, not believing that she would take her craziness to such a level that she would bet on your love life. However, as she turns behind the employee house, and you go to follow her, you run right into Owen. If he wasn’t so tall, you probably would have knocked him over.
He throws his arms around you and laughs, keeping you from toppling to the ground at the halt of your momentum.
“Whoa, where’s the fire?” He asks, still chuckling as you right yourself. You peek behind him to see Heather laughing silently and miming a kissy face at you before pointing at Owen’s back and running off. You shake your head and return your attention to Owen.
“I was trying to tackle heather.” You roll your eyes and lean against the wall of the building, crossing your arms. “It seems that people are betting on if we will get together.” You give him a look of playful disbelief , but he just smiles.
“When,” He says, and you look at him confused.
“When what?”
“They’re not betting if we get together, they’re betting on when we will. Apparently they think it’s a sure thing.” He smirks down at you and you scoff at him.
“Are you telling me you knew about this?” You can’t believe he would let something like that go on in his paddock but he just gives you a small chuckle.
“Well, yeah. I mean, I was going to get around to asking you out eventually. Was going to be today, actually, but you didn’t seem to be in a good mood.”
You don’t miss the way he smiles when your mouth drops open and you stare wide eyed at him.
“Oh, come on. I thought I’ve been very obvious, haven’t I?” He seems a little doubtful and goes on. “I mean, I’m always making time to see you and hanging around when you’re not busy. Didn’t you notice any of that?” He seems surprised but it doesn’t diminish his smile. You finally muster up some words.
“But, you’re so tall.” It’s all you can think to say and he loses it at that and begins laughing.
“What does that have to do with anything?” You turn red at his laughter and get a little defensive.
“I must seem like a hobbit to you. Why would you like me?” His laughter calms when he sees your expression and he smiles, moving closer to you.
“You seriously think I care about how tall you are?” He asks with a smirk as he puts his hand against the wall on either side of your head. Your cheeks get hot as he leans down slowly, building up the moment, and presses his lips against yours softly.
You close your eyes when he does and it takes you a second to reopen them as he pulls away. He gets a smirk on his face and says, “See, I didn’t even have to bend down to reach you.”
You laugh at this, his quick kiss making you feel giddy and forgetting about the height difference. It really was a silly thing to let bother you. However, you slap him on the arm at his comment and turn to walk out from behind the building.
“We probably shouldn’t hang out back here. The rumors will be much worse than that we were kissing.” You feel your good humor come back as you finally let go of the weight of your size and tell yourself that you will try to stop seeing it as a disability. He follows behind you and three of your coworkers, including Heather, let out whistles and cheers, fully bringing back your blush. As you walk by them, you slap heather’s arm but give her a small smile. She sees it and returns it will a full on grin.
You join their group and they try to ask you about the two of you, but you tell them it’s none of their business.
So instead, heather asks you, “So what got into you this morning? You seemed really pissed off.” You give her a small embarrassed smile and glance at Owen.
“At the meeting this morning, he leaned on me.”
Everyone lets out a laugh but Owen. “Why would that make you mad?”
You give a smile and try to hold back your own laughter.
“I hate when people do that! It reminds me that I’m not even tall enough to come up to their shoulders. Just because I’m short, doesn’t mean you can lean on me!” Your little outburst has everyone laughing again and you smile at your group of friends, before giving Owen a special smile of his own. So what if there’s a big height difference? He doesn’t seem to mind, and he seems to really like you; so maybe it’s not such a big deal at all.

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