Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


227. Owen Grady 50

~You asked Owen to drive you to the paddock after dinner so you could give the girls the treats you made them, but the entire way over, his hand was glued to your thigh. You could tell that he was in a mood and he would look over at you every so often and smirk as he moved his hand up higher, causing you to let out a laugh.
“You’re so impatient, Owen,” You say, as he pulls up to the safety cage. The girls come running towards the gate as you get inside but Owen grabs your ass as you walk by him and you jump, turning around to him.
“Owen! Not in front of the girls!” You chastise him but this only challenges him and he pushes you backwards against the bars. You place the tray on the side table so as to not drop them and you let out a laugh. “Owen,” you say giggling, “They’re staring.”
He lets out a small laugh at your concern. “Ignore them.”
His lips move to your neck and you hold back a moan. He wraps one hand around to your back and the other one he places on your ass, giving it a sharp squeeze. You close your eyes as you tilt back you head, giving him better access and forget all about the four pairs of eyes looking at you. His mouth moves across your jaw, peppering you with kisses before he reaches your mouth.
His tongue swipes across your lips softly and you part them, allowing him entrance. Your tongues move together, maneuvering in a sloppy dance as he slides his hands under the hem of your shirt.
You gasp momentarily and smile against his lips, pushing him backwards against the cage bars. You take control, unbuttoning his shirt and moving you lips to his neck, then his chest. You drag your nails down his chest and feel rather than hear the moan he lets out. Glancing up at him, you see his head thrown back and his eyes closed, much like yourself earlier. You love that you can get him just as worked up as he can for you. However, just as you reach down to undo the button of his pants, he jumps away from the cage, knocking you backwards and letting out a loud yell.
You look at him in fear with wide eyes and then he reaches his hand back to rub his ass.
“Blue, did you just bite me?” He asks incredulously, turning to look at the raptor on the other side of the bars. She looks at him when he speaks, but then runs to the side before pressing her snout to the bars and reaching her claws through. You break out in laughter when you realize she’s reaching for the treats and you double over, holding your stomach.
Owen turns to you, appalled that you find it funny. “Babe, she bit me!” His hurt expression just causes you to laugh harder and move towards him, placing a hand on his chest as you try to fight back the giggles.
“I told you to wait until we got home.” You pat his chest twice and move to the side, reaching for the tray of snacks. The other three girls surround you quickly as you toss the treats through the bars. You give an extra one to Blue and pat her head, cooing at her. “That’s a good girl, Blue.”
You turn to see Owen across the cage pouting with his arms crossed. You wipe your hands on your shirt and go to open the door.
“Oh, Come on Owen,” You smile up at him mischievously, “Don’t be so butt hurt.”
You chuckle at your own joke and he just shakes his head, still wearing a frown. You reach up and poke his face as he gets in the car, messing with him.
“Get it babe? Butt hurt? Because she bit your butt?” You laugh again at your wit and this gets a small smile out of him.
“You’re such a dork, you know that?” He asks, eyeing you like your weirdness is contagious. You give him a big grin.
“Yeah, but you think it’s adorable.” You undo your seatbelt and lean over to pepper his neck with kisses once more and place a hand on his still exposed chest, slowly moving it downward..
“Besides, I believe we were interrupted and I don’t think name calling is a good way to get me into bed.” You lean back to look at him and he’s biting his lip, hand tight on the steering wheel.
“I know a lot of good ways to get you in bed.” He counters with a smirk and you give him a quick peck on the cheek as he puts the car in park.
You jump out of the car and take off running towards the front door. “You gotta catch me first!”

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