Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


180. Owen Grady 5 Part 2

~“Did you just threaten to feed that guy to dinosaurs?” the younger boy in the back of the van asks you through the window.
“Um…” you shrug.
“She’s allowed to be mad,” the older boy says, “I mean I’d be pissed if someone sent someone I loved out there, especially if I was having a kid with them.”
The older boy must have noticed the way you very lightly touch your belly occasionally.
Claire, you notice, has gone very quiet.
You try not to sigh; you can’t exactly blame her for how she feels.
As the drama unfolds on the screen that Claire holds, you try to breathe, one hand on the small swell of your belly.
It’s only when Claire starts to drive that you really freak out.
You’ve lost camera vision so you have no idea whether Owen is alright or not. When no communication comes in, you start to cry.
What if he’s gone? He can’t be gone. He hasn’t seen your baby - HIS baby - on the ultrasound yet. He hasn’t held your baby. He can’t be gone.
But eventually he catches up to the truck on his motorcycle and your little group ends up back at the resort.
You clamber out of the truck and hurtle into Owen’s arms.
“Oh thank god,” you breathe as he half carries you inside. It’s only when Claire is leading the way to the lab that you realise his cheeks are streaked with tears.
“What is it?” you ask urgently.
“We lost Charlie.”
“What? How?”
“The squad went rogue. She got hit.”
“Oh god, baby I am so sorry.”
Of course, your pain wasn’t over. Before the I-rex was finally defeated, you lost Echo, and Delta was critically wounded.
Claire took her nephews off to safety, but you followed Owen, who was following Blue.
“She’ll be okay,” you say when a vet finally arrived and sedated Delta.
“maybe. God, I’m so glad you’re okay,” Owen pulls you into a hug.
You lean against him.
“How’s the baby?” he asks you softly.
“She’s okay.” you smile up at him through blurred eyes. His eyes are teary too.
“She, huh?”
“I just got a feeling,” you say quietly as you climb onto his bike behind him to follow the vet van.
“Maybe you’ll be right.”
“Blue! C'mon you do NOT snap at your sister!” Owen was exasperated, “Delta gets it, why can’t you?”
You rolled your eyes. It had taken months for Owen to convince you that she needed to meet them. Even now, as she stood on unsteady toddler legs between you and Owen, you were unsure.
At the sound of the clicker, Blue finally obeyed, ducking her head so your daughter could touch her.
“Dinosaur!” your daughter exclaimed. She took after Owen mostly. Her hair, her courage, they were his. Her eyes though, they were yours.
Her smaller hand reached up and took the clicker from Owen.
“Charlotte Echo Grady you give that back to daddy right now!” you cried.
“Let her go,” Owen said softly.
When Charlotte clicked the clicker, Delta and Blue eyed her for a moment, then without the faintest trace of aggression, nuzzled against her hair.
Both you and Owen released a held breath.
“See?” he grinned, “nothing to worry about.”
You kissed him.
“Thank god she takes after you.”
“You know… Maybe she needs another sister?” Owen smiled at you.
“She already has two… Besides the house isn’t big enough…” you said, but the thought was tempting.
“I’ll just have to expand the house.” Owen shrugged, then called to your daughter.
“Charlie? C'mon, let’s go home.”
He swung the little girl up onto his shoulders, and, hand in hand, you left the paddock for home.

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