Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


225. Owen Grady 48

~You wake up to the blankets being pulled off of your bed and cold air hitting you. You roll over and mumble to Owen, “They need to go outside.” You get no response so you reach out a hand to smack him but it hits empty sheets.
Sitting up, you rub your eyes and read the sticky note on the bedside table. “Emergency meeting. Be back soon.”
You sigh as Charlie climbs up on the bed, effectively tearing holes in the sheets again. The girls cause so much havoc and they’re only a few weeks old; you can’t imagine what they will get up to when they’re full grown. You reach out to the little dinosaur by your side and pick her up as you crawl out of bed.
“Okay, I’m coming, I’m coming!” You say as you stand up and three little raptors start nipping at your legs. They whine until you get to the front door and open it, placing Charlie on the ground. She runs off after her sisters and begins play-fighting with Delta.
You go to make a cup of coffee and come back to watch them hop around in the tall grass. Smiling, you lean against the door frame. You know they’re going to be terrifying dinosaurs one day, but you can’t help thinking about how cute they are right now. They’re like excited puppies with claws and sharper teeth.
After a few more minutes, you let out a whistle, calling them back in and they all come running to the door. When you get back inside, you fill their bowls with the small chunks of raw meat that they eat. When you first moved in with Owen, you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. Everything was normal until the girls came along. You never anticipated raising children with this man but here you are watching your girls eat their breakfast. The smell of the meat doesn’t repulse you like it used to; it’s become familiar and reminds you of them anytime you smell it.
After you do some light cleaning, you decide to lie on the couch and put on a movie, waiting for Owen to get home. However, you quickly doze off after your early wakeup call.
When Owen gets home, he walks into the living room to find you sound asleep on the sofa with Echo lying across your neck and Delta tucked under your arm. Charlie and Blue are lying on the floor by the couch, fighting over a toy and Owen smiles down at you. He walks over to kiss you on the forehead, but Blue and Charlie stand up and run to nip at his ankles. He swears quietly, but they refuse to let him near you. He laughs when he understands: They don’t want him to wake you up. He gives up and walks to the room to take a shower.
You wake with a start when you hear the water running and realize that you dozed off while waiting for Owen. You smile as you realize you’re tangled up with two raptors and you try to get up without waking them, but fail. Delta and Echo jump up and run off to play with Charlie and Blue. You watch them as they run around the house and after a few minutes, Owen steps out of the room, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.
“Girls! That’s enough running in the house.” He says, but the baby dinosaurs ignore him, continuing to play fight. “Excuse me!” He says, sounding way too much like a daddy. “I said stop. Do you want to go to the time-out cages?” They glance at him but run off into the other room. He shakes his head and lets out a heavy sigh. You laugh at this and call out to them.
“Ladies, come in here right now and play quietly.” You shout across the house and see four speeding bullets run into the room. Blue jumps up on the couch and crawls into your lap and the other three lay down next to each other on the pillows in the corner of the room, sharing a pull toy.
“Good girls,” You say smiling, as you pet Blue’s snout with your finger. She reaches up with her tiny arms and rolls over onto her back, pulling your finger to her mouth to nibble on it. She’s harmless, but her teeth are pretty sharp so she settles for a tummy rub.
You finally look up to Owen who is squinting at the pile of dinosaurs in the corner. “Traitors.” He mutters as he crosses his arms and comes to sit beside you. “How can they listen to you, but ignore me completely?” He asks, obviously sour. You can’t help laughing at his look of utter betrayal and you bump your elbow into his side.
“Well, maybe if someone was here to let them out this morning, they would be a little more receptive.” You smirk up at him and get a smile as he drapes his arm across your shoulders, and then rubs his wet hair against your face causing you to yelp and slap his chest.
“Don’t act like you don’t love taking care of them.” He teases you but you smile down at the little one in your lap, wiping the water from your face when you respond.
“Yeah, I really do.”

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