Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


224. Owen Grady 47

~You get out of the shower and dry off before getting dressed. You peruse the pictures on his dresser and smile when you think how lucky you are to be friends with Owen, especially in times like this. The hot water in the employee housing goes out more often than you would like and Owen always lets you borrow his shower when you need it. He doesn’t smile in most of his pictures, except one with a young girl about 12 and one with you.
You smile at a picture of the two of you where he had thrown you over his shoulder and Barry snapped a pic of you screaming to be put down while Owen just laughed. You scrunch your nose up at the memory remembering how uncomfortable it made you feel. It’s not like you’re out of shape. You’re fit and very cute (if you do say so yourself), it’s just that you’re built differently than most of the girls you see around the island; a little more chubby with more curves. So when Owen picked you up, you worried about your weight being too much for him, but of course, Owen noticed no such thing. He carried you like you weighed nothing and he never treated you any different because of the way you look; that’s just the kind of guy Owen is.
You wring out your hair with the towel and head out to find him, but you hear someone on the front porch. You walk up to the screen door to see Claire Dearing talking to him about some new dinosaur. When she says she needs to consult with him, he gets that flirty look in his eyes.
“Do you want to consult here, or in my bungalow?” He asks and you feel jealousy bubble up in your chest. It’s not like you and Owen are together so you have no right to feel that way, but you still feel protective of him and Claire is definitely not the right girl for him. She looks at him, obviously not amused.
“That’s not funny.” It’s like everything she says sounds snooty, but she’s not a bad person; she can be very likable when she wants to be. You push open the door and begin to talk.
“Besides, this bungalow is already occupied.” Both you and Owen wait for Claire’s reaction and neither of you are disappointed.
“Oh.” She says, eyebrows shooting up, “I didn’t realize you had company.” You laugh and Owen doesn’t clarify why you’re there, so you don’t either.”
“It’s no problem,” you say as you walk towards her, “and Owen would love to give the paddock a look, wouldn’t you.” You look at him pointedly, as you have heard rumors about the dinosaur and how dangerous it is. It would be nice to have someone that you actually trust to assure you that it’s safe.
He laughs and agrees before going inside to put on a new shirt. You look to Claire and she asks you, “So are you two together?” You want to say yes just to screw with her, but you shake your head and laugh.
“No, Why?” You ask, smirking, “Do you wanna hit that?”
She looks appalled at the suggestion and explains. “Oh my god, no! We actually went on a date once and he showed up in board shorts! Who does that?” She sounds horrified about it and you can’t help but laugh along. He’s never been known for his class.
“Seriously?” You ask, and she nods.
“Yup. Suffice to say there was not a second date.” Seeing Claire joke and smile makes her seem a much more approachable person and you make mental a note to try to get to know her better. When Owen reappears you all head towards her vehicle and you look to Owen.
“Hey, nice shorts.” You say sarcastically, and Claire lets out a giggle. He doesn’t ask but just shakes his head as if he doesn’t want to know what gossip the two of you shared.
When you get to the paddock, you just hang next to the security desk as Claire explains things to Owen. He doesn’t seem happy, but suddenly there’s a problem. The thermal sensors aren’t picking up any indication of the creature and Owen notices the wall marks that can only mean one thing. The Indominous escaped.
Claire runs to her car in a panic to head towards the control room and track her as Owen heads down into the cage. You, however, stay in the viewing room. You have a bad feeling in your stomach as you stare at the scratches on the wall. Something’s off about them. You move closer to the glass and examine them for a few moments when you realize what it is. Your eyes go wide and you run over to the computer and look at the 3D rendering of the dinosaur. Its front claws are longer and sharper than the ones on its feet, but the claw marks on the wall are all the same size. If it tried to scale the wall, there would be marks from both sets of claws.
You grab the intercom and shout. “She’s in there! Get out right now!” Owen looks up towards the room for a split second and then shoves the guard towards the door. He puts in the code to open the door as the trees shake and she steps out into the open. The men hurry to get out as she charges at them and just as she reaches it, the door locks into place. She throws herself into the metal, but it doesn’t budge.
Owen runs back up to you with the two other men in tow and when he opens the door, he stares at you breathlessly.
“How did you know?”
The security guard runs up to the computers and presses a few buttons that show that it’s thermal signature is being picked up again and he says, “How in the hell did she hide from this?” But you ignore that, looking to Owen to answer his question. You point at the dinosaur next to the claw marks on the wall.
“Look at her claws. Her front claws are different than the ones on her feet. If she had climbed out of the cage, there would be two types of marks.”
You gasp at your own realization. When you first identified it, you didn’t ask yourself why they were there in the first place.
Owen walks towards the glass to watch the dinosaur run back into the trees and you go to stand beside him. “So what you’re trying to say is she made those marks on purpose to lure us in there?” He looks down at you and you nod softly. How would she know to do that? What is this thing made of?
When you get in touch with Claire she is relieved to hear everything went well and you head back to Owen’s place to get your things. When you get inside the house and head to his room, he follows you and leans against the door frame, arms crossed.
“I didn’t say thank you.” He looks concerned when you turn to look at him and see him glaring at the floor.
“Hmm? Thank you for what?” You assume it’s the highly intelligent dinosaur that has him looking like that but he goes on.
“For saving my life.” He looks up at you, his eyes turning surprisingly kind. “You’re brilliant, and if you hadn’t been there, I might be dead. So thanks.”
You laugh at him and turn to finish packing your stuff. “Well, you let me use your shower so we can call it even.” He doesn’t respond, but he comes to stand right beside you and looks down at you.
“Hmm, not quite even, I think,” He says and puts a hand on your waist, looking down at you with his flirty smile. It’s not like you never imagined kissing Owen, but you never thought it would actually happen until he leans into you, capturing your lips. His hand moves to you cheek and you have to admit, Owen really is a great kisser. He pulls back much too soon and smiles at you. “There, much better.”
You laugh slightly at this, and Owen still hasn’t moved his hand from your waist. His smile makes your heart flutter and you can’t stop looking at his lips, wanting more.
“Well,” You start trying your best to look flirty. “I’m not so sure about that. I mean saving your life was a big deal. Surely you can thank me better than that.” You smirk up at him, knowing Owen would never pass up a challenge like that. He makes it very clear just how thankful he is and you think that you will have to save his life more often if this is the reward.

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