Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


223. Owen Grady 46

~When Owen said he wanted to introduce you to his girls you protested, but he was relentless.
“They’re not going to hurt you, Y/n, I promise. They just need to see that you and I are together because they can get a little possessive of me. I’ll introduce you and tell them to not hurt you.” He leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead. “It will be okay I promise.”
You grimace at the idea but agree to it anyway so when the weekend finally comes around, Owen wakes you up bright and early to head out to the paddock.
“They’re always more cheerful in the mornings when they just wake up.” He rambles on about them as usual, as he is always excited to tell you news about them. It’s really sweet how much he loves them, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re terrified of them.
When you pull up to the paddock, he comes and opens your door helping you out of the truck. “Okay, we’re just going to go in the safety cage and-” Your heart drops ad you stop dead in your tracks.
“No way! I am not going in there; they can reach through he bars!” Your eyes are practically popping out of your head and you’ve thrown your hands in the air, exasperated. “You didn’t say anything about going in there. That’s too close.” You’re starting to panic now but he smiles and moves forward, putting his hands on your shoulders.
“Hey, breathe okay? I promise you that nothing is going to happen. You’re perfectly safe with me.” He nods at you for encouragement and takes your hand, practically dragging you towards the cage. You feel like a child the way you’re acting, but you really are scared.
When he gets you inside, he lets out a whistle and the girls come running towards the two of you. You move to stand behind him but still flinch when they press their snouts up against the bars, sniffing intently.
“Ladies,” Owen starts, pulling you out from behind him. “This is Y/n. You have to be nice to her okay? She is very special to me and you are not allowed to hurt her.” He talks to them like they’re human, and somehow that just makes them more scary. He reaches up to put a hand through the bars, slowly placing it on Blue’s snout. She sniffs a bit but seems calm. He pulls your other hand up towards her and you realize what he’s doing.
You snatch your hand back to your side, “Are you crazy! I’m not touching them!” He laughs and Blue’s eyes dart to you but your go to Owen. You let out a whine, “Owen, I’m scared.”
“Don’t be.” He looks down at you with a serious expression on his face that turns to a smile when you take a deep breath and begin to reach towards the raptor. You place your hand on top of his and she doesn’t seem to mind. However, when he slides his hand out from under yours and you touch her skin, she rears back.
You tear your hand back to your chest, terrified.
“Blue! Good going! Now you’ve scared her!” He scolds her like a child, “Come back up here and Be Nice.” He wags a finger at her and she moves back towards the cage, eyes still on you. You look to Owen who nods reassuringly and you reach up to touch her again. She flinches a little at the touch, but then she leans in to it. You scratch softly and she seems to relax. You give Owen a small smile and begin to talk to her.
“You’re so pretty, girl. Thank you for letting me pet you.” When you tell Owen that that’s enough adventure for you for one day, he laughs and takes you up on the catwalk to watch him run their training. When he finishes, he gives you a smile before turning to Barry to talk about something.
Before you can even realize what’s happening, you hear a boy shout “Pig Loose” and run down the catwalk towards you. He bumps into you, shoving you into the small railing and you lose your balance, tumbling to the ground below.
When you hit the ground, a lot of things happen at once. Pain shoots straight up your arm and you let out a scream. The raptors hear this and come running to you as everyone at the paddock begins screaming. You close your eyes, wondering if Owen will be able to get to you before theyve eaten you completely. You hold your broken arm to your chest as sobs escape you and you hear a loud noise right beside you. Rather than biting you, the raptors have circled around you and are screeching loudly. You wonder if it is some kind of feasting ritual before you open your eyes and look at them. They are hopping and turning towards the safety cage where Owen is now trying to get the gate open.
Blue leans down to you, sniffing at your arm and lets out a cry before nudging your side with her head. She whines towards Owen again as he slides to the ground next to you, shouting at the girls.
“Back! Get back girls!” He doesn’t seem afraid of them, like they’re going to eat him, he just sounds again like he’s talking to a crowd of adults.
“Hey, it’s okay, I’m here, and I’ve got you.” He slides his hands under your body to lift you up and you let out a cry of pain. The raptors around you mimic the sound, still looking anxious around you.
“My arm.” You moan between clenched teeth. “It’s broken.” He nods once and begins to move towards the gate where Barry is waiting at the controls.
“I gotta get her to the hospital; she needs to get this taken care of. You good here?” He says to Barry who responds with a nod and a wish for you to feel better. You want to ask him about why the raptors didn’t eat you, but you can’t think through the pain in your arm. You decide to wait until you have some meds in you.
Once you’re all patch up with a cast from just below your elbow to your wrist, you look at Owen.
“Why didn’t they eat me?” You ask bluntly, and he looks shocked at the question.
“Um, well honestly, I’m not sure.” He rubs the back of his neck with his hand, “But I’ll tell you what I do know.” He looks at you, still seemingly unsure. “That noise they made was a call for help. It’s the kind of noise they would make in the wild if one of them was hurt or trapped and needed backup.” You stare at him, knowing that it can’t mean what he’s implying.
“Are you saying that they saw that I was hurt and were calling for help?” Your eyebrows shoot up and you can’t believe your ears.
“Well, yeah. They seemed very anxious to see you lying there and when your screamed or moaned, they did the same. I think they were worried.” He smiles at this, but you’re still shocked by this news.
“Why would they be worried about me though? Why didn’t they just attack me?” Owen laughs a little and you smile at him without even thinking about it.
“Well,” he says, taking your free hand in his, “I think I made it pretty clear that you’re the Alpha’s mate.” He raises his eyebrows teasingly at you and smirks. “I told them not to hurt you, and they listened. “
This finally gets a laugh out of you and you think about how wild that is. “Wow, so if I had fallen in before your little talk…” You look at him, not finishing your sentence and he jumps in.
“Oh yeah, you’d probably be dead right now.” Rather than upset you, it only makes you laugh more and he winks down at you. “Now come on, let’s get you home.” His smile warms your heart and he looks at you with those eyes. The same look he gets when he’s watching his girls, and you know that he really does love you too.

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