Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


222. Owen Grady 45

~You stand in front of the mirror grimacing. You hate parties, yet here you are, about to go to the stupid Five Year Anniversary Gala. You’re already feeling self-conscious in your red dress but you’ve already changed three times and you’re out of time. You walk out of the bedroom to find Owen in the kitchen eating a slice of cold pizza. The second you see him, your heart drops. You already don’t feel well and you have to go to the party with this Adonis looking, drop-dead gorgeous man standing in front of you. Rather than feeling lucky that someone as amazing as Owen fell in love with you, all you can think is what people will say.
What’s wrong with him, why is he dating her?
God, I would be embarrassed to be seen here with someone looking like that on my arm.
She can’t even hold a conversation, what does he see in her?
Your anxiety is building up as you imagine every possible scenario. Your hands begin to shake involuntarily and you can already feel yourself beginning to sweat.
“Owen, I don’t think I can go tonight. I don’t feel good.” You wrap your arms around yourself, already feeling nauseous. “I think I’ll just stay home.” You stare at the floor, embarrassed because you know he always sees straight through your façade.
Since you walked in the room, he hasn’t said anything, just leaned there against the counter with his mouth hanging open. You stare at him now.
“Yeah, Owen I know I look gross. Please can I just stay home, I don’t want-”
You’re sentences is cut short as Owen crosses the room in two steps and crushes his lips to yours. He slides one hand to your back and the other holding your cheek as your lips move together. Your lips part slightly for him, wanting more of him, but he pulls back and looks into your eyes.
“You look so goddamned beautiful.” His hungry gaze sends a shiver through your body and this causes him to laugh. He leans in for one more soft, teasing kiss before grabbing your purse off the table and handing it to you with a smile. “Now come on, we’re going to be late.”
As he pulls you out of the bungalow, your nerves are worse off than they were before. Now, not only do you not want to go to the party, you actually want to stay home and pick up where that kiss left off. You groan, and he looks at you out of the corner of his eye. He frowns and places a hand on your thigh; this does nothing to calm your racing thoughts.
“You really do look gorgeous.” He says, smiling at the path ahead of him.
“I’m going to look like shit next to all the other girls. I bet those stupid interns look amazing.” You worry your lip and try to keep your breathing calm. Right now, your brain is running through every possible screw up, embarrassment, and wrong step that you could do. It’s going to be a long night.
When you show up to the parks convention center, you immediately see all the people in black tie and feel like they look a thousand times better than you. Everywhere you turn, there’s a beautiful woman in a short dress and half of them want to come have a conversation with Owen. He makes small talk but brushes them off as kindly as he can, seeing that panic in your eyes.
“I’m going to go get us some drinks, okay?” He asks, taking your hand and pulling it to his mouth for a kiss. “I’ll be right back.” As he turns to leave, you look towards the door wondering if you could get home before he notices you’ve gone missing. Before you can form your escape plan, some tall blonde girl comes up to you.
“Oh my goodness, you look amazing!” She says this in an overly cheery voice and you feel slightly more confident until she continues. “So are you and Grady exclusive or is he like fair game? My friends said he’s a great lay and, I mean, it can’t hurt to ask, right?” She lets out a giggle and in her mind, she probably didn’t do anything wrong, but you feel like you’re going to vomit. You turn away from her without answering and look for somewhere to hide.
You know it seems childish, and someone finding you right now would probably just make things worse, but you lean your head against the wall you’re sitting against. It took a few minutes to calm yourself down from having an attack right here in public, but you couldn’t breathe properly and also still felt nauseous. You found a small hallway out of the main hall, past the bathrooms. You figured being this far out, no one would find you. That is, until you see Lowery turn down the hall and lock eyes with you. He frowns slightly and pulls out his phone while walking towards you.
“I found her; the hall by the bathrooms.” He hangs up and comes to sit beside you against the wall. “You okay?” he asks, turning his head to look at you.
You pull you knees to your chest, thankful that you wore a loose dress, and shake your head. He puts a hand on your back and rubs circles. “It’s not your fault,” he says, “You don’t have any control over it, so don’t be embarrassed.”
Lowery is such a good friend and you begin to get tears in your eyes before looking up and seeing Owen walk down the hallway. All you can imagine is him getting mad that you ran, and are making him miss half of the Gala looking for you. Lowery pushes himself to his feet and takes your hand to help you up. He puts his hand on Owen’s shoulder before telling you both goodnight.
You try to keep the tears in, but they’re running down your cheek now.
“Owen, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to run off, this girl asked if you were fair game and I just couldn’t stay there and you’re too good to be here with me anyway.” Your words were almost gibberish between your rambling and sniffling. “I don’t belong here I’m just ruining your night, Owen I’ll just-”
For the second time tonight, Owen cuts you off with a kiss. It stops your mind for a second, but it’s not fixing anything. You pull back, wiping your face and say, “Really, Owen, you’ll have more fun without me. I just need to go home.”
He laughs at this and leans towards you, pressing you into the wall. His lips are inches away from yours when he speaks.
“Y/n, you are absolutely perfect, and I love you just the way you are. I don’t want anyone else; I want you and everything that comes with you.” He smirks down at you, “Now shut up and kiss me.” He kisses you again, more slow this time. His arms wrap around you and he pulls you so close to him, his tongue finally slipping into your mouth. You love the taste of him and your brain goes foggy, forgetting the anxiety and fear and everything. Owen pulls away, chuckling slightly at how breathless you are.
“Let’s get out of here.” He says, smirking down at you before scrunching up his nose. “The liquor here sucks.” You look up into his eyes, not sure how you found someone as amazing as him. Smiling, you nod your head, not trusting yourself to speak. Owen really does know exactly what you need to hear. His words can get you excited, calm you down, make your forget the world around you and, at a moment like this, make your clothes practically fall off your body. You can guarantee that you have more fun in your night-in tonight than any person at that stupid Gala.

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