Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


221. Owen Grady 44

~She’s wreaking havoc on the park and soon she will get to the guests if they don’t stop her. You know what you have to do…
This morning, when you heard that she got out, you didn’t realize how bad it would be. You had raised her, imprinted on her even, and you never thought she would be capable of this. But now, she was on a killing spree and no one was able to stop her. InGen has a special weapon for this kind of thing. It’s a sort of shrapnel grenade, filled with tranquilizers, but there were two problems. First, it has to be dropped from the sky, and it can’t be dropped over trees or else it won’t make it to the ground. It has to be in flat, open space. Second, she won’t stay still long enough for them to be able to hit her with it. Even when she began killing the other dinosaurs, she didn’t stay around to eat them; it was just a quick kill and then she moved on. You heard Owen in the control room saying that if there was just some way to get her out of the trees and to stay still, that they would be able to tranquilize her and take care of the situation.
Because of that, you’re now standing on the old original Jurassic Park Welcome Center. You can’t believe it was never torn down, but right now you’re thankful for it. It is out in the open, with no trees directly overhead and you know it’s the only place you can get her to stay. Although in hindsight, you should have probably gotten some help, and not ran off on your own. You just knew that if something went wrong, you would rather not be the cause of more innocent casualties.
When you got there, you started working on your plan. If there was anyone that she would listen to, it would be you; however, just talking to her wasn’t going to do anything. You thought that maybe if you sang to her like you did when she was a baby, she would at least stay still long enough for them to drop it. You can help but think about how mad Owen would be if he knew what you were doing right now; but if there was even a possibility that this would work, you knew you had to try it.
You found the old speaker system easily and were able to get it running as power was still supplied to the building and you found two old radios on one of the shelves. Setting them to the same frequency, you placed one holding down the play button for the speaker and took the other one with you. The hardest part was getting to the roof, but you finally did it. Once up there, you pulled out your phone and called Lowery.
It rings twice before he answers, “Hey, sorry Y/n, but I’m a little busy, so unless you-“
“Lowery, listen to me. I’m at the Visitors Center. The old one.” He is dead silent and you take a breath and begin, “I think I’m going to be able to get her in a position to drop the tranquilizers.”
He asks how but you don’t have time to explain. “Lowery, please just track my location and get them on their way. I’m on top of the building and as long as I’m up here, I think I can get her to stay still. Please, it’s the best shot we’ve got.”
“Okay.” You sigh in relief when he doesn’t ask any more questions. You hear him typing on the other side of the phone and begin to shout the plan to the others in the control room, but you hear Owen before he even gets to the phone. You assume he picks it up because his voice is suddenly loud and clear.
“What are you doing?” He asks, sounding furious, “You don’t understand, Y/n, that grenade with hit everything within 1000 feet.” His voice begins to fill with panic and he takes a breath, “Babe, you won’t be able to get out of there in time.”
You take a deep breath and close your eyes, “Owen, I’m the only one who can get through to her, you know that. I’m sorry, but I have no other choice.”
He doesn’t respond for a moment and you hear Lowery shout, “She’s headed your way, and so is the plane.” Neither one of them says anything after that and you whisper into the phone before hanging up.
“I love you.”
You know crying will not help right now so you grab your radio and hold down the button to test it out.
“Indy!” You shout into the radio and it comes out loud and clear over the building speakers. “Indy, girl, C’mon! Come find me girl, I’m over here.” Being on top of the building gives you a great view and you can see the treetops bustling about half a mile away. She doesn’t seem to be moving very fast, but she’s moving steadily. It’s time to pull out the big guns as talking to her won’t be enough to keep her occupied. At this moment, unknown to you, Lowery has gotten the security cameras on the building running and you are front and center on the screen in the control room.
You try to keep your voice from breaking as you begin to sing,
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,” You watch the trees and see that she’s getting closer.
“You make me happy, when skies are grey,” She’s about a quarter mile out.
“You’ll never know girl, how much I love you,” You can feel her footsteps shaking the ground now and hear the trees being knocked down.
“Please don’t take my sunshine away.”
As soon as you finish, she bursts from the trees. You stand your ground as she always respected that. She knew you were never scared of her; you saw her at her smallest, youngest, weakest, and helped raise her. She would definitely hurt you if she wanted to, but all you needed was a few more seconds because as she steps towards the building you can already hear the plane coming in.
You continue to sing as she gets closer and closer to you.
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” You pause for a moment as she finally gets her face up close to your body. She sniffs you and breathes out hard, spraying snot all over you, but you continue shakily.
“You make me happy,” The plane is almost overhead. Just two more seconds.
“When skies are gray.” You’re not going to be able to get out of the way in time, you know that. You just hope this works and your sacrifice isn’t for nothing. If you’re going to die, it’s going to be saving everyone’s life, but more importantly, saving hers.
“You’ll never know girl,” tears are falling now as you look to the sky to see the falling object. You close your eyes as she looks up at the grenade and you hope she doesn’t run.
“How much I love you.” The last thing you see is Indy throwing her upper body onto the building, directly on top of you before you hear the explosion. You feel the pain of broken bones and bleeding, but didn’t feel any impact of the explosion. She begins to jolt and shake on top of you, the tranquilizers kicking in, and as she goes still; the pain is too much for you. You feel your brain get foggy before you fade into the darkness and the last thing you think before falling:
Please don’t take my sunshine away.
You wake up in a hospital bed and Owen jumps from the chair beside you as soon as you open your eyes. His face is red and he’s clearly been crying but all you can think about is the pain in your body. Unable to talk just yet, you close your eyes and moan and he quickly calls for a doctor.
When you open your eyes again, a man in a white coat is adjusting a baggie on the stand next to you that leads to the needle in your hand.
“Well Miss Y/L/n, you’re going to be okay.” He speaks slowly, not looking entirely sure if you’re understanding him. “You have 8 fractured bones, but most of them are in your leg, only a few ribs.”
You moan a little softer now, as your tongue moves around in your mouth like a foreign object. You’re not sure if you can talk, but you give it a try.
“I-” You cough at the dryness of your mouth and the coughing sends pain straight to your chest. Owen grabs the plastic cup next to the bed and tilts it to your mouth for a sip of water.
“Miss Y/L/n, you’re very lucky. That grenade could have easily killed you instantly.” You see Owen flinch and grimace in pain but you look back to the doctor. “If she hadn’t happened to fall on you at that exact moment, you would probably be dead.” You know he is only telling you the facts, but you assume he’s got something better to do than make you think of how you almost died. You nod your head and try to speak again, this time more clearly.
“Thank you doctor.” Your voice comes up raspy. “I’ll call one of the nurses if I need anything.”
He nods and walks out of the room and you look back to Owen who hasn’t let go of your hand since you woke up.
“I’m okay,” You say trying to sound reassuring but he just frowns down at you.
“I thought I was going to lose you. Lowery got the security cameras up and I watched the whole thing. I thought you were dead.” His eyes are full of tears again and you hate to see him in this much pain. You slowly pull his hand towards your mouth ignoring the pain and kiss it.
“But I’m not. I’m going to be fine. Because of Indy.” Mentioning her name makes you remember, “Is she okay?” You ask solemnly, wondering if they already put her down.
“She’s on steady meds to keep her sedated until they figure out what to do with her.” Owen fills you in and you nod softly at this. You take a deep breath, causing another shot of pain to go straight to your chest.
“She saved me.” You say quietly, a tear coming to your eyes, “She didn’t fall; she jumped.”
Owen simply nods his head and whispers back, “I know. We all saw it.” At this you give him a soft, sad smile.
“She not bad, not really.” You say, and he leans down to kiss your forehead. There are tears in your eyes and you begin to feel the pain meds kicking in. For the second time this day, you find yourself blacking out against your will.
“Oh I know that. She kept you safe so you could come back to me.” He moves his face down you kiss you ever so softly on the lips as you fall into darkness once again and you hear him whisper, “So she’s a hero in my book.”

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