Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


220. Owen Grady 43

~You sigh, looking into the mirror. You hoped that by Monday the bruise would have faded a bit, but it is just darker than before. You apply as much makeup as you can, but quickly realize it’s pointless; you’re glad he isn’t at the apartment to see you cry. It would probably just anger him more. You find your biggest pair of sunglasses and sigh in relief when you find that they cover the majority of the bruise, needing only a little bit of makeup around the edges. As you pack your bag for work, you can’t help the fear that bubbles up inside of you. What if Owen finds out? You know it will not end well, but he just doesn’t understand, not really. You love Justin, and it’s the first time he’s ever hit you; plus, he said he was sorry and that he won’t do it again. You don’t want Owen getting involved.
When you get to work, Owen is already on the catwalk doing the morning routine with the girls. You head up to his side, grabbing the charts on your way. As you begin to take notes of their reactions, you chastise him, “Owen, you’re supposed to wait until I get here. You know how mad Claire gets when you don’t turn in your paperwork.” You sigh in exasperation when he just laugh, continuing with the routine. When he finishes, he turns to look at you for the first time and laugh when he sees your face.
“What in the hell are those?” he asks, staring at your glasses. “Are we being sponsored by Gucci? Because if they’re sending us free merch I want in.” He teases you but you just try to play it off.
“Shut up, my work glasses broke and I needed something to use just for today.” You swallow hard, hoping that it will fade by tomorrow so that you don’t have to wear them again. It’s almost as bad as just showing off the bruise.
“Fine, okay.” He says, putting his hands up, “But I don’t think I can be seen with you looking like that.” He chuckles again and takes his sunglasses off his head, handing them out to you. You didn’t anticipate this and you feel as if there’s suddenly not enough oxygen in your lungs.
“Uhm, no thanks.” You practically stutter out, “It’s fine. It’s just one day, I can wear these.” You wrap your arms around yourself, subconsciously making yourself small; you just want him to drop the conversation.
“C’mon, Y/n. Take them; I’m not going to use them.” He steps towards you and you take a step back.
“No, really Owen, it’s fine.” He laughs and reaches his arm out, too quickly for you to pull away before he grabs the side of the glasses, pulling them off your face.
You see three emotions roll across Owen’s face. First is shock. His eyes go wide as he sees the purple bruise around your eye. You know how bad it looks, even with makeup on it. His second emotion is pity. For a millisecond he looks like he wants to wrap you in his arms as he looks at you with those puppy dog eyes. However, those emotions pass so quickly that you’re amazed you even noticed them because the third and most powerful emotion on his face is anger. No, more than anger, it is pure seething rage. He puts his hand on your back, obviously restraining himself and ushers you down the stairs without saying a word. When you reach the bottom he pulls you over by the security cage where you’re alone.
You reach for your glasses and put them back on before he can begin talking. Having him stare at it the entire time is not going to help.
“Did Justin do this?” You groan mentally, knowing that he knows the answer. He just wants to hear it from your mouth.
“Owen, it was an accident, Okay? I said something-” He cuts you off, hands moving to your shoulders. He notices the way you flinch at his touch, and he takes a deep breath, smoothing his hands down your arms to take your hands in his.
“Y/n, this is unacceptable. I’m going to call security and you’re going to tell them exactly-” You cut him off this time as your anxiety rips through you.
“No! Owen, please don’t! It was an accident, I swear. It’s not going to happen again. Please Owen; you know I love him I don’t want him getting in trouble for this.” Tears are now streaming down your face and you’re holding back sobs.
Owen looks at you patiently, waiting for you to finish. When you do, he begins talking calmly.
“Y/n, if he really loved you, he would not have done this.” He reaches for your glasses again removing them so he can look in your eyes. “If you forgive him for this, you will be teaching him that it’s okay to do it, that he will be forgiven for it.” You shake your head, sobbing now. You know deep down it’s true, but you’ve spent almost a year with Justin. You don’t know how to be alone and while he did hit you, it’s never gone that far before. The worst he’s ever done is throw things or yell. It probably won’t happen again. But you know Owen, and you know what has to happen.
“Y/n, you know you’re my best friend and I only want what’s best for you. I love you so I’m giving you two options: either tell security what happened and get away from him, or I will beat him to a bloody pulp and put him in the hospital. Either way, you’re not staying with him.” He looks down at you seriously and you know he would do it. You can’t think straight however and lean into him. He holds you tightly to his chest and runs his hand through your hair.
“I know you think you love him, but if he really loved you, this would not have happened.” He speaks calmly and tries to reassure you. “I know it’s hard to let someone go like that, but if you stay with him, you’re poisoning yourself. You need to get help.” You sniffle into his shirt as you pull back and look at the floor.
“I don’t have anywhere to go. I don’t even know what to do. What if it makes him angrier and he comes for me. What if he really isn’t going to do it anymore?” the questions flow out of your mouth like water and he puts a hand under your chin, encouraging you to look at him.
“You are going to stay with me, as long as you need to; permanently if you want. I won’t let him hurt you ever again. I promise you that.” Owen looks into your eyes and you know his words are genuine. You love Owen like a brother and you know that he’s just trying to help. Things have been going downhill with you and Justin, but you never imagined leaving him being in your future. Then again, you didn’t imagine having to cover up a black eye either.
You take a deep breath and try to control the tears somewhat. Owen pulls you in for another hug as he sees you debating with yourself. After a few moments, you pull away, wiping your eyes. You flinch when you touch the bruise and slowly trace your fingers around it, remembering the way it felt when he hit you. You try to remember the look on his face of pure anger and the way he yelled at you and broke the lamp just before he did it. You use those memories to fuel your desire to leave.
“Okay,” you say shakily, “Call security.” You nod at him, hand covering your bruised eye and continue to take deep breaths.
He nods in return and pulls you towards him, kissing your forehead. “It’s going to be okay, Y/n. Things are going to be okay, I promise.”
It’s been seven months since the day that Owen found out. After you talked to security, Justin lost his job and was forced to leave the island permanently, banned from returning. You got a restraining order against him just in case and Owen was by your side the entire time. Now, you stand in his kitchen having a competition of who can make the best pancakes. Owen has finally admitted that he has feelings for you more than just friendship, and whie you return his feelings, you don’t want to rush into anything. It’s still hard, though. You still flinch if someone moves too fast towards you and hearing people yell still puts you on edge, but you’re more than thankful for Owen always being there to drown out the rest of the world. As you look back, you can’t imagine how you ever wanted to stay with someone who would do that to you, but you know now that he was manipulating you. The best decision you ever made was to put your safety over your feelings for a guy and, as things slowly get better, you know that you will never make the same mistake again.

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