Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


219. Owen Grady 42

~He’s their trainer, you get that. But while he raised them, you’re responsible for actually creating them. You should at least be able to see them without having to get special permission. With this in mind, you call Claire and explain to her that as the raptors get older, they’re going to start reacting more on instinct and less on their training. With this idea planted in her mind, she agreed to give you clearance to work at the raptor paddock. Finally, you think to yourself. I finally get to see my babies.
You can’t lie. They are predatory animals and terrifying to most people, but to you, they are just children. It’s the one and only thing you have in common with Owen; the belief that they’re not bad, just misunderstood. Working alongside him isn’t the most favorable option in your mind, but you can’t exactly get him fired so it’s either work with him and see the raptors, or never see them at all. It’s just a sacrifice you’re going to have to make.
Owen isn’t a bad guy really, he’s just stubborn and annoying and inappropriate and condescending and flirtatious amongst other things. Frankly, you don’t know how he gets girls to go home with him; his lines are so cheesy and his flattery is obviously fake. He did hit on you once, a few years ago at the hatching, but you made it very obvious that whatever he was looking for was definitely not going to happen. You concede that he is rather handsome, but even that isn’t strong enough to overpower his character. Working with him is probably going to be miserable…
On your first day at the paddock, you bring your chart to mark growth rates and eating habits and other things that Owen is supposed to be keeping track of, but you know he’s not. This was another reason Claire agreed to let you go because she knew that you would actually turn in the paperwork. It seems a good morning simply because you don’t see Owen until after lunch. When he does finally arrive though, your whole demeanor changes. He walks up to you crossing his arms and looking down at you. You wish you could work in heels like Claire because then at least he wouldn’t have such a great height advantage.
“Well, well, well, look who’s visiting us today.” He voice is filled with sarcasm as he continues. “We’re so glad you could take time out of your busy day to come see us. What have you got there, charts?” You pulls the clipboard to your chest, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being right.
“Actually,” You say smugly, “I got reassigned to work out here.” You feel a wining smile spread across your face but your eyes are glued to his. The emotions that pass over his face: shock, uncertainty, disgust, anger, annoyance. They all just cause your grin to widen.
“So, I guess that I’ll get to see my girls a lot more often, huh?”
You turn to head back towards the safety cage to observe them and you hear him mutter as you walk away, “They’re my girls.”
By the end of the day, Owen has finally stopped his pouting and seems to realize that you mean business. As much as you detest the man, you’re not going to let it affect your work, as that would only be counterproductive. You begin to pack your bag as he walks over towards you and you hold back any smart remarks you want to make.
“So I guess this is really happening huh?” he asks, sounding tired.
“Yup.” You pop your lips on the ‘p’ and force yourself to smile up at him. “Owen, I know you don’t like me, but I’m just here to do my job. I missed out on watching the girls grow up and I want to be here now. You might be their alpha, but I’m their mom, so you’re just going to have to put up with me.” You shrug your shoulders, zipping your bag up but he begins to talk.
“I don’t hate you.” He almost sounds confused. You look up at him to see that he looks it too. “It’s just my kneejerk reaction to be rude because you hate me.”
You look at him surprised now but it doesn’t really change anything. “Well, that’s a perfectly good reason to be rude to me I guess.” You don’t really care why he dislikes you; you’re not looking to become his friend anyway.
The edges of his mouth turn up hinting at a smile and he opens his mouth. “No, see, you were supposed to say ‘I don’t hate you either, Owen.’” He tries to mimic your voice but fails miserably so he just smirks down at you and you shake your head. He can be such a child sometimes.
“See you tomorrow, Owen.” You throw your bag over your shoulder and walk away, ignoring the fact that you can feel him watching you. He’s not really a bad guy, you know that, but he’s not the kind of guy that you want to get chummy with either. If you end up being able to tolerate him, it will make work all the easier; however, you won’t get involved any more than that. His charms didn’t work back then, and they aren’t going to work now.

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