Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


218. Owen Grady 41

~You’ve only been here one week, and you’ve already lost count of the number of times Owen Grady has said he doesn’t need an assistant. Your job is to take care of his paperwork, schedule meetings, and the like, but Owen has made it very clear he neither needs nor wants you following him all day.
So, instead of listening to him complain, you spend your mornings getting all your work done and, while he’s at lunch, you sneak into the safety cage at the paddock. You’ve been doing this since your second day here as you were fascinated by the raptors. However, you are also surprised by how they act around you. Just the other day, a boy fell into the cage and would have been eaten if it hadn’t been for Owen. But you can get right up to the fence, close enough that they could reach their claws through, but they just come to the fence and watch you. Sometimes they lie down by it and you sing to them. They’re pretty gentle around you and you don’t understand why, but you like it. You’re lying against the fence when you hear the door behind you open.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Owen practically shouts.
You stand up when he walks in but don’t move to leave. “I’m just hanging out. I do it every day, Owen it’s no big deal.” When you say that, he crosses his arms angrily.
“Get out. You have no idea how dangerous this is. You’ve never worked with them and they don’t know you.” He moves to pull you away from the fence and Charlie behind you starts growling at him. He looks up at her surprisingly; hand still on your arm.
“Don’t give me that shit, Charlie,” He says but she calls the others over and they seem very aggressive. Owen lets go of you to move towards the cage and when he does, they fall back, Charlie coming to your side on the other side of the bars. She sticks her south through the gap and makes a small sound to you. Owen looks at you dumbstruck, but you just smile.
“I don’t think they like you treating me like that.” You look at him challengingly, hands on your hips, but he just nods his head solemnly.
“C’mon, let’s go.” He says, nodding towards the door and you follow him out.
The next day, he skips his lunch, but you go into the cage anyway. You can feel his eyes on you the entire time and you tell him to take a picture as it will last longer. He doesn’t laugh though, he just looks deep in thought.
“Hey,” He says when the lunch break is over. “Come with me, I want to try something.” He sounds unsure and nervous but something in his eyes says he’s kind of excited. You follow him up on the cat walk and he grabs his clicker as per usual. However, this time to your surprise, he holds it out for you.
“Go on,” he says, “Give it a try. I want to see something.”
You stare at him like he’s an idiot. He wants you to try to control them? That’s crazy,you think to yourself, it would never work. However, you figure you can humor him, so you agree to his little experiment. You take the clicker from him and turn to face the trees.
You hold the clicker up and click it a few times. The raptors turn to look at you, but they don’t move. You click it a few more times but they still seem uninterested. You turn to Owen, expecting to ask him what he was thinking but he’s smiling as he reaches for the clicker.
“Yeah, I didn’t think so.” The smug look on his face pisses you off so you turn back to the girls and let out a loud whistle. At this, they come running to attention beneath you. You steal a glance at Owen and the shock on his face makes you feel giddy. You turn back to the girls and hold your hand up in a fist.
“And we’re walking!” you shout, moving to the side and they follow under you. You smile proudly at them and reach into the treat bucket.
“Good girls, here ya go!” You toss them each a treat, giving Charlie a large rat, and you put your hand down to tell them they can disperse. You turn to Owen, with a smug smile, and he still seems to be in shock.
“I guess I’m a pretty good assistant, huh?” You ask smirking and he walks over towards you.
“I don’t need an assistant.” He says for the umpteenth time, but this time, he ends it differently. “But I sure as hell could use a trainer like you.”
Your eyes go wide, never having received a compliment form him, let alone something that important.
“They like you,” he says, “and they’ve never listened to anyone else like that. “ He looks proudly down at you. “I’ll tell HR to get everything moved around.” You just stare up at him in shock. After a few moments, you realize you haven’t said anything.
“Oh! Thank you! Wow, this is just…wow.” You muse to yourself how you got a promotion after only a week of working here and you hold your head proudly. “When do I start?” you ask excitedly and he just laughs.
“We will figure that out tomorrow.” His smile seems kinder than before; all you needed to do was impress him. Maybe Owen isn’t such a bad guy after all. You feel butterflies in your stomach and you’re not sure if it’s from what just happened, the fact that you’re going to be a trainer, or maybe from the way Owen is smiling at you right now. This job definitely looks like it could be fun.

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