Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


178. Owen Grady 4

~I’ve been hiding out in the bungalow ever since the ‘I-Rex Incident’. Owen, with only one raptor left to work with (until Delta is sufficiently healed), has been depressed but throwing himself into odd jobs, helping to rebuild the park.
At first, it was hard – containing the T-Rex, dealing with the burial of the Apatosaurs… none of it was particularly cheerful.
Eventually, the work I was actually capable of doing sort of ran out, so it was all I could do to cook for myself and Owen, and keep the house clean. The silence is nice, I suppose. Peaceful.
I can’t say it’s not a relief when he finally has a day off.
I wake late, the sun shining in my eyes. Owen’s side of the bed is empty, but I can hear the gentle clinking of tools being taken out of – and replaced in – the toolbox, and know he’s outside.
I put on one of his discarded button-down shirts, burying my face in the sleeve. His familiar scent calms me.
Come on, Becca, nothing is going to jump out the bushes and eat you, I tell myself as I go outside.
As I thought, Owen is sprawled on the grass, shirt covered in axle grease and oil. There’s a streak of it on his nose, where he’s rubbed his face.
“Hey,” I say.
He replaces his tools in the box and sits up. I plop myself down beside him.
“You okay?” he asks, concern in his voice.
“Yeah,” I say.
But I’m not, and neither is he.
“Let’s go inside, hey?”
I nod, then squeal as he picks me up and carries me inside.
“Shower?” I suggest.
“Do I smell?” he asks, looking mock-offended.
“Like gasoline,” I wrinkle my nose as he carries me into the tiny bathroom.
I strip off my shirt and turn on the water; the lukewarm heat calming me.
Owen strips off his t-shirt and pants before he joins me. The cubicle isn’t very big, so we’re sort of squished together, which I really don’t mind.
Even now, months into our relationship, I still marvel over his body. Working outside every day, and his time in the Navy, has left him strong and muscled.
I find my hands wandering up his chest, tracing each scar.
He’s told me the stories behind each one.
My fingers run across his broad shoulders, settle behind his neck, stroking his hair as the water washes over us.
“What do you want to do today?” he asks me.
“Absolutely nothing, except stay in bed with you.” I reply.
“Mm. Sounds nice,” he kisses my cheek.
I make a sad little disappointed noise and he smirks, kissing my nose, forehead, and neck, deliberately avoiding my lips. Frustrated, I stand on my toes and practically drag his face to mine. He smiles into the kiss, his tongue sweeping my mouth.
“The shower really isn’t big enough for this sort of thing,” I giggle when we break apart.
“Best meet me in the bedroom then,” Owen says with a smirk.
He smacks me on the butt as I jump out of the shower.
I dry off quickly; I get halfway down the little hallway before Owen catches up, his hair still damp. He effortlessly picks me up and tosses me over his shoulder, carrying me into the bedroom.
He dumps me face-up onto the bed, giving me a very nice view.
“Hey.” He clicks his fingers, “eyes on me.”
They are on you. Just not your eyes, I think, but my eyes obediently flick back to his anyway.
“Good girl,” he crawls onto the bed beside me.
When he pulls me in for a kiss, my fingers twine in his wavy hair. I love being this sort of intimate; the moments before (or after) sex, when we’re just lying here, kissing and touching.
One of my hands leaves his hair and travels down to his chest, tracing little circles on each muscle.
One of his hands cups my ass; he squeezes gently and I giggle.
“Owen…” I say.
“Mm?” He kisses up my neck to my lips; all coherent thought vanishes.
The hand on my butt moves round to my front. He teases me for just a moment, and then slips a thick finger into me.
When he makes a little beckoning motion inside me, I cry out. He doesn’t stop, repeating the motion over and over, adding a second finger, until I’m a whimpering mess.
The smirk on his face is arrogant, but quickly turns into an expression of lust when my hand slips down and I begin to stroke him. Gently at first, then a little harder.
A faint groan tears from his lips and I smile.
The kiss he rewards me with is dominant, bruising, and passionate. I practically melt in his arms as we go from being side-by-side to him hovering over me, one arm propping him up.
“Owen…” I breathe.
“Mm?” his lips ghost over my throat.
“I need you,” I whisper in his ear, “right now…”
He smirks against my collarbone.
“Is that so?” he teases my opening with the tip of his hardness.
“Owen, please!” I whimper breathily.
“Alright, alright, baby,” he slides a little way inside me.
“Damn you!” I say, wrapping my legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside me.
A low groan escapes from his lips.
His hands roam my body, link onto my wrists, pinning my arms to the mattress.
The room grows quiet, except the sounds of skin on skin and our moans and growls of satisfaction.
“Eyes on me,” he murmurs as he thrusts into me, slowly, gently, then suddenly his pace changes unexpectedly.
He pounds into me, harder and deeper with each thrust.
“Owen!” I cry out, “Oh god!”
I rake my nails up his back as he hits the sweet spot inside me over and over.
“Mm… that’s it baby… just like that… you like that?” he’s murmuring in my ear, driving me wild, sending me over the edge.
My climax hits me fast, washing over me, threatening to drown me in waves. All I can do is moan and cry out his name.
“Come on,” I whisper to him when I can breathe again, “cum for me…”
One of his hands releases one of mine; he smacks my ass.
“Who’s in charge here?” he asks, voice low and demanding.
“You are, Owen,” I breathe – he’s going to make me cum again.
“Who am I, baby?” he growls in my ear, the hand that’s still on my wrist moving to hold my smaller hand, his pace becoming rougher, more erratic.
When I don’t answer straight away he repeats his question, punctuating each word with a slap to my ass.
“You’re my alpha, Owen, oh fuck!” I moan as a second climax overtakes me.
“Fuck,” he murmurs softly, “I love it when you call me that.”
Somewhere during my internal supernova, Owen joins me in climax, grunting and moaning as he cums inside me.
He rolls off me, pulling me into his arms.
“God, I needed that,” he murmurs, stroking my hair.
I lay there quietly, my head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.
“Do you think everything will be okay now?” I ask.
“I hope so,” he replies, “so long as nobody cooks up another hybrid monster.”
It grows quiet again for a moment. I mentally kick myself – talking about the I-Rex only draws it back to the missing raptors.
“Delta will be okay,” I say softly.
“The vets don’t know that for sure. I should never have let Hoskins put them in the field.”
“It wasn’t your fault,” I say soothingly, “he would have done it anyway. And hey… she’s tough. She’s made it this long… she’ll be back on her feet in no time.”
“Yeah…” he sighs heavily.
I snuggle into him, instantly knowing what will cheer him up.
“Wanna go visit Blue?” I ask.
“You sure you want to go?” he asks in return, looking down at me.
“Yeah.” I say, “I know it’s safe out there now… besides… you’re with me.”
He smiles. “God, I love you. You’re so brave…”
I sit up and stare at him. “Me? Brave? Yeah right. You… you are brave.”
He sits up too and kisses me.
“Come on.” He smiles, “let’s go see Blue.”
I stretch and watch him get up and dress.
When I’m done being a perve, I dig out a bra and pair of panties, pull on a pair of shorts and a vest top, then put on the same button down shirt I was wearing earlier.
“Ready?” Owen asks from his bike when I meet him out the front of the house.
“Sure,” I smile, climbing onto his bike behind him.
I hold him tight as he kicks the motorcycle to life. As we speed through the jungle towards the raptor enclosure, I allow myself a smile.
We’re starting to be okay again. Once Delta is back, maybe then we can go back to a semi-normal life.
In the meantime… all I can do is hold on.

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