Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


216. Owen Grady 39

~You’ve been working at the park for four months now and so you were excited to get transferred to work with a carnivore. However, you didn’t realize how many men worked at the raptor paddock. You knew a few of them: Barry, Owen, a couple of interns; but you quickly found out that all the men in the paddock think with their dick and not their brain. You had been winked at, catcalled, and flirted with. All day, you’ve been called “Baby”, “Sweetheart”, “Beautiful”, and “Kitten”.
However, it’s easier to play along than to fight it; at least then you have something to do. So you’ve been casually flirting back all day. The only person today that doesn’t seem to be in a good mood is Owen. All afternoon he has had a mad pouty look on his face, and has more often than not had his arms crossed. You can’t imagine what’s bothering him as he loves to flirt. He’s the one person that you would actually enjoy flirting with as his innuendos usually leave you laughing so hard your stomach hurts.
You decide to approach him up on the catwalk, thinking that maybe you can brighten his day. “Hey there Gravy,” you say teasing with your nickname for him. “You wanna join the fun? I think the guys are taking bets of who’s actually gonna take me home.” You bump his shoulder with yours laughing lightly. “If you put money on it, I’ll go home with you and we can split the cash.”
You’re almost offended when he doesn’t smile at this, but simply grunts at you. “Owen, what‘s going on? You look like you want to strangle someone.” Your eyebrows crease in concern and you place your hand on his arm. “You know you can tell me anything.”
You’ve never seen Owen like this before and it’s starting to worry you.
“Just don’t think it’s funny.” He says, roughly.
You don’t really understand so you ask, “What’s not funny?”
“You encouraging them like this. They just want to get you in bed, do you realize that?” His sudden anger confuses you and you place your hands on his shoulders, looking into his eyes.
“Whoa there, big boy. It’s just harmless flirting; you think I’d actually go for any of those guys?” You try to joke but it doesn’t change anything. “What’s really going on Owen? Why does this bother you so much?” you take a breath, giving him a chance to speak, but continue when he doesn’t, “I’ll stop. It’s obviously bothering you, so it’s over. Okay?” He still won’t look at you so you move a hand to his cheek, and he looks down to your eyes.
“Did you ever think that maybe I don’t like seeing you flirt with them?” He looks conflicted, like he doesn’t want to be saying this and then it hits you. You understand why he always likes flirting with you, and why seeing you flirt with other guys upsets him.
“Owen, are you-” You stop for a second, not sure what you want to ask. “Do you want, I mean.” You take another pause as he stares at you. His eyes look like they’re begging you, but you don’t know exactly what he wants. You see that confliction flash in his eyes once again before he wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you closely to him. You hear catcalls and whistling but all you can feel is his lips crushed to yours. You sigh into him and kiss him back. When he pulls away, you hear clapping all around and realize that the guys are cheering for you.
“Well, it’s about damn time!” Barry shouts from below.
You laugh and bring a hand to your face, slightly embarrassed. One of the guys comes up behind Owen and slaps him on the shoulder. “Well, I guess she’s off limits now.” You both laugh at this and Owen just looks down at you smiling, “Damn straight.”

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