Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


215. Owen Grady 38

~You stare at your bookshelf, sighing. You’ve read every single one of your books and you really need some new ones. However, there isn’t exactly a library on the island and you don’t have any friends to borrow from. You grab Pride and Prejudice off the shelf, along with your picnic blanket and leave your trailer.
When you get to the paddock, you open the safety gate, walking in and laying out your blanket.
“Okay, ladies. You’ve exhausted my resources, so were going to have to have a re-read.” The girls rush over to meet you at the gate as Barry walks up.
“I’m gonna head out for the night. Owen’s covering for me; he’ll be here in a few minutes.” He smiles as the girls form a small dogpile next to you. “Will you be good till then?” You forgot that he had a date tonight.
“Yeah, of course.” You smile at him and wish him a good night.
Opening your book, you lean against the wall and begin.
“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man, in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” As you begin to read, you hear soft footsteps behind you, but ignore them. The girls look up at his approach, but their eyes quickly settle back on you. You continue to read until their eyes begin to droop and you see their breathing slow.
You look up to see Owen leaning against the wall. “Come here often?” he asks, smirking.
“Every night,” you smile back. Owen is quite a flirt, but it never really bothers you; it’s pretty cute.
“When Barry said you would be on the night shift, I thought he meant like supervising, not reading bedtime stories.” He jokes with you but it annoys you a little, his teasing tone.
“Well, yeah. They won’t go to sleep if I don’t.” You shrug your shoulders as you push yourself up off the ground. “I used to only do it a few times a week, but then they would start whining at night, refusing to go to sleep unless I read to them.”
He laughs at this, “I guess they like your voice.”
You correct him, smirking. “Or they just like my taste in literature.” He nods his head, still smiling, but then you frown for a second, “I’ve read all my books though. I need to go get some new ones.”
He looks surprised down at you, “Well, I mean it’s not like they can tell the difference.”
You stare at him blankly and , honestly, resist the urge to slap him.
“How can you say that?” you try to keep your voice quiet, but can’t help the slight annoyance that rises up in you. “They’re not just animals, you know. They’re smart! Brilliant even!” you feel your face getting red; “They’re infinitely smarter than us, that’s for sure!”
He stays quiet during your rant but when you’re finished, he places his hands on your shoulders. “Hey, I’m sorry. You’re right.” He nods, “I didn’t mean to get you worked up.”
You look into his green eyes, and feel a calm come over you. There’s something about his hands on your skin and his eyes looking deeply into yours. You realize you haven’t said anything; you’ve just been staring up at him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He leans closer so that your faces are inches apart and you can feel his breath on your face.
“Owen.” You whisper, closing your eyes. His hand moves to your cheek and he pulls your face to his, closing the small distance.
The taste of his lips reminds you of the forest: fresh-cut redwood trees and dirt. His hand moves to your hair as he deepens the kiss, gently pushing you up against the wall.
As much as you thoroughly enjoy kissing him, you hear a whining noise and break apart suddenly. It takes a moment for you to look away from his eyes. You let out a soft chuckle when you realize that you’re both breathing heavily as if you just finished running a race.
You finally pull your eyes from his and look down at the source of the intrusion and you see Blue staring up at the two of you. She opens her mouth to whine once more and you laugh, nodding your head.
“Okay, fine.” You say, “One more chapter and then you’re back to bed.”
Owen laughs beside you, sliding his hands into his pocket. “I should leave you guys alone,” he says looking towards Blue. “She won’t be able to concentrate with me around. “
You shake your head, smiling. “I’m sure you won’t be a distraction to her.”
But then he looks at you with that smug smile and says, “I was actually talking to Blue.” He winks and walks out of the cage. Your heart twinges at the thought of him walking away after what you just went through. You think about going after him, but he peeks his head back around the corner and says, “When you’ve got her back to sleep, perhaps you can come join me.” He smirks at you once more and finishes, “Maybe then we can finish what we started.”
Your face goes tomato red and you look down at Blue, listening to his footsteps fade away. Touching your fingertips to your lips, you let out a soft breath. You don’t exactly know where this is going to go, but you do know one thing: Owen is one hell of a kisser.

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