Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


214. Owen Grady 37

~When Claire proposed the night shows, you couldn’t contain your excitement. The crowds weren’t as large as during the day, but it gave you an excuse to have extra time with the Mosasaurus after hours. She was semi-scary if you were being honest, but you weren’t afraid to be her handler. She’s even come to the surface before, seemingly looking to be pet; however, you have been given specific rules to never put yourself in any danger including having direct contact with her. You just watch from the side of the tank as she roams around in the water alone.
You’re almost finished cleaning up for the night when you hear someone approaching you. This doesn’t startle you as you’re not the only person who stays behind. However, the startling part is that the person is Owen Grady. He leans against the wall as you turn to look in his direction.
“Tonight’s show was really great.” He smiles at you flirtingly but you just laugh.
“It’s the same as every other night.” You close the cabinet filled with now-clean treat buckets and smile at him. “And you should know that. You’ve seen every show since I started them.”
He doesn’t try to deny this. “Yeah, well I never got a chance to see you during the day shows. I like watching you work.” He smirks up at you and you begin to laugh harder at his attempt of being smooth.
“Owen, you’re just too much you know that?” You have to admit that he makes you smile at least, even if you don’t want to jump his bones. You want a boyfriend, not a fling. However, you think to yourself, if he suddenly decides he’s ready for a real relationship then you’d definitely be willing to give it a try.
“People keep telling me that,” he wags his eyebrows at you, “But I don’t know what they’re talking about. Too much sexy? Too much handsome? I really need some clarification.” He really is pretentious, but he somehow pulls it off. He walks over towards you and puts his hands on either side of the cabinet behind you, trying to pin you in.
“Maybe you could clarify for me.” He leans down towards you but you see it coming and duck under his arm. Another fit of laughter overtakes you as you back towards the tank just beside him but you slip on the wet concrete. He sees it happening and reaches out for you. He succeeds in grabbing your arm, but doesn’t succeed in keeping you from falling into the tank; really, he just dooms himself to be pulled in by you.
By the time you break the surface, Owen is already by your side ushering you to the side of the tank. However, the ladder out is about 30 yards away from you. He seems frantic as he tells you to swim quickly and you start laughing. You know you shouldn’t; there’s a very good chance that the Mosasaurus could eat you, but you seriously doubt it. You try to humor him and head towards the ;adder, but you see something in the water in front of you. It’s too late to avoid her, so you just stop and begin to wade. Owen says something but you don’t hear him. You’re finally getting the chance to get up close and personal with her. She stops mere yards in front of you and lifts her head to the surface. Owen holds his breath and grabs your arm when you attempt to swim towards her but you turn to look at him.
“Owen, she won’t hurt me.“ You look right into his eyes and try to convince him. “She’s my raptor, Owen.”
“No.” he sounds serious. “This is very different. No one has ever been this close to her.” He looks at you with worry in his eyes but you aren’t going to let him stop you.
“Exactly.” You can’t help the emotion that floods your voice. “I need to do this, Owen.”
He looks at you for a moment more before letting go of your arm. “Be careful,” He warns.
You wade towards her, arm stretched out and hear Owen close behind you. You finally get close enough to touch her and she lets out a breath, blowing air and water in your face. You laugh softly and finally pet her. After a few moments, she lets out a low moan and you start laughing again.
“Oh my god, Owen. Look, she likes it!” He comes up beside you and place his own hand next to yours, smiling.
“Well, would you look at that?” He sounds amazed and you can’t help smiling back at him. “Guess one good thing came out of me trying to kiss you.” He teases you, smirking.
You can’t help thinking how charming he is right now in the water with you, as you do the one thing you’ve been dying to do since you started working here. You almost can’t help yourself as you lean forward and press a soft kiss to his lips. “Two good things,” You correct him.
After getting back to the ladder and standing on firm ground again, you go find your phone to call Claire. After giving her a brief overview of what happened, excluding the more intimate details, you tell her you want to start working directly with the Mosasaurus. Of course, being Claire, she jumps on the idea immediately, raving about how many more people will start attending the night shows. You smile to Owen and give him a thumbs-up and he smiles back at you. When you hang up with Claire, Owen puts his hands around your waist and pulls you close to him.
“So, how about you let me take you out tomorrow night before your show?” His smile is infectious, but you’re surprised at his question.
“Wait, like on a date?” You can’t help blurting out, “You don’t just want to hook up?”
Owen breaks out laughing at this, “Down girl.” He smirks down at you, pulling you impossibly closer. “I don’t want to just hook up with you,” he leans down, his lips inches away from yours. “I want much more than that.”

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