Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


213. Owen Grady 36

~Owen’s eyes remained on you as you wrapped Zach’s wound. There were more important things going on at the moment than his petty jealousy. It was a kid for god’s sake. Granted, the boy was blushing and had been staring at you the whole time, but that was no reason for Owen to react the way he was. He begins to talk to Claire, purposely placing his hand on her arm and you just laugh out loud. After you call claire over to be with Zach, you walk up to him.
“Someone a little jealous?” you ask.
“What, over a kid? yeah right,” he crosses his arms though and pouts.
You press up onto your tip-toes and place a soft kiss on his lips, loosening his tight expression. “I only have eyes for you.”
He pulls you in for another kiss, rougher and when he pulls back, he whispers in your ear. “Damn Straight” He leans into you again, placing kisses down your neck as Claire approaches.
“Uhm.” she says awkwardly, clearing her throat. “We need to get moving.” Owen groans and pulls away from you before turning to Claire and giving her a nod. He picks up his gun and looks at you, a wicked glint in his eye.
“When we get through this, because we will” he adds reassuringly, “You and I are going to finish where we left off.

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