Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


212. Owen Grady 35

~You were at home with Charlie when Lowery called you, telling you what had happened. The Indominous got loose and Owen was going after her. You held back your tears as you listened to him give you orders to get to the control room as soon as possible. You felt numb when you got off the phone and grabbed Charlie and ran to the car. Ignoring all your clothes and pictures and keepsakes, you threw your purse in the passenger seat and began to drive away, keeping Charlie safe being your number one priority. However, as you drive past the raptor paddock, you see one of the interns asleep against the outer wall. You look back at Charlie in her seat cooing at you and you slam your forehead against the wheel. You honk your horn, waking up the poor boy and he comes running towards the car as you roll the window down.
“Get in the car!” you shout at him but he seems confused.
“Mrs. Grady, I’m working right now.”
You practically growl at him before saying “One of the dinosaurs is loose. Get. In. The. Car.”
However, right about this time, you see the treetops ahead of you in the distance shaking and you know what’s happening. She’s in front of you. There’s no way you could drive past her, and all that’s behind you is the house, lake, and mountains. It’s a dead end. You look to your right into the paddock and see the girls at the edge of the fence and you know what you have to do. You turn the car off and jump out, pulling Charlie from her seat in the back. By this time, you can feel the ground shaking with her every step and you run to the safety cage. You close the door behind you when you see her step out from within the trees and let out a loud roar. Your heart stops for a moment.
She immediately goes to the SUV, crushing it and searching for someone to eat inside. The intern beside you is whimpering now chanting about not wanting to die, your panic and motherly instincts being the only thing keeping you from doing the same. The Indominous stands up, sniffing at the air and turns to you in the safety cage. You can hear the girls behind you hissing and growling, and this seems to attract the dinosaur even more. She comes running to the outside of the cage and slams her head against the door. You pull Charlie to your chest, keeping your back to the wild animal as the boy next to you screams. Once, twice, three times she slams her head into the cage before she breaks the bars.
You open your eyes and find yourself looking directly into blue’s face, her snout just inches from your nose. You will never say this to anyone for fear of being mocked, but in this moment, you can hear exactly what blue is saying to you. You throw your arm up to the controls, smashing your palm on the large red button that opens the paddock door. The girls begin to dance at the gate waiting for it to rise high enough. The Indominous in mere feet away from you now; her teeth terrify you, but you can’t move, not until you see Blue rush past you and lunge at her face. The Indominous pulls back as the raptors begin to attack her and then you see the weirdest thing happen. They all stop moving, and begin to roar and chirp at each other. You could almost swear they’re talking to each other. Blue turns and looks at you, before turning back to the dinosaur in front of her and makes a loud sound, one you’ve never heard her make before. It was almost a screech, but not quite.
You watch in amazement as the Dinosaur turns to look at you before turning around sharply and running in the opposite direction. Charlie, Delta, and Echo give you a glance before running into the trees after her. You begin crying as she disappears from your view and drop to the floor, Charlie still tight to your chest, now wailing. Blue comes up to you, completely ignoring the crying boy beside you, and nuzzles her snout against your head. She sniffs Charlie’s head and lets out a low moaning sound before you hear the Indominous let out another loud roar from within the trees. At this, Blue straightens up and gives you one last long look, before following her sisters into the woods.
You sit there, almost paralyzed, before you hear the car pulling up outside the paddock. You look up to see Owen getting out and running to your own crushed SUV, but you call to him before he can get any ideas.
“Owen!” You shout at him hoarsely, before throwing one hand in the air. Tears continue to roll down your face as he and Claire run over to you, stepping through the destroyed cage. He hugs you tight, squishing Charlie between you two and kisses you both on the head.
“I thought- ” He starts, but stops himself short, not wanting to even think about it.
“Owen,” you whisper, cheeks still soaked in tears. “They went with her.”
“What?” He asks, only now seeming to notice the Paddock door open. He looks back down at you waiting for an explanation.
“They saved us.” You answer, before looking down at Charlie, fresh tears in your eyes. “They saved us and then went with her.” Your eyes return to his and you see your own fear reflected in his as you whisper to him, “She’s part raptor.”

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