Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


211. Owen Grady 34

~When the opportunity arose, your mom almost pushed you out the door. She had been by your side through all of it, the therapy, and the days when you couldn’t get out of bed, watching you slowly lose interest in everything. You knew you were lucky to have a mom who actually cared, let alone knew what you were going through, but that never really seemed to make a difference. It’s not that you don’t love your family; you do. Things have just changed and that house just had too many triggers for you to ever feel like you belonged there. It stopped being home a long time ago.
The thought of being around dinosaurs secretly thrilled you. You would be on a private island, working with the gentle giants, getting free housing. Plus, since no one there knew you, you thought it was a chance to get away from everything holding you back. You thought it could be your new start. You thought things could change, and, for the first time in a long time, you started to hope.
However, you were quickly informed upon arrival that the resort was for guests only. You would be sleeping in an employee trailer situated near your working station and would be assigned a roommate. You found out that it wasn’t like college, and they didn’t really care if males were placed with females so, of course with your luck, you got Trevor. He seemed nice enough, but living with him was not something you looked forward to.
When they took the van to drop people off at their respective working stations for the first time, you ended up outside of a rather small paddock. It had catwalks crisscrossing over top of it and you wondered what beautiful creature was awaiting you inside. You walked the small distance to the trailer and dropped off your bags and went out to investigate, while Trevor decided he needed a nap. You watched from the floor as the trainer called out commands to whatever was inside and he seemed pleased as he came down the catwalk. You cheerily introduced yourself to the handsome rugged looking man.
“Hi there, I’m Y/n, the new intern. I’m really excited to be here!” you realize you sound ridiculous and try to tone it down a little.
“Well I’m Owen,” he says, “and that’s Barry. I can introduce you to the girls if you’d like?” he raises an eyebrow and your eyes focus on his lips for a second too long. “Is that a no?” he laughs as if he’s used to girls gawking at him.
“Oh, no! I mean yes!” You close your eyes and take a deep breath to try and calm yourself down. “Yes, please. I would like to meet them.” You smile softly as he leads you around to the front. “Sorry, I’m just a little nervous. First day and all.”
He nods his head and shrugs his shoulders. “Don’t worry, the raptors aren’t as scary as they seem.”
You stop walking and it takes him a few steps before he notices. “Something wrong?” he asks.
“Um, the recruiters told me we’d be working with,” you hold your fingers up in air quotes “Gentle Giants.” The air quote thing seems lame, though, and you drop your hands to your side trying to ignore the fact that they’re beginning to shake.
“Well, they’re not always gentle, and they’re definitely not giants. But you’re not going to get hurt if that’s what you’re worried about.” He walks closer to you and reaches up to place his hand on your shoulder, but you flinch a little too hard at the sudden movement and he pulls it away. You try to breathe deeply as you clench your fists trying to swallow down the anxiety you can feel building up in your stomach. “As long as you’re with me, nothing gonna happen to you alright?” he seems sincere so you shake your head. A new start, you remind yourself. You can be anyone; you can be the girl who wasn’t afraid of raptors. You take a deep breath and straighten up.
“Right. I’m ready to meet the girls!” you plaster a smile on your face, trying to act brave. It seems to convince him, as you knew it would. It’s something you’ve had a lot of practice with. He walks you to what he calls the “safety cage.” It’s a room, between you and the actual pen, with steel bars surrounding it and a door on either side. The raptors seem to feel Owen’s presence and move close to the gate on the other side of the small room. He points them out and names all four. They’re big, and kinda intimidating, but they aren’t chomping at you like you saw in the movies. The one in the middle, Blue he’d told you, tilts its head, as if trying to figure out if she likes you or not. The bubble of anxiety in your stomach seemed to shrink as you watch them. You realize you haven’t said anything yet. He turns to you and fishes for a reaction. “So?” he asked, raising his eyebrow again and you decided to ignore the fact that even this man’s eyebrows look sexy.
You say the first thing that comes to mind, “They’re not monsters.” However, it sounds more like you’re telling it to yourself rather than him. “They’re just… animals. Wild animals, granted, but still animals.”
This seems to surprise him, “Well, yeah. That’s what I try to tell people, but they mostly can’t get past the teeth and claws.”
You ask him about the daily routines and find out that you will be cleaning and filling treat buckets. Well, we all have to start somewhere.
When you get back to the trailer, you decide to unpack your things. Trevor left a note about going to some party but you honestly don’t care. You set up the few pictures you brought on the small nightstand by your bed. In the front, was your favorite picture of you and your dad. He had taken you to your very first baseball game and you were sitting on his shoulders cheering when your mom snapped the photo. You thought about not bringing it, but you knew you should.
“Your father is in most every memory you have as a child. If you poison those memories with hate for him leaving, you will be ruining every memory you have. Don’t let him do that to you. Remember the good times, and learn from the bad.” That’s what your therapist had told you. It was hard but you tried every day to remember another happy memory with him. It broke your heart when he left, but it was a good thing, really. You watched your mom be abused for too long. He’d never laid a finger on you, but growing up with that influence made you think it was normal. So when your first boyfriend started hitting you, it took a while for you to tell someone.
You call your mom to leave let her know you arrived safe, but you leave her a message when she doesn’t answer. You miss her already, but you always did better on your own. At least when you’re alone, you don’t have to pretend to be anything. If you’re anxious, you can cry and scream and shake, if you’re depressed, you can lay in bed and not have to wear a smile for anyone. Yes, being alone has always been best; however, as Trevor stumbles in the door with a beer in one hand and a girl’s hand in the other, you remember that you aren’t really alone. They see you there but act as if they don’t. You really don’t want to wait around and see where their heavy petting will end up so you step out to go get food.
Just my luck you think sarcastically as you enter the small café and Owen Grady, the raptor trainer, sees you. He calls you over to sit by him and you accept, mainly because you want so badly to give him a good impression of you. Around him, at least, you can act normal. He starts talking to you about something the raptors did today after you left, but another guy comes over to the table, slapping him on the back, before he notices you.
“Oh, hey there. I’m Lowery.” He says, taking the seat opposite you and then takes a bite of his burger. “Who are you?”
“Oh, I’m Y/n, just a new intern.” Your face turns bright red as you introduce yourself. It was one thing to sit with Owen, but another thing completely to be a third wheel. You can feel your heart start to beat faster and you bite at the inside of your cheek. It’s one of your many nervous habits. You try to keep your eyes on your food, as to not invade on their conversation, but Lowery keeps asking you questions about your life and where you’re from and what experience you have with dinosaurs. He laughs when Owen tells him that you didn’t know you’d be assigned to the raptors. You actually smile as he begins to tell you funny things he’s caught people doing on the cameras and the Barry walks over to the table, joining you. It becomes almost a competition of who has the best story and, while you don’t really have much to say on the subject, they make sure to include you in it all, asking your opinion and laughing when you say you’re not going to pick sides.
When you get back to your bed for the night, you thankfully find Trevor asleep (and alone). You open you drawer and pull out the small orange bottle, taking a swig from your water bottle and swallowing your pill. As you lay in bed, drifting to sleep, you realize that tonight was the first time in months that you had just hung out with someone (let alone a whole group of friends) and really enjoyed yourself. It just seemed natural, talking with them. They were all so kind, too, so they made it easy to like them. You’re on the edge of sleep when you think that maybe this really will be your chance for things to change.
The next morning, you wake up and roll over. You beg your brain to stop, willing yourself to get out of bed, but you feel as if you physically can’t. You dreamt about your dad leaving again and you curl yourself up tightly as the sobs begin. After a while of lying there, you notice the clock and you’re going to be late. While the thought of missing your first day of work terrifies you and makes your anxiety skyrocket, the thought of getting out of bed seems just as impossible. You lay for a few more minutes, trying to give yourself a reason to go. Then you think about him; you think about Owen. You’ll get to work beside him today, even if it’s just a minor position. You think about how comfortable you felt with him and that convinces you.
You try your best not to follow Owen around like a lost puppy, but the thought of walking up to one of the other people there and starting a conversation terrifies you. You volunteer for every job Owen has, just to keep your hands busy. As long as you stay busy, you won’t be able focus on any of the bad things.
This strategy actually works for a while. By the time lunch comes around, you realize that you’re actually having one of your good days. They’d been so rare for a while that you can’t help the smile that adorns your face for the rest of the day. After you finish the sandwich you brought for lunch, you get back to work, but seconds later you hear Trevor shout “PIG LOOSE!”
You see him run in your direction and drop the sling over the edge of the railing to grab the pig, but he doesn’t see what’s about to happen. Your eyes lock on the raptor that’s mere feet away from the pig, and you grab onto Trevor’s arm and snatch the safety strap from the pole off of him. You pull the pole away from him so that he doesn’t get pulled over the edge, and the raptor tears it from your hands, devouring the pig. You wince as you feel the bolt slice across your arm and the wound begins to bleed.
Owen runs up to yell at Trevor for being so stupid.
“If she hadn’t gotten that pole off of your wrist, you could be dead right now. Do you realize that?” Owen looks at you and sees your hand clenching your arm and his eyebrows draw together in concern. “What happened?” he asks.
You lift your hand to show the small cut through your shirt that is now turning red from the blood. “It’s fine, just a scratch from the pole.” You say trying to sound nonchalant. He turns back to Trevor and warns him to be careful and then ushers you down the stairs.
“Here, come to the truck, I’ve got bandages.” He says, authoritatively and you follow him. “Sit.” He says to you, nodding to the tailgate and you begin to panic.
“No, Owen, it’s fine. I can do it myself. Just give me the bandages, really.” You say, unable to hide the terror in your voice. He shakes his head and laughs, placing his hands on your waist. You flinch again at his touch, but this time he continues and lifts you up onto the back of the truck like you don’t weigh a thing.
“Arm,” he says, plainly. But you hold it to your chest. You know you’re just getting blood everywhere but you’re not ready to face this. You finally found someone you were comfortable around, and you don’t want that to change.
When you don’t respond, however, he grabs your wrist and straightens out your arm out, as he begins to roll up your sleeve. You hold your breath, not able to breathe if you wanted to, as he wipes away the blood. He pauses for a second when he sees the light scars that litter your arm, but then he just goes on patching you up. You let out the breath you were holding, confused, and try to decide what to say. Finally, he finishes up and smiles up at you. “All better,” He says, but this causes you to frown.
You look down as to not see the disappointment in his eyes.
“They’re from a different lifetime.” You say studying your shoes intensely. “I just mean, they’re not… current. I’m getting help.” He doesn’t say anything for a few seconds so you chance a look up at him and he’s still smiling, softer now. He pulls your wrist to his face and presses a soft kiss to it.
“We all fight our own battles; and they always leave a few battle scars,” he says, his eyes looking deep into yours. “Don’t be ashamed. They’re just proof you made it through Hell.”
Your mouth drops open at this, but he just takes your hand, helping you off the tailgate.
“But,” he starts, “your secret’s safe with me.” He leans in close and kisses you on the cheek before reaching up with his other hand to your face and pulls you to him for a real kiss. It’s soft and sweet and ends much too quickly.He pulls back and smiles again, his breathtaking smile, and nods towards the paddock as he puts away the kit. “Head on over and get the treat bucket filled. We should be starting soon.”
Things have gotten better. You wake up in bed next to Owen some mornings and you feel like the bad days are so far behind you. But there’s still the occasional day when he has to hold you for hours. He never says things like, “It’s going to be okay.” Rather, he reassures you about the things that he can be sure of. “I’m here. I love you.”
When you had your first fight last week, he raised his voice at you and you flinched, but when he took a step towards you, it triggered the memories of your dad. With your parents, these things always ended up with mom on the floor. With your boyfriend, you always ended up struggling to cover up a black eye. But Owen sees the fear in your eyes as he steps towards you, and his whole attitude changes. The tears begin to roll down your cheeks as he slowly walks towards you, arms up, reassuring words on his lips. He pulls you in for a tight hug and makes you whispered promises. And for the first time in forever, you realize you can actually trust someone with your heart. It doesn’t magically fix everything, but it helps. It definitely helps.
You were always good at being alone, because you felt you didn’t have to pretend. But you’re even better at being with other people, with your friends, because with them you still don’t have to pretend, but you don’t have to be alone either.
Things aren’t perfect… but they’re better.

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