Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


210. Owen Grady 33

~He set up a picnic in the safety cage for the two of you. It was one of the sweetest thing’s he’s ever done. He was even wearing your favorite leather jacket that you thought made him look so very sexy. He’d told you to wear a dress, so you thought you’d be going to a restaurant, but honestly, this was so much better. There were candles on the blanket and set up around the cage on the safety boxes and control panels. You couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped you when you saw the girls lying on the floor against the cage, all tumbled on top of each other. He took your hand and helped you sit down on the blanketed floor, around the plates of some pasta that smelled delicious.
“Do you like it?” He asks, almost sounding nervous.
“Of course I do, Owen! It’s perfect,” you run your hand up his arm as he sits down and pull him in for a kiss. “I love it.” You say as you pull back to smile at him. He pulls a couple of beers out of a cooler beside him (some things don’t change, but you’re not complaining). You take a sip and begin to eat, remarking on how good it tastes.
“Did you make this?” you ask after your first bite, embarrassed by the shock in your voice.
“Yeah,” he smiles proudly, it was Anna’s recipe but I put it all together. It is pretty good isn’t it,” he responds taking another bite. After you both finish, you lean into him pulling him in for another kiss, slightly tipsy this time. After a few minutes of this, you try to reposition yourself to climb into his lap, but this causes him to laugh.
“Down, girl,” He practically purrs at you, and you wonder if he knows he has the opposite effect than the one he seems to be going for.
You try not to sound like you’re whining when you ask, “But why? It’s not like they haven’t seen us do it before.” You look towards the girls, whose eyes are glued to the two of you before turning back with a laugh.
He laughs with you, shaking his head and says, “I just have one more surprise tonight.” He smirks at you and continues, “But after that, by all means, feel free to continue with this.”
You sit back, hands in your lap, pretending to be patient and let out a fake heavy sigh, “Fine. What is it then? Make it quick,” you give him a wink.
You watch as he pushes himself up onto his knee and he leans down to kiss you. “I love you so much, Y/n.” He smiles at you as he goes on. “I’ve never met anyone else like you, anyone that could make me feel like you do, or that could make me a better person just by being in my life.” You keep a smile plastered on your face, but are shocked by his declaration. You could almost swear you see a hint of moisture in his eyes, but he continues, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a small box and you stop breathing. You know what it means, but your brain stops comprehending words and you just stare at it before his voice pulls your eyes back to him.
“Y/n, will you marry me?” Your eyes are already filled with tears when you throw your hands to cover your mouth. You’re full-on crying before you can stop yourself and let out a weak, “Oh, God, Yes.”
He smiles so wide at this that you feel like your heart is going to explode. But, in traditional Owen fashion, he makes it difficult.
“What was that?” he asks, smirking.
You shake your head laughing through the sobs and can’t get the words out. You take a deep breath before looking at the raptors beside you, who have now stood up at your distress. You finally get out a few words, “What do you think ladies?” you ask your girls beside you.
They all make the same screeching noise, throwing their heads in the air and you turn back to Owen, throwing your arms around his neck, hugging him tight. “Looks like it’s unanimous.” You tease before pulling back. He wipes the tears from your face with him thumb as he pulls you in for a deep kiss.
When you finally come up for a breath, you actually look down and notice the ring for the first time. It’s a small silver band with one small square diamond in the middle, and two smaller ones on each side. You can’t help but think how perfect it as he pulls it from the box and smiles at you before slipping it on your finger. You stare at it in amazement for a few more seconds before pulling him into another kiss, this time more passionate. You lean back and look him in the eyes, “Oh, you are most definitely getting some tonight, Mister,” you say before recapturing his lips but he laughs and pulls back from you once more. You begin to ask him what he’s doing as he pulls out his phone and puts it to his ear.
“Hey Lowery, thanks for recording that,” he looks up into the security camera in the corner of the safety cage before continuing, “But do me one more favor and turn this camera off for a while, huh?” You don’t hear Lowery’s response but Owen hangs up and pulls you back to him roughly and you can’t help but think how much you really can’t wait to marry this man.

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