Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


209. Owen Grady 32

~You stand in front of the full length mirror looking at yourself. You don’t hate your body, really. You’re overweight, but so what? You exercise and it’s not like you eat badly; plus you love your curves. You give yourself as smile, telling yourself that regardless of what the losers at work say to you, you’re beautiful exactly the way you are.
You head towards the monitor room once you get to her paddock. You know she acts like a sweetheart to you, but she doesn’t seem to like everyone else as much, especially the jerks you work with. Last week she actually tried to break the glass when they were laughing at a joke one of them made about you.
She’s hidden away in the trees when you call out to her over the speaker, “Indi, where are you girl?” She doesn’t come out of hiding for her food or when you call and you begin to get worried.
“Why don’t you hang a piece of cake out there? That would work for you!” Andrew says and everyone begins to laugh. You ignore it calling her name again when she comes rushing at the guys behind the glass, letting out a loud roar. They jump in their seats, terrified, but you just look into her eyes silently thanking her. She’s always trying to protect you.
You go in the paddock before lunch to make sure she’s okay. The only time you see even the slightest respect in their eyes is when you walk into her cage. You’re not afraid of her, though. You often held her egg to keep her warm and sang to her. You were there for her birth, imprinting on her, and you raised her almost all on your own. She might be full grown now and able to kill you at will, but you know she could never hurt you.
After checking her out, and petting her head for longer than usual, you headed to lunch. You decide to go to Jimmy Buffet’s today, as they have a new Southwest Caesar salad that you’re in love with. However, you groan to yourself when you see Andrew and his friends walk in. They walk by your table to find a seat and see you sitting there with your salad.
“Finally working on that weight problem, huh?” Andrew asks sarcastically.
You clench your fist, looking down, refusing to let your eyes get watery. You try to think of something smart to say when you hear someone behind you.
“How about you, Andrew? Are you working on that bloody face problem?” Owen Grady, the raptor trainer comes and pulls out the chair next to yours, sitting down.
Andrew seems caught off guard and asks, “What bloody face problem?”
“The one you’re going to have if you don’t start showing Y/n some respect.”
You turn to him and give him a small smile. He’s always been so sweet to you, a real gentleman. He’s bought your lunch more than once and is always coming to your rescue.
“I mean really,” he begins, “She’s got quite some restraint. She has that Indominous wrapped around her finger. If I were her, I would have already let her eat you guys.” You can’t help your small laugh at the looks on their faces.
Owen lets out a heavy sigh, “I’m sick of telling you guys to stop being idiots. If you say one more thing to her that isn’t one hundred percent respectable, I will have you transferred—” he pauses for a second, “actually no, I’ll just have you fired.” Andrew just nods, still looking fearful, and walks away.
“Thanks,” you say smiling up at him, “You didn’t have to do that.”
“They’re just jack-asses. They pick on other people to make them feel less shitty about themselves. Besides,” he pauses again, “You’re beautiful.”
You almost snort at this, but refrain from it and just laugh. He looks at you with his eyebrows raised.
“You really are, you know. You’re beautiful and smart and, Hell even I wouldn’t step in there with Indi. Why do you think I haven’t had the nerve to ask you out?” He looks at you with a flirty look on his face and your eyes get a little wide.
There’s a small voice in your head that says he’s joking. It tells you that there’s no way that Owen Grady actually likes you. But there’s another, louder voice: the one that you’ve trained yourself to listen to more. That one says that he does like you because you’re amazing. You’re more than your weight; you’re all those things he said about you and more. This voice tells you to not be nervous or doubtful.
“Well, I only have to deal with one dinosaur, you have four. I think that’s much more impressive.” You smirk at him before taking a bite out of your salad.
“Well, let’s just say were both pretty awesome.” The one thing you’ve always liked about Owen is you always feel comfortable with him, even now when he’s just basically said that he likes you. “And, as such, we should probably go to dinner. Just us, you know, to celebrate our awesomeness.” At this, he winks at you and your heart flutters.
You smile at him and ask, “Owen, are you asking me out on a date?”
“I am most definitely asking you out on a date, Y/n.” He says smiling, “Are you accepting?”
He wiggles his eyebrows at you again, causing you to laugh. “Yes,” you say, looking away from him to hide the huge grin on your face. “I would love to go out with you.”

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