Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


208. Owen Grady 31

~There was just something about Echo. Even when she was with the pack, she seemed disconnected somehow. You never knew if this was intentional or not, but your heart always went out to her. One day, you were asked to lock them up in their restraints and while the others fought it, Echo just looked at you with her dark eyes. You’d swear they were looking into your soul. She made a soft noise when you pet her snout and started whispering things to her about how sweet and beautiful she was. Ever since then, you two have had a sort of bond.
You grew up in a household with five children, and you were the youngest, so you know what it’s like to not be able to keep up with your siblings. You found a friend in Echo, always sneaking her extra treats and calling her ‘pretty girl’ when you’d see her. You even spent some nights during thunderstorms out in the safety cage to soothe her; the thunder really scares her.
Now, you stand here, petting her through her restraints just like the very first time. You croon to her about how well she did today and how proud her daddy must be of her when you hear the man in question come up behind you.
“Her Daddy huh?” he asks, teasingly.
“Well, yeah. I mean for all intents and purposes that’s what you are to them.” You say with a shrug, “You might not see it like that but-“
“Hey, I didn’t say I’m not.” He says, putting his hands up in the air as if surrendering. “Just surprised you see it that way, too.”
This makes you smile. “Yeah, well, Echo here seems like she’s doing really well in her training. Progressing every day I’d say.”
“She is, yeah.” He says fondly, before reaching to pet her too. “She’s always been so…” he pauses searching for a word, “Shy, I guess. Just never really interacted much with the others. Or anyone else for that matter.” He says, raising his eyebrows at you.
“Well, I know what it’s like to be the runt of the litter.” You chuckle as you turn to look at her, “Us girls gotta stick together, isn’t that right Pretty Girl.” At this, she makes a soft sound, almost like a purr and Owen smiles at you.
“You put a lot of extra time into work here; I can really see that you care about them.” He gets a strange look on his face that you can’t exactly figure out. “You should let me take you out sometime. You know, to say thanks.” You now realize what it was. He was nervous. Owen being nervous about asking you out, that’s something you don’t see every day.
“Well thanks,” you say, deciding you won’t let him get away with it that easily, “But I love working here, and I love spending time with my girls” you emphasize this with a kiss on Echo’s snout. “No need to say thanks.”
He looks disappointed at first, but then you see the look of determination and that’s when you get a little excited.
“Well, then, maybe,” He says, putting his arm against the wall and leaning a little closer to you. “You should let me take you out because I just really want to go out with you.” He doesn’t seem nervous anymore, really having turned up the charm. You smile at his smirk and raise your eyebrows, turning to Echo again.
“I don’t know girl, what you think?” you ask, then fake a whisper “Should I give him a chance?” You give him a smile but then begin laughing as, to your surprise, Echo lets out another purring noise.
“Seems like you’re going to be taking me out, then Mr. Grady,” you say, winking at him. “Help me get her out of this thing and we can go.”
He begins to help with all the latches and you smile to yourself as you watch her run back to the tree line. She stops, just before disappearing and turns to you letting out a strange noise you’ve never heard before. Owen puts his hand on your lower back and says, “I think that means have fun.”
You turn to him once more, placing a hand on his chest and giving him a mischievous smile. “Oh, I intend to.”

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