Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


207. Owen Grady 30

~You show up to work late in one of Owen’s work shirts tied up in the back. You see him smirk at you from the catwalk as you head for the treat buckets, planning on washing them out before filling them up for the day. You spend a few minutes trying to think how to get back at him for hiding your shirts, swearing that if the sex wasn’t so great, you’d never put up with such a child.
As you undo the hose, you glare at Owen, watching him call out commands to the girls. A few of the guys come over to chat, and you try to keep up with the small talk while going about your work. After a few minutes of politely trying to drop the hint to the guys that you weren’t in the mood to talk, Owen comes over.
“Don’t you guys have a job to do?” He asks, crossing his arms and raising his eyebrows at them. They turn to go about their duties but the intern Craig stays by your side, helping you wash out the treat buckets. Owen, seeming pleased,goes to talk to Barry, but not before giving you a wink.
After washing the buckets, you tell Craig to rinse them down with the hose but, when walking back towards him, you slip on the wet concrete and land flat on your butt. Craig runs over to you and reaches out a hand to help you up. He puts a hand on your waist to steady you, but his hand hangs a little too low for comfort and you pull away from his grasp, thanking him for his help.
After filling the buckets with treats, he starts making conversations again and puts his hand on your waist again.
Owen sees you flinch away from his touch, clearly uncomfortable, and comes over.
“Hey Greg, let’s have a chat,” he says and nods over towards the safety cage.
“Um, it’s Craig,” he responds, but follows him anyway. You try to stay quiet to listen to what he has to say.
“Listen Greg. See these raptors here?” He asks motioning to the girls who have now come to the cage bars. “They’re extremely protective of y/n, just like I am, and I don’t think they like that you’ve been getting a little too friendly with her.”
You stifle a laugh, noticing that he hasn’t responded to Owen, and is probably very uncomfortable with the conversation.
“I’m only going to say this once.” He uses his intimidating alpha voice, the one that still makes you shiver. “If I see you touch y/n in any way that is not one hundred percent professional and respectable,” he leans close to him and lowers his voice, “I will not hesitate to throw you in that cage and show you just how protective my girls can be.”
You can’t help yourself as you peek around the corner and see the poor boy practically shaking in his work boots. He simply nods his head once and responds with, “Yes Sir.”
He swallows hard and Owen says, “You can go.”
Craig turns around and as soon as he turns the corner he sees you, his eyes growing wide. “I’m sorry,” he chokes out, still looking terrified, as he rushes away from you.
You walk up to Owen and kiss him on the cheek. “Thanks, I feel very protected now,” you say, winking at him. “Although, you might want to get him a transfer.” You continue, “It’s going to be hard to work with someone who’s terrified to talk to you.”
He laughs at this and hugs you tight and you hear Blue growl.
“Be careful now Mr. Grady, those raptors are very protective of me.”

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