Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


206. Owen Grady 29

~You hold up the khaki uniform pants in front of you and your only thought as you wipe the sweat from your forehead is HELL NO. It is 102 degrees on this god-foresaken island and you are not going to wear pants to work. Owen had already left before you woke up, leaving a note about getting in some early morning training with the girls, so you decide to make an executive decision. Cutoffs.
You pull out your favorite pair of daisy duke cut-offs and throw on a white bra. You grab one of Owen’s button downs and slide your arms through it. After rolling up the sleeves multiple times and tying the bottom in a knot, you’ve got a very cute mid-riff going. You smirk a little imagining Owen’s reaction, hoping he doesn’t send you home to change. You’re finally gonna pull the ‘bosses girlfriend’ card and try to get away with it.
You show up to the paddock and begin working like it’s any other day. Why should your outfit make any difference as long as you get your work done? Sure, you’re the only female worker and the guys seem to be a little distracted, but it’s not your job to keep it in their pants, it’s theirs. You think it’s funny that these guys who have worked beside you for over three months suddenly can’t leave you alone because you’re showing a little more skin than normal.
You continue doing your work when you hear Owen’s voice behind you.
“What the hell are you wearing?” He asked, sounding angry. You shrink a little at the tone in his voice as you turn around.
“It’s over a hundred degrees today, Owen,” you start, reciting the argument you prepared in your head, “I can’t just come out here in pants. Do you want me to get heat stroke?” you say, adding a little bit of sass at the end.
“You’re surrounded all day by men. Did you really think it would be a good idea to come out here dressed like that?” He waves his hand in your direction motioning to your outfit. He still seems annoyed, but his question confuses you.
“Wait, so you’re not mad that I’m wearing so little clothing, you’re just mad that the guys can see so much of my body?” You raise an eyebrow as you start to think this is more of a jealousy thing.
“No-well I mean yes that’s a part of it, but regardless of why, I want you to go home and change.” He sounds serious but you know you’re going to get away with it as you smirk up at him.
“Owen, are you jealous?” you smile a little, just to piss him off.
“What? No, I’m not jealous I just don’t want them looking at you like this. You’re- ” but he stops himself suddenly.
“I’m what, Owen? I’m yours?” you ask as you lean in closer to him, hands sliding under his shirt to trail your fingertips down his chest.
He bites his lip and you think that’s enough to undo you but when he gets that look in his eye, you almost melt into him. He pulls you to his chest, crushing his lips down to yours for a hungry kiss. “Yes,” he says when you break apart to breathe, “all mine.” He trails his mouth to your neck, giving you time to catch your breath as he pulls your body impossibly closer to his, “and don’t you forget it.”
Needless to say, you didn’t have to wear pants anymore during the days. Or the nights either, for that matter.

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