Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


205. Owen Grady 28

~You check your pockets, your bag, your car, your pockets again and groan, begging to the gods that you didn’t leave your phone all the way back at the paddock. You have your roommate call it since you never put it on vibrate, and wait. After 15 more minutes of searching, you decide you’re going to make your way back all the way across the island to get your stupid phone. You mumble as you get in the car about having to leave your phone in a locker during work and glare at the stupid radio in the front seat that you didn’t forget to bring home. You decide to park a little ways away, hoping the engine and lights don’t wake the raptors up if they’re already asleep. It’s actually kinda creepy at night, with just the emergency lights on and none of the usual chatter. You head towards the lockers and quietly get your phone when you hear someone groan in frustration. You slowly tip toe around to the safety cage and see Owen Grady there, talking to the raptors. He’s very close to them, and this doesn’t strike you as out of the ordinary so you turn to leave when you hear him speak.
“I can’t just say ‘will you go out with me’. I’m not in middle school!” he sighs in exasperation and you decided that you might just hang around for a few more minutes. “Come one ladies, I need some help here.”
You chuckle to yourself, having seen Owen flirt effortlessly before and can’t imagine him so smitten with a girl that he has to get prepared to ask her out.
“Okay, I’ll just be casual about it. Just like, ‘Barry and I were gonna go out for drinks. Do you wanna come?’ and THEN,” you peek around the corner dying to see if he’s pacing and he is, along with using over exaggerated hand gestures,“ I’ll have Barry say he has to go take care of something an then it will just be us two.” But he sighs loudly once more. “No, that seems to obvious right? She’s going to know it was planned, and then she’s going to know I didn’t have the balls to just ask her out.” One of the raptors made a disinterested noise and he raises his voice, “Come on girls! I know you like her too, you’ve gotta help me out here!” You hear one of them snort, assuming it to be Blue, and hold back your own laugh.
“Maybe I should just invite her back to the bungalow, yeah?” he asks, although you have a feeling it’s more to himself than to the girls now. “No no no no, I don’t want her to think I’m just trying to get her in bed.” You chance another peek to see him with his forehead against the wall. “Why is this so goddamned hard!” he shouts suddenly. “Why is it so hard to just say it? Screw this. I’m Owen Grady. I trained raptors! I can ask a girl out!” You smile at his little pep talk, wishing there was some way you could help, at least if you knew who it was he liked, you could suggest it to her, just plant the idea in her mind.
He takes a long deep breath and lets it out. “Okay. Tomorrow, when she gets here, I’m just gonna walk up to her and say,” your grin gets even wider as you prepare to hear some terrible line, “Y/f/n, Would you like to go out with me?”
The second you hear your name you gasp, and panicking you throw your hand up to cover your mouth, but this only causes you to throw your head back into the metal wall and make even more noise than you thought possible.
Owen comes running out of the cage and sees you still sitting on the floor against the paddock rubbing the back of your head. You can’t even look up at him because you know your face is beet red so you let out a short chuckle as you continue to rub the knot you can feel growing on your head, “I think I just gave myself a concussion.” He doesn’t laugh at this, in fact, he hasn’t said anything since you hit your head and you chance a glance up at him. He’s standing in front of you like a deer caught in the headlights, with his jaw hanging open slightly and you realize that he’s probably more embarrassed than you are. This thought causes you to smile, as you really think about how nervous he was to ask you out, of all people.
You smile up at him and say, “’Course I will.”
He shakes his head a little bit, as if righting himself and looks so confused as he so eloquently says, “Huh?”
You reach out your hand and say “Help me up will ya?” and as he pulls you to your feet you repeat yourself. “’course I will. Go out with you, I mean.”
He begins to laugh as he covers his face and you can’t help but laugh yourself. “I mean, if you still want to after you found me basically spying on you,” you smile wide.
He laughs, more naturally this time, as he seems to be coming back to his normal self. “Oh no, I totally knew you were there,” he teases, “I was just, um , joking. I wasn’t nervous or anything.” He smirks then, waiting for your response.
“Ohhhh, right,” you nod at this, “makes total sense.” You wink at him and pull your phone out of your pocket. “I guess leaving this here wasn’t such a bad thing after all,” he won’t stop smiling at you and that smile is making your heartbeat do crazy things.
He takes a step closer to you and you see that usual, flirty smugness that you’ve gotten so used to. He’s obviously remembered how to turn on the charm, probably wanting to make you as nervous as he just had been. “So, tomorrow then?” he whispers just inches from you face.
You try so hard not to bite your lip, but fail so you close your eyes and take a deep breath to right yourself. You look back up at him, with that stupid smug grin on his face and nod, “Tomorrow.”

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