Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


203. Owen Grady 26

~You’re the first one to reach the Apotosaurous. You fall to the floor as Owen catches up and kneels beside her head. Crying, you stroke her neck and softly kiss her scaly skin. He talks to her soothingly, knowing there’s nothing either of you can do. His hand covers yours and you hold onto him, still looking down. You know this isn’t the best moment to tell him but you don’t know if the right moment will ever actually come along.
“Owen…” you take a deep breath and his eyebrows crease, waiting for you to speak, “I-“
You’re cut off by Claire who stands a small distance away looking down on the field, “She’s not eating them.”
Owen says that she’s killing for sport but you don’t listen as you look at all the dinosaurs you once worked so close with. It breaks your heart and you look to Owen, seeing his concern, and you know the moment has passed.
You watch as he looks over the edge, the waterfall crashing down.
“They’re Brave,” he says, about the boys jumping into the water. You think about telling him right then. He’s staying so calm throughout this whole thing; maybe it’s not such a bad idea. Just maybe some good news would be a relief from all the chaos.
But he turns around and says you should get going and you lose your nerve.
He pulls you into a rough kiss, while Claire runs off after spotting Zack and Gray. You look up and see Pteranodons and Dimorphodons still flying in the air, but the way that Owen is looking into your eyes makes you think that he will be happy when he finds out. Yu almost build up the courage to do it.
Claire calls your names, breaking you out of your thoughts, and you make your way over to her and the kids, holding your tongue once more.
As he gets on his motorcycle, to lead his girls into the woods, you run up to him. “Owen, be careful,” you say.
“Darlin’, I’ll be fine,” he says as you lean your forehead against, “just stay here with-“
“Owen, I mean it,” you cut him off. “You make it back safe okay? Whatever it takes, you come back to us.” You absentmindedly place a hand on your belly. He looks at you quizzically, “Us?” he asks. You are about to tell him, but something tells you that if you do, it will just make it harder for him to go. The last thing you want to do to him right now is distract him.
“Yeah,” you say lamely, “Me and the boys and Claire.”
He doesn’t seem fully convinced but he nods once and pulls you in for a kiss before saying goodbye. A thought crosses your mind as to whether that might have been your last chance to tell him, but you banish it quickly. Thinking like that will get you no-where.
You’re in the lab when it happens; it’s not eloquent or thought out like you hoped it would be.
You run in with Owen and Claire and they’re asking some InGen man about what they are doing with the DNA, when you see the egg smashed on the floor. There was only one egg in the lab this morning, the triceratops egg that had been in the incubator, the one you were going to be raising. You let out a scream and drop to the floor and Owen instinctively runs to you and kneels beside you. He sees the egg and puts a hand in your hair. He leans his towards you and places his forehead against yours, “I’m so sorry,” He whispers and you let out a sob as you cling to his shirt.
You can’t wait any longer. Seeing the egg on the floor is too much to handle and you know you need to tell him. A tear runs down your face as you take a breath, eyes closed, and whisper “I’m pregnant.”
He pulls his face away and moves his hand to your cheek. You open your eyes and he’s looking directly into them. “ P-pregnant? Like, with a baby?” He asks.
This gets a small smile from you and you simply nod your head. His mouth is still hanging open but after a second he breaks into a huge grin. He presses a hard kiss to your lips but he pulls away when he hears Hoskins start talking.
Claire joins her sister and nephews in their reunion, leaving you and Owen standing in the doorway. He slides his arms around your waist and pulls you to him.
“So, what do we do now?” you ask innocently, shrugging your shoulders.
“I think we should stick together,” he glances as someone behind you who called his name and nods at them, before locking eyes again with you, “You know, for survival.”
You try to keep down the tears that are threatening to run down your cheek. “All three of us?” you ask, voice cracking slightly.
He moves his hands to splay them across your belly and he kisses you slow and deep. You taste all the fear and anxiety and excitement of the day on his lips; the kiss ends too soon, but he doesn’t move far, just whispers against your lips, thumbs stroking through the front of your shirt, “All three of us.”

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