Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


201. Owen Grady 24

~As soon as you heard it on the radio, you knew it was too late. You saw Owen running out of the exhibit with the Indomnious trailing behind and your heart ached for him as you dove under the truck. Your body went more into hysteria mode than panic mode as you heard the crushing of the paddock door. Its footsteps shake the ground beneath you and you feel rather than see Owen slide into you underneath the truck. Unable to help yourself, you let out a panicked laugh as he cuts the gas wire.
“When you said you wouldn’t let the raptors eat me,” you start as he pours gas over the both of you to cover your scent, “ I assumed you meant you wouldn’t let any dinosaur eat me.”
He looks at you like you’re crazy (which you guess probably are, since you’re making jokes about your impending death) but crushes your body to his and kisses you hard on the lips. That stupid little voice in your brain whines, “Why did our first and last kiss have to taste like gasoline!”
But Owen whispers to you, “If–no, scratch that- - When we get out of here, remind me to tell you that I’m in love with you.”
Your eyes widen in shock at his words but fill with fear as you see the trainer behind him, as the Indominus attacks. You close your eyes tight and Owen tightens his arms around you, covering your body with his.
“Don’t. Breathe.” He whispers and you could swear your heart stops beating. You can hear its breathing and know that it is right beside the truck, but you can’t help but think how glad you are that Owen is blocking your view, sure you would not be able to contain a scream if you could see it.
When it finally walks away and you can breathe again, you wait for Owen to pull you out from under the truck. Still shaking, you throw your arms around his neck, and pull him into you for another kiss; a better one. However, you quickly pull back and wrinkle your nose, “You taste like gasoline,” you say with a shaky laugh.
He laughs in return as he pulls you back to him for a deeper and much more thorough kiss. “I love you too,” he whispers, his eyebrows drawing together in concern as he looks over your shoulder.
You answer a question he doesn’t ask, scared that he will try to send you away to keep you safe.
“We should probably stick together,” you smirk up at him, trusting that he will figure this out, “You know, for survival.”

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