Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


200. Owen Grady 23

~You made the mistake of going out last month during the thunder storm to make sure the raptors were okay. Your trailer was close enough to hear their cries and while your roommate was a heavy sleeper, you were definitely not. You donned your raincoat and, in lieu of boots, ran out there barefoot. You didn’t bring a flashlight as the security lights were always on, and you saw them huddled near the fence, trying to hide from the rain. Now, you had seen the girls on their good days, and on their bad days, but at that moment, they looked like scared little puppies. Against your better judgement, you opened the door to the safety cage and lean up against it, shushing them, and whispering to them trying to comfort them.
You woke up to the sound of the safety door opening and saw Barry standing there shaking his head. You jumped up, stuttering to apologize, but he stopped you. “Grady comes in at 8:30 on the dot every morning. Just be out of here by then.” And he smiled softly as he tossed you a towel to wipe the mud off of your face before walking away.
After the third morning, Barry started keeping a pillow in the back of the supply closet for you, saying that if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, you wouldn’t be able to perform well at work; but you secretly think it was more a fatherly instinct and that thought still makes you smile.
Now here you are tonight, in the safety cage again, telling them all about your day. They might not understand the exact words you’re saying, but they always listen intently and growl or snort in response to your stories. It’s a nice night, now that it’s cooled off a little, and you lean against the metal bars. It’s the most relaxing part of your day, really. You can talk to people all day long, but the nights you spend talking to the girls always seem to leave you feeling relieved and, well, happy.
A sound in the distance startles you; the sound of a door closing. You hold your breath, afraid to be caught out here spending girl time with the only real friends you’ve made since you came to the island. Blue lifts her head at the sound but quickly settles back in, lying across echo’s neck. Blue’s disinterest calms you as, if it someone was coming, she would surely react. You pet her softly on the snout and you start to talk about your favorite childhood memories, explaining why you’re terrified of Slinkys and Playdoh to the somber beasts behind you. You hum a few lullabies and by the third one, you turn around to see them all fast asleep.
You smile gently at them, feeling a deep connection, and you realize that what you’re feeling is love. You really truly love them. You pull yourself up slowly and close the safety door behind you, cringing with every noise it makes, praying that it doesn’t wake them up. You watch them for a few more minutes, and when you’re satisfied that they’re deep enough asleep, you turn towards your trailer.
You throw your hand to your mouth to stop the scream that threatens to escape you. Owen, himself, is leaning against the bars just far enough in the shadows for you not to have noticed him before. “Um.. Owen, hi.” You stumble trying to come up with some excuse as to why you’re out here, pretending that he didn’t just scare the life out of you. “Sorry, I heard blue growling and I came out to check on her! I know I’m not technically supposed to be out here after dark, I just wanted-“
“Stop.” He laughed a little as he held up his hand, “I’m not mad, and watching you try to lie is just downright painful.”
You don’t see any humor in the situation; sure you’re going to get transferred for breaking the rules. “I’m sorry, Owen. I don’t know what I was thinking.” Your eyes are glued to the ground as you say this.
“Y/n. It’s fine, really. I mean, it’s actually a relief. I thought they were taking to you really well and, well I might have gotten a little jealous.” He smiles as he pushes off the wall and moves closer. “At least now I know it’s because you’ve been sneaking off at night and getting on their good side.” You could swear you stop breathing for a few seconds when he flashes you that smile.
You start to smile, yourself, realizing that he really isn’t mad and you probably won’t be fired. “So,” you start, wondering if you’re pushing your luck by asking, “Is it okay if I keep coming out?” You bite your lip and look at him hopefully, smiling even wider as he nods.
“Course you can.” He shrugs, “But only on one condition.”
You raise any eyebrow and anxiously await his condition.
“Let me take you out.” You can see it the instant his smile goes from friendly to flirty and would be lying if you said it wasn’t working on you. You laugh, more at the absurdity of Owen Grady wanting to go out with you rather than the fact that’s its extremely late. “Owen, it’s midnight. I seriously doubt that Jimmy Buffet’s is open right now,” you tease, secretly giving him a chance to change his mind.
He laughs in return, “Well I did mean tomorrow, but it’s nice to see you’re already anxious to go out with me”. You bite your lip at his smirk and nod, knowing you set yourself up for that one.
“Okay. Deal.”
He smiles at your agreement and turns around, “Come on, I’ll walk you back to the trailers.” That’s such a gentlemanly thing to do, you think as you fall into step beside him. You can’t help thinking what a great night this has turned out to be when he tears you from your thoughts.
“So…. Slinky’s huh?”

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