Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


199. Owen Grady 22

~You really like him. Like really really like him. However, the crazy part is that he likes you too. Or at least he used to. He’s not the happiest camper right now.
“Owen, come on,” you groan, “it’s not my fault!”
Like a petulant child, he crosses his arms and turns to walk away, ignoring you. The raptors below you watch him go, but don’t move until you do, following under you as you walk towards him. You sigh, knowing that he will notice this and it will only make him grumpier.
“Traitors,” You hear him whisper at the girls below him as he scowls at them. “Owen, they’re only so attached to me because they know were together. You said they can sense those things, Alphas mate and all that.” You try to reason with him hopelessly, knowing he won’t budge when he’s in this mood.
“Yeah, see, that’s what I used to think,” he starts, and you’re relieves he’s finally talking to you. “But I don’t think that’s it. They’ve been attached to you since you started working here. I think they just like you better,” he says, arms still crossed.
You try to suppress a smile because you’ve never seen him pout like this and it’s kind of adorable. “Owen, they’re your girls, you know that.” You place your hand on his shoulder and try to look him in the eyes. “Stop this, you know they love you.”
He huffs and says, “Really, well then prove it.” He takes your hand and leads you down the stairs to the safety cage, and after clearing the first door, he opens the cage door. The girls come running at the sound and circle around you. They’ve gotten used to the two of you coming in the cage and have started nuzzling you as Owen says they used to do when they were little.
Owen puts a few yards between you two, and looks at the girls. They haven’t moved from their spots next to you and you get a little nervous. Owen clears his throat and even clicks the clicker a few times, but gets no reaction.
You turn away from him and look at the girls, “Shoo!” you say, trying to get them to back up. “You’re hurting Daddy’s feelings!” you whisper to the raptors, but to no avail.
You smile as you get an idea. You slowly reach into your snack pack strapped to your waist filled with small chunks of meat. You turn to Owen and walk over to him, “Oh come on ladies. Daddy misses you. Show him how much you love him.” You wrap your arms around his waist and step up on your tippy-toes to kiss him and you slowly slide the piece of meat into his back pocket. When you let him go, the girls have already circled around him. Sniffing and nuzzling into his side.
“See!” you say cheerily as he starts to smile, petting blue. “They still love you! Stop being such a child.”
“Fineeeee,” he draws out as he walks back towards the gate with you, the raptors following close behind. As the gate closes behind you, you lean back into Owen.
“Well, it looks like I was right! I think I deserve a kiss for that,” you smirk at him as he leans down to kiss you. You try to slide you hand into his back pocket, but it’s empty. You start to panic, but before you get the chance, he notices your hand on his butt.
“Darling were in public,” he teases, “if you want to touch me like that we should go home.”
You let out a nervous chuckle as he leaves the safety cage to head back up to the catwalk. You frantically look around for the piece of meat, thinking it must have dropped somewhere. You glance at Barry, who was manning the door controls and see him laughing and shaking his head. He holds out his hand, showing you the small piece of meat.
“You’re a terrible person,” He laughs, still shaking his head.
Smiling, you snatch the treat from his hand. “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” You shrug and turn to the raptors, their eyes peering at you through the bars. “You guys need to get your act together or I’m going to be in some serious trouble,” you chastise them. But this time, when Owen starts up with his clicker, they leave you and go stand in formation beneath him. You stuff the treat back into your bag and lean against the cage, smiling at your man and your girls.
Later that night when you go into the kitchen for a drink, Owen walks in holding a pair of jeans to his face. “Does this smell like meat to you?” He asks and holds his jeans out to you right as you take a sip of juice.
And before you can stop yourself, you laugh, spitting juice all over him.

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