Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


197. Owen Grady 20

~You roll your eyes as you turn around to fill the treat bucket with chunks of meat and dead rodents. You’ve heard enough ‘kitchen’ jokes to last you a lifetime. Being the only woman working with the raptors, you’ve gotten used to the men’s teasing and frankly don’t pay them any mind. However, Owen doesn’t exactly feel the same way. The guys often stay silent when he’s near, knowing that he will give them a mouthful, but this time, they didn’t know he was standing right behind them. This time, the joke was something along the lines of, “You only get to go in the cage because you’re sleeping with the boss.”
You smile as Owen goes off on them. You can stand up for yourself just fine, and you’ve shut the guys up more than once, but you let Owen do his thing, knowing that he’s just being over protective. You try to hold back your laugh as you hear what he says.
“Fine Rich, let’s you and me head back to the bungalow. Then we’ll throw you and her into the cage and see which one they eat.” He’s leaning against the wall of the paddock and anyone else might think he’s just annoyed, but you can see from the crease of his brows that he’s concerned.
The guys wallow away mumbling something about nepotism but you ignore it. “Y/n, you don’t have to put up with that.” He puts a hand on your shoulder to turn you away from your work, “I told you to tell me if they’re giving you trouble.” You just smile and shake your head, but he crosses his arms as he speaks to you and straightens up his posture. “I’m serious, Y/n. I’m not gonna tolerate a bunch of bigots messing with you instead of doing their jobs.” He says as he throws a glare their way.
“Hey, it’s fine, okay? It doesn’t get to me.” You place a hand on his cheek. “Four older brothers remember? My bullshit threshold is pretty high.” You smile trying to calm him down, but his frown won’t budge.
“Barry told me they’ve started saying some messed up stuff. Really inappropriate things” He huffs out a loud breath and closes his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I swear if I catch a single person saying something like that about you, I’ll-“
“Whoa there Tiger, calm down.” You rub your hands down his tense arms. “It’s gonna be fine. No one needs to be tossed into the pit,” you smirk at him and say, “Not today anyway.”
This causes him to slip up as a small smile creeps onto his face. He looks into your eyes, “I’m just…” he groans and suddenly drops his face to your neck as his hand goes to your waist, leading you to the wall behind you.
“…Trying to protect me.” You recite back to him, as his lips move against your neck, having heard it a million times. “I know Owen.” Sighing, you move a hand to his hair as you give him better access to your neck, knowing you should get back to work. “However,” you let out a heavy sigh as you enjoy his ministrations for a few more seconds before pushing him back gently, “these public displays of affection are just going to make them talk more.” You raise your eyebrows at him and he smiles and leans back into you, unfazed.
“That’s true,” he says, snaking his arm behind you to grab your ass, “But I’ve got to make sure everyone knows who you belong to.” He smirks when he sees you biting your lip.
He pulls away from you to look at his watch and smile, “It’s almost lunch, how’s about we head back home?”
You let out an exasperated sigh, “Owen I just got here an hour ago, and that’s because someone wouldn’t let me leave the house!” you teased.
“Well, I’m the boss.” He says sternly with that authoritative glint in his eye. “I say we’re taking lunch, and there will be no more discussion about it.” You know he’s going to get his way so instead of fighting it you just smile wide as you bring your hand up to salute him. “Yes sir, Mr. Alpha.” You wink as you put up the treat bucket, and you hear him quietly respond with, “Good girl,” while you try to suppress a shiver. You head to the truck, hoping that when you get home, you might actually get a chance to eat something on your lunch break.

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