Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


176. Owen Grady 2

~You knock on the door of Owen’s bungalow. You kind of expect him to answer in shorts and nothing else, given that it’s way over just ‘warm’ today. You’re sweltering as it is in your park uniform; cargo shorts and a polo shirt.
So it’s a bit of a shock when someone you think is Owen, but is too immaculately dressed to be Owen, answers the door.
But no. It is him, dressed in his blue-and-grey khaki uniform.
“Hey!” he grins, “come on in!”
You follow him into the combined kitchen-dining-living room, trying not to gawk too much. Of course, that’s sort of difficult, considering you’re used to seeing him in shirts, cargo pants, and his vest. Not a tight-fitting military uniform that accentuates every muscle in his torso and arms.
He sees you staring and smirks his trademark smirk.
“What?” he asks, “do I really look that stupid?”
You shake your head, “No.”
“In case you’re wondering, I have a meeting today, with my ex commander. Hence the uniform.” Owen explains.
“Finally getting officially discharged?” you ask.
“Sealing the deal,” he says, then looks a little gloomy, “I thought I wouldn’t miss the uniform, until I put it back on.”
“At least you have your girls now,” you say, referring to the raptors.
“Yeah,” he smiles, “that’s why I’m quitting, I guess. I mean, I did my service.”
“Damn right.” You say.
“This damn thing’s too tight, though. I’ve kinda buffed up since then,” he grimaces and flexes his bicep, “I look like an idiot.”
“For the record,” you say, “I think you look very handsome.”
His smirk returns in full force.
“You do, do you?”
“Very much so.”
To your surprise, he laughs.
“I kind of forgot how much of a chick magnet this uniform is,” he says.
I roll my eyes.
“Yeah, I’m sure Claire will love it,” you say irritably.
You know that Claire is just Owen’s boss, but you can’t help your jealousy.
“Someone’s a bit jealous,” Owen smirks.
You shrug, step closer to him.
“Maybe I just want you all for myself,” you say, letting your gaze travel up and down his body slowly.
“That so?” his calloused hands rest on your waist.
“Yeah,” you admit, hands travelling up his chest to loop around his neck.
You’ve had a crush on Owen for ages, exchanging flirtatious banter and such, but you never thought you’d admit it.
Maybe it’s because he looks tougher, braver in his uniform, which is insane, because he’s brave every single day, getting into a cage with raptors.
It still surprises you when he leans down and kisses you.
It’s gentle at first, hesitant. But once he realises you’re kissing him back, not pulling away, he kisses you properly – a proper, open-mouthed kiss.
You cling to him, swaying a little as he pulls you closer and kisses you deeply.
Unfortunately, you’re interrupted by a message that comes through on his radio.
Owen pulls away from you sheepishly.
“Wait right here,” he says, “I shouldn’t be too long.”
You smile at him.
“Want me to cook you something while you’re gone?”
He returns your smile.
“Really? You’d do that?”
“Of course.”
He grins.
“I’m keeping you,” he chuckles.
“Hey, Owen,” you say as he pulls on his shoes.
“When you get back, what say I help you out of that uniform?”
His grin turns positively seductive.
“Deal.” He says.
He presses another kiss on your lips before he departs with a wink, leaving you waiting eagerly for his return.

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