Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


196. Owen Grady 19

~You walk in the door and drop your bag on the floor.
“Owen?” you call out, surprised that he wasn’t out front with his bike or sitting in front of the tv.
“Here,” he mumbles from what you guess to be the kitchen.
You walk towards his voice and into the room and see him bent over the counter with his face in his hands. Quizzically you go up behind him and wrap your arms around his chest.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
Instead of answering, he flinches at your question. You let out an exasperated sigh and let go, backing up against the table. “Owen, seriously it’s-“
“Do not say it’s not a big deal.” He cuts you off, “I could have gotten you killed!”
With a heavy sigh he straightens up and turns around. He glares at your stomach crossing his arms to match your posture. You see it in his eyes that he’s battling with himself, but before you can think of the right words to say his face softens. Crossing the space between the both of you in two steps, he wraps his calloused hands around your hips. He slides his right hand under the hem of your shirt just high enough to feel the small bandage on your side covering your four small stitches. You frown slightly as he leans his forehead down to yours and closes his eyes as he rubs it gently with his thumb.
“I’m sorry,” he says wholeheartedly as if he’s committed some horrible crime against you. You let out a soft laugh as you smile.
“What are you sorry for? It was my idea Owen. I’ve been working alongside you for months now. I thought they would be ready.” Leaning away from him, you place your hands on either side of his face willing him to open his eyes. When he finally does he shakes his head, “Still, It was dangerous to even try. I don’t know what I was thinking.”
“Owen,” he continues to shake his head as if scolding himself and refuses to look at you. You smirk as you get an idea and snap your fingers by your face.
“Hey, Eyes on me.”
He eyes snap up to yours and you see the corner of his mouth turn up just slightly and, well, that’s a start.
“It’s not like they attacked me, Owen. It was tail, not teeth.” You smile encouragingly trying to make him smile.
When you think about it, it was really just a silly accident. You went in the cage as usual beside Owen, holding the treat bucket. Everything was going fine as he barked out commands, until someone slipped on the catwalk above. Blue, Delta, and Echo ignored it, still focused on Owen, but Charlie spun around at the sound, her tail knocking you to the ground. Her tail made a small cut through your shirt, that didn’t really hurt all that bad, but at the first sight of blood, Owen freaked out.
“Charlie gets distracted easily.” You continue, “You know that. She didn’t mean any harm; she just turned around too quick for me to move.”
He takes a deep breath and lets it out in a sigh as he runs his hand down his face, “Well-“
“Besides,” you continue to talk, trying to distract him. “I thought you took command in there really well.” You wrap your hands around his neck and pull yourself up onto your tip-toes pouting slightly. “I mean, after all this time, hearing you talk like that, all dominant and powerful, I still just…” you bite your lip and the shiver that runs through your body says everything you wanted to say. You lean the few inches to his lips and very softly kiss him. His lips turn up into a smirk as you pull away and his thumbs slip into your belt loops, pulling your hips closer to his.
“Well,” he leans in close and whispers, in a seemingly much better mood, “ It’s all about showing who’s really in control,” and you could swear he growls at the end of the sentence. The goose bumps that cover your arms and the kiss that he places on your neck let you know that he’s going to get over this little incident. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you might even get to try the whole thing again.

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