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188. Owen Grady 13 Part 1

~It was kind of weird, being able to understand precisely what one dinosaur was saying to the others. They put her with packs, usually, although she preferred solitary animals. They were easier to bond with. In packs, you had to earn your place, and with most of those animals, being anything less than beta meant you were dinner.
The warm Central American sun burned Kyra Cassidy’s already tanned skin as she surveyed the man in front of her.
“We really do need your… abilities… on board this project.” The man, Hoskins, was saying.
“You mean, when you do a field test?” Kyra shook her dark hair back and frowned, “They aren’t exactly weapons, with all due respect.”
Hoskins shrugged, “Anything that ain’t human, can be used for human purpose. That’s just the way it goes.”
Kyra would have disagreed more, but she wanted to stay in his good books, if he had them. He knew about her abilities, and she didn’t want him trying to have her experimented on or something.
Not that it hadn’t been done. The scientists had found nothing ‘wrong’ with her; physically, genetically, right down to the core of her DNA, she was human.
She just had that strange little ‘quirk’.
“You already have a perfectly good raptor trainer. From what I’ve heard, he’s got some sort of bond with them. Why do you need me?”
“Because you can understand them. Help us do our jobs right.”
“Fine.” Kyra sighed.
“So you’ll do it?”
“Guess so.”
“Grady! I brought someone to work with you!”
“Damn it, Hoskins, I already told you, Barry and I are just fine. We don’t need extra help,” the owner of the voice was a tall, muscular man with wavy light brown hair and striking green eyes. Kyra wasn’t usually one to stare, but she had to force her eyes to look away.
“Well, too bad. She’s here to help fine-tune a few things. Just deal with her, okay?”
When Hoskins had descended back down to ground level, Kyra turned to her new partner.
“Hi, I’m-”
“I know who you are.”
“Oh…” Kyra bit her lip, “Well… I don’t know who you are?”
“Owen Grady. And let me tell you, Miss Cassidy, just because you can understand the raptors… doesn’t mean they’ll listen to you.”
“It’s Doctor, actually, not Miss. And I know that. Trust me, I get that you’re in charge. I’m not here to undermine you or anything. I just kind of… do what I’m told. It’s that or risk people screwing around with my head again.” Kyra babbled.
At the last portion of her statement, Owen looked surprised, and something that looked like anger flashed in his eyes. Somehow Kyra knew that anger wasn’t directed at her.
“Hey, look… Sorry if I was kind of rude. I just…”
“I get it. You have a bond with your raptors, and you don’t want that threatened.”
“Well, at least someone gets it. C’mon over, Kyra – can I call you Kyra?”
“Sure.” She shrugged and followed him along the catwalk, excited for her first glimpse of the raptors.
“So, your little ‘quirk’,” Owen said, casually tossing another dead rat over the barricade, “does it work with every dinosaur?”
Kyra nodded.
“Haven’t met a species yet that I can’t understand.”
“Can you like, talk back? Or is it a one-way conversation?” he sounded curious for curiosity’s sake, rather than as though she herself was an exhibit.
“Nah, it’s one-way only.” Kyra admitted.
“How come?”
“Well, my mother thinks that my father was going to start that phase of his experiment just after I was born. When I was born, my mother discovered all of my father’s ‘research’ papers, and he was banished from the island and jailed. My mother raised me here, simultaneously helping rebuild this park. She died two years ago, just after I turned nineteen.”
Owen blinked. “Jeez. Tough kid.”
“I’m not a kid.”
“No, I mean… you were a tough kid. And she let them test you?”
“She had to. I mean once they realized I was entirely human they lost interest, just put it down as an interesting ability. But yeah. It’s not like I’m a prisoner here. I’ve left heaps of times. I left to go to boarding school, and college… heck, I lived off the island most of my life.”
“Crazy stuff,” he paused, hearing a lot of vocalization from the raptors, “Hey, what are they… saying?”
Kyra paused to listen.
“They’re wondering who the human with their Alpha is, and whether or not I’m food or your friend. They’re also still hungry.”
“Oh. Well, we can solve both those problems. Here.” Owen handed her the bucket of rats.
Kyra took it and threw a rat to each of the velociraptors.
When the noise started up again, Owen looked at her, eyebrows raised in a ‘now-what?’ sort of look.
“They’re satisfied. And they also agree that if I feed them what you feed them, I’m not food.”
Owen laughed.
“Hey, Kyra?”
“You want to go get some food or something? A drink, maybe?”
“I like food,” Kyra smiled.
“And drink?”
“Absolutely.” He grinned and led her down from the catwalk.
All in all, Kyra thought, her life could have been worse. Dating Owen Grady, she was happier than she’d ever been, even in college.
She observed him training the raptors, made tiny corrections and suggestions, and took notes on a clipboard.
At lunch time, they sat in the safety cage side-by-side, eating whatever they’d brought (usually, Kyra brought leftovers from the night before, plenty for both of them). Occasionally, they’d toss little scraps of meat through the bars to the raptors.
Kyra soon learned that all the girls but Delta liked beef. Delta preferred little scraps of chicken.
She and Owen found it highly amusing, although Barry tutted and shook his head, muttering about people food.
The days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Kyra liked routine, though, and the routine of her life was pleasant. Most nights, she stayed with Owen; she liked cooking dinner for the two of them. More often than not, they ate at the table outside his bungalow, under the stars.
The day everything changed had been like every other day, mostly; they’d dragged themselves, lazily, out of bed, showered, and gone to the raptor pen.
The only thing out of the ordinary had been the newest worker falling into the pen, and Owen diving in to save him.
Kyra was still berating him as they rode back to the bungalow.
“You are insane! They could have killed you!”
“Kyra.” Owen raised his eyebrows, “Were they moving in for the kill? You tell me. You were there, and you understand them.”
Kyra sighed.
“They were, but they weren’t aiming for you. They thought you were leading them in for the kill.”
“Yeah. You’re literally the Alpha of that pack.”
“That’s pretty cool… I mean… it’s bad. But…”
Kyra rolled her eyes, glad when they pulled up at the house.
Owen went to change so he could fix something wrong with his motorcycle. When he returned, Kyra brought a plate of sandwiches and sat on the grass with him.
“The girls are progressing well,” she said through a mouthful of ham and cheese.
“Yeah, apparently too well, which is bad, because it means Hoskins wants a field test.” Owen scowled.
“I’m sure you could fight him on that,” Kyra said reassuringly, passing him a sandwich.
“Yeah, here’s hoping.”
The food was finished and Kyra took the dishes inside. When she returned, she found the senior park manager, Claire Dearing, outside with Owen, talking about a new dinosaur.
“Alright,” Owen said pleasantly, “Let me get changed and I guess I’ll come take a look.”
“Where you going?” Kyra asked interestedly.
“Oh! Claire, you should bring Kyra, too.”
“Oh! Kyra’s my girlfriend, but she’s the girl who can understand dinosaurs.” Owen shrugged.
Kyra beamed – it was the first time he’d referred to her as his girlfriend to someone who was basically a stranger.
Anyway. That was how she ended up in the back of the car, heading towards a new exhibit.
“So, what kind of dinosaur are we looking at here?” Owen asked as they went up the stairs to the viewing deck.
“The base genome is Tyrannosaurus, the rest is… classified.” Claire said.
“Classified, huh?” Kyra muttered.
“So… you just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a great idea,” Owen shook his head.
When the Indominus didn’t show up, they soon noticed the claw marks on the walls. Claire took off to try and track the dinosaur from the control room.
“C’mon,” Owen muttered to Kyra and the confused park worker, “Let’s go check it out.”
As they entered the enclosure to examine the marks on the wall, Kyra had a sudden chill go down her spine.
Food. Kill.
She realised what was happening just as the voice came through the radio.
“She’s still in here!”
Kyra grabbed Owen’s hand and dragged him toward the massive door, which was opening, just as the Indominus came crashing through the trees.
Hurriedly, they leapt through the door, which was closing again, and dived underneath one of the park SUVs.
After watching the hybrid monster devour the other park worker, Owen cut the fuel line of the SUV, covering himself and Kyra in gasoline to mask their scent.
Food… Knew it was here somewhere… lost the scent…
And with a final noise of indignation, the Indominus stalked off into the jungle.
“Come on, let’s get out of here,” Owen said.
“I think it’s time for that field test,” Hoskins suggested. He, Kyra, and a few others were standing outside the raptor paddock.
Kyra scowled. She’d been separated from Owen and the others, and wasn’t exactly in a fantastic mood; it had especially pissed her off when Hoskins and his crew had shown up when she was literally just trying to hide from everyone, hoping the squad would protect her.
“No way, dude. There’s no way Owen will let that happen.” She shook her head.
“It’s not up to him.”
“Yeah? Good luck getting those raptors to do anything without Owen.” Kyra scowled.
“You know what they’ll do before they do it.” Hoskins said.
“Implying I’d help you with a field test.”
“You’ll do as you’re told,” Hoskins scowled, “otherwise, I’ll make sure that you get sent back to a lab and I tell you now, there’s a lot of people who’d be keen on finding out what makes you tick.”
Perhaps he thought to scare her. Instead of recoiling, however, Kyra pulled her hair back, revealing a patch of hair on the side of her scalp that was shorter than the rest.
“You think you’re the first person to threaten me? You think people haven’t already screwed around with my head?” Kyra frowned at him, “You don’t scare me, Hoskins.”
To her surprise, he chuckled good-naturedly, but then his expression darkened.
“I could have Owen Grady sent right back to the Navy. I could make sure you never see each other again.”
It was perhaps the greatest timing in history, Kyra thought, for at that time, one of the park Jeeps pulled up and Owen, Claire, and her nephews got out. And just in time to hear exactly what Hoskins had said.
This, coupled with the fact that Owen had obviously gotten Kyra’s message that they were planning on using the raptors, seemed to break his temper, for the first thing he did, was punch Hoskins square in the face.
Good shot, Kyra thought grimly.
“Well, if you’re going out there, I’m coming too.” She put her hands on her hips, staring Owen down.
“Kyra. No.”
“Why not?” she demanded.
“Because it’s not safe. You could get hurt.” Owen frowned.
“I could get hurt waiting here, too. I can help, Owen.”
“No. That’s final, Kyra.”
She scowled.
“Owen. I have to help. Please.”
“I can’t let you and the girls go out there to die, Owen. I just can’t.”
He sighed heavily.
“Alright. Fine. But you stay with me, at all times, you understand?” his tone offered no negotiation.
“Okay. Now, help me with the girls.”
Kyra crossed to Delta, immediately checking her camera harness. Of the four, Delta was her favorite. She couldn’t say why; there was no reason.
“She good to go?” Owen asked.
“Yeah, she’s good. How are the others?”
“They’re ready too.”
“We’ll be okay, right?”
“Yeah.” He nodded, “We’ll be fine. Now come on, grab your gear.”
It was still surreal, Kyra thought as she held onto Owen as tight as she could without hurting him. Never did she think she would be riding a motorcycle, flanked by velociraptors of all things, hunting an even bigger monster-dinosaur-thing.
Of course, she hadn’t counted on said monster thing being part raptor. Which was when things really got nasty.
After, when the Mosasaurus had devoured the Indominus, and Kyra was sitting on the ferry out of there, she couldn’t quite believe it.
“I can’t believe they’re gone…” she said to Owen. She had her head rested on his shoulder.
“Well,” he said halfheartedly, “at least Blue and Delta are okay.”
“Do you think the island will ever reopen?”
“Probably,” Owen sighed, “though I’d imagine they’ve learned their lesson about messing with nature by now.”
“I’d like to go back.” Kyra said, surprising both of them.
“Yeah. I mean… Delta and Blue need us, right?”
“They aren’t pets,” Owen said gently, “They’ll manage without us.”
It was unsurprising, though, that when they received a call three weeks later saying the island had been stabilized, they decided to go back.
“Mr Grady. Doctor Cassidy. Thank goodness you’ve come back.” Claire greeted them at the ferry dock.
“Got work for us?” Owen asked, keeping a firm arm around Kyra’s shoulders.
“Yes. We managed to recapture your velociraptors, but we fear they may have gone a little rogue in that time.”
Owen and Kyra exchanged looks.
“We’re on it.”

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