Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


187. Owen Grady 12

~I never really thought, when I signed up to work with dinosaurs, that the real threat wouldn’t be the larger-than-life beasts before me, but the humans I was partnered with.
Not all the humans. Just one - but it only takes one when it’s a man twice my size who goes out of his way to make me uncomfortable on a daily basis.
It was okay enough at first. When I would do my security rounds, he would follow along, chatting even if I told him I wanted to be alone. Then he started following me on feedings, insinuating every time that we should attend a ‘feeding’ together.
He seemed innocent enough, so I gently put my foot down and told him I wasn’t interested. When he insisted, I told him I was seeing someone else. When he asked who and I said it was none of his business, he took that to somehow mean he should try harder.
Now, showing up to work is no longer like a sci-fi fantasy novel come true - it’s more Stephen King-esque, with a looming threat of sexual harassment daily.
I’ve told my supervisor, but he said since nothing had really happened, he couldn’t do anything, but he’d keep an eye on it. I went home and cried that night.
It only got worse from there. When he passes me in the complex halls, he makes a point to brush against me. I can never eat my lunch in peace. I think he has my schedule memorized. I don’t know who else to turn to, so finally I invite Grady to join me for lunch. I don’t know him all that well, but he’s respected in the park and I just want one afternoon of peace. Just an hour long lunch without Thomas bothering me.
“What’s wrong?” Owen asks after I miss his third question. I think now this was a bad idea. What if Thomas gets angry?
I lean forward and look around to make sure he isn’t here yet. “I need to tell you something and please don’t tell me it isn’t a big deal.” I can see the taunting in my supervisor’s eyes. ‘Thomas is a teddy bear - just appease him!’
Owen’s smile fades. He leans towards me and nods for me to continue. I tell him everything about the past five months, beginning to end, and let him know how uncomfortable and nervous I am at work.
“Did you take this to Jordans?”
I nod, feeling close to tears now which I know is silly. I don’t want to cry about it. I don’t want to give Thomas that power.
“He said it was nothing, that Thomas hadn’t really done anything but Owen, I’m scared to be alone around him. He’s not going to back off and I don’t know what to do.”
Owen sits back, his brow furrowed, and stares angrily at the table.
“You can’t work with him anymore.”
“I love the aviary center,” I reply quietly. He looks up at me.
“You told him you were seeing someone else?”
I nod.
“Okay. There we go. He didn’t believe you, so we prove it. Where is he now?”
“I’m not sure, I guess. He usually, you know, eats lunch with me.”
His chest is rising and falling at a rapid rate, and his cheeks are filed with a blush under his tan skin. Owen is angry - I didn’t think he would be this angry.
He stands up and takes both our trays with him. “Come on,” he says with a curt nod, and I rush to catch up within as he rushes to drop our food in the trash and leave the cafeteria.
Once we’re through the doors, he reaches his hand behind him and glances at me. “C’mon! Give me a tour of where you work,” he says, and I put my hand inside his.
I have to take two steps for his every stride, but I keep up as we silently make our way back to where we work. In the elevator, I glance nervously up at my friend.
“Why are you doing this?” I ask. “Not that I’m not grateful. Obviously I need help.”
Owen shrugs. “I like you, Jen, and I don’t think what that prick is doing is okay. I want to help, if I can.”
I stare forward and smile. When I first met Owen, I developed a crush - I fell hard and fast. Shortly after, I met Thomas, and I’ve had no time to think about capturing Owen’s attention while I tried to get rid of Thomas’.
Even in the elevator, he keeps his hand around mine. Maybe it’s to reassure me, or maybe ‘I like you’ means what I want it to mean.
We step out onto the observation deck, which is half-full of guests. We move to the front and for a moment, as if we are a real couple, I tell Owen about the exhibit and what I do.
“Have you interacted with them?” Owen asks.
“Some. Not like you and the raptors. They’re a large pack here, so they mostly want us to feed them and stay out of the way, but there are a couple of older birds in particular who like to come up to the glass before I feed, and they don’t seem aggressive. They just want to look at me.”
He smiles. “They sounds nice,” he say sincerely, and I return the smile. I pull him by hand and lead him back to my office. Not only do I feed the animals and help maintain their habitat, but I do a good chunk of administrate work, as well.
As we exit my office, I can almost sense him. Thomas. I look to my right and see him coming, and my entire body tenses.
Owen wraps his arm around my waist and I look up at him. His face is hard and steely. We step forward, in Thomas’ direction.
“Jenny!” he says, “I didn’t see you at lunch.”
I clear my throat. “I, uh, ate with Owen today. I told you about Owen, Thomas.”
He looks at me confused. Thomas is often confused. “Oh. Oh! The guy you’re seeing?”
Owen extends a hand. “Owen Grady. Raptor Trainer.”
Thomas nods, gazing Grady up at down with a critical eye.
“Pleased to meet you.”
“Are you?” Owen asks with a biting, and I stare up at him with wide eyes.
“Excuse me?”
He lets go of my waist and takes a step forward. Thomas is taller and wider than Owen, but there’s something about the way the two men carry themselves that makes it obvious - Thomas couldn’t hold a candle to the Alpha Raptor.
“Look, Thomas,” Owe stars in a low and cool tone, “I know you just want to come here and do you job. I know you want to have a good time. But I swear to God, if I hear one more time about you making Jen uncomfortable, I’ll show you just what it is my raptors can do, and there won’t be enough of you left for them to pin it on me. Are we clear?”
Thomas glares down at Owen. “You’re threatening me?” He looks on at me. “How much did you pay this guy to fake it for a day, Jen?”
Owen snaps. So quickly I can barely see it, he lays a sucker punch on the side of Thomas’ head that sends him flying to the floor with a scream. I gasp and throw my hands over my mouth. Owen crouches down on one knee next to Thomas.
“I can have you fired. I have that kind of pull, Tom, and don’t fucking test me.”
He stands up and turns to me with his arm extended, and I don’t hesitate to take it. We walk away slowly and silently until once again, we’re in the elevator.
Maybe it’s adrenaline, or relief that I’m sure Thomas is never going to bother me again, but I can’t stop myself from grabbing Owen by the collar and forcefully bringing his lips down to mine.
He doesn’t seem to mind it at all. His arms instantly wrap around my waist and he stands up straight, lifting me almost off my feet. His lips taste like the honey he put on his toast at lunch and I can’t get enough of him. My arms wrap around his neck, pulling his body closer to mine, and he presses me up against the elevator wall.
He must be pumped with adrenaline too - we’re both panting when we pull apart as the elevator dings. There are a few people waiting to get on, so we tear our eyes off each other and exit the elevator - hand in hand.
“I’m sorry,” I say, a slight flush in my cheeks, as we stand in the lobby. We both have to return to work.
His mouth spreads wide into a grin. “Sorry? Today, I got to punch a fat asshole in the face and finally make out with a girl I’ve been into for months. I don’t know what you could be sorry for!” He laughs, and my blush deepens. I’m speechless. “Hey, don’t go back to work. Give that idiot an afternoon to cool off. Come see the raptors.”
My eyes light up. “Really?”
He bends down and slowly places a tender kiss on my lips. My heart flutters immediately.

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