Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


186. Owen Grady 11

~After everything that happened, I thought he might hate me forever. In fact, I expected it. I’ve grown really used to people judging me by the actions of my father.
He’s cold and cruel, and even though he thinks he’s working for the greater good, usually his ideas are idiotic and harmful.
And now, he’s gone.
I do miss him. Whatever else you could say about him, you couldn’t say he didn’t love his daughter. Often that love came across as controlling tendencies and raised voices, but he loved me. That’s why he got me the job at the park - he knew it was what I wanted, and he knew I’d do a good job.
It took a few people a while to get over the privilege that put me in my position, and I understood that. They had to work harder than me to get it, but I worked twice as hard to prove myself. I put in the hours, spent time studying, and formed relationships with my animals. I spent day and night with the stegosaurus’, naming them and caring for them, watching for their every need. It was heaven and paradise and my greatest dream come true.
Even now, after the park was destroyed, I still get to live this way. The only ones left are the trainers, security and operations, and what dinosaurs survived. A surprising amount of us wanted to stay behind - I wasn’t the only one who cared about the animals.
We don’t know what’s going to happen to the park, but we do want to take care of our friends for as long as we’re permitted, even with the pay cuts.
After three weeks, I muster up the courage - and energy - to make my way onto Owen’s property. He’s on the porch, sitting with his feet up on the railings, facing the water.
He glances over his shoulder when I pull up and step out, and after staring at me for a moment, stands up and makes his way off the porch.
The first time I met Owen, I thought he was very handsome and very annoying. I guess I still think both of those things, but they’re tainted by an enormous amount of guilt.
“Emma! You’re here?” he says, meeting me at the base of the wooden stairs.
I take a deep breath. “Yeah. I stayed. I couldn’t leave my crew,” I say with a smile that I hope is casual. It fades when I remember that his crew is gone or scattered. “I thought you might leave.”
He shrugs. “Don’t know where to go yet. They need my help here now.”
I nod. “Yeah. Well… I came over to just, um, I feel bad. About what my father did. It was his fault your raptors even got involved. He never knew when to quit, and he had tunnel vision when it came to what he wanted. I’m sorry for what happened.”
Owen stares at me, just stares for a long, uncomfortable silence. “Let me get this straight - your father passes away, and you come to apologize to me for things he did before his death that didn’t even have anything to do with you?”
I shift my eyes downward. “Well, I feel bad.”
His hand wraps around my upper right arm and I look up at him. “Okay, my turn,” he says with a smirk. “I was mad at you. I was really mad at you after everything. It was a fucking disaster, Emma, but none of it was your fault. When I first met you, I was pretty pissed. I’d been working up for weeks to meet Little Hoskins, and I was ready to hate you as much as I hated your dad, but you walked up with a million questions about the characteristics of the raptors and a million things to say about your dinos and I couldn’t believe you were you. I hated how much I liked you, and then I just liked you, and I missed my chance because everything went to shit. And I knew you were here, but I didn’t come see you because I figured you were mad at me.”
“You knew how I felt about your dad.”
I shrug. “Most people felt that way about him. I… I wish he hadn’t died. I’ll always miss him. But I get it, Owen.”
He visibly relaxes, and so do I.
“Okay, but, I just told you I like you, so…?” he adds with a crooked smile.
I laugh. “Oh! I like you, too. Have I not said that?”
His hand moves from my arm to the small of my back and he pulls me close to him. I think he’s going to kiss me, but instead, he wraps me in a tight hug.
It’s better than a kiss. The last three weeks have been miserable. I’ve spent 95% of my waking moments with dinosaurs, and the other 5% has been spent agonizing about my father and my relationship with Owen.
He holds me close to him and I just relax as I wrap my arms around his neck. Human contact - from this human in particular - feels more amazing than words can describe.
When he pulls away a fraction and looks down at me, there are tears in my eyes. He smiles.
He gets it.

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