Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


185. Owen Grady 10

~“God, Owen, do you have to be so freaking lazy? I can’t keep doing all the paperwork... it’s not fair,” you complained.
Your boss was smart and funny, he genuinely cared about the animals, and on top of all that, he was very handsome. Tall, strong, dreamy good looks, and beautiful green eyes...
Unfortunately, he was lazy when it came to paperwork, and annoyingly he seemed to want to keep you out of the paddock as often as possible. This annoyed you immensely, seeing as you seemed to be spending more time chained to a desk than you did outside, near the paddock.
Whenever you asked to do anything different, Owen would always defer you to paperwork, telling you that you weren’t experienced enough. You always replied with a snide comment about if he let you out more, you would be more experienced. He would very conveniently go deaf whenever you brought this up. He wouldn’t give you a chance to prove yourself.
“Lazy?” he repeated. He had walked in a few minutes ago, dumped a huge stack of papers on the desk, and made to walk out again. Until you’d spoken up.
“Yeah, lazy.” You scowled, “I’m sick of you leaving all this crap to me. I want to go outside. To the paddock.”
“No.” he says flatly.
“Why the hell not?” you fume, standing up furiously.
“Because it’s too dangerous and you’ll just get yourself killed,” he says.
Maybe you should have been flattered, but you were more annoyed at his overprotective stance than you were weak-kneed. That wasn’t to say you weren’t weak-kneed.
“What’s it to you? I was trained for this job. I want to go outside.”
You knew you probably sounded like a petulant child, but you were fed up with him. You just wanted him to stop treating you like you were made of glass.
“And I want you to be safe,” he said.
“What’s it to you?” you repeated, “It’s not like I’m your girlfriend or anything.”
“It would be a lot easier if you were,” he snapped, “because then I wouldn’t feel like such a dick for trying to protect you.”
You paused, unsure if you’d heard him correctly.
“Wait, did you say you want me to be your girlfriend?”
“Yeah,” he looks a little sheepish.
“Well why the fuck didn’t you just say something sooner?” you demand, hurtling yourself into his arms.
A small part of your brain registers that you shouldn’t be doing this, not here, not so soon. But the majority wins and you find yourself hastily unbuttoning his shirt, desperate for closer contact as his lips devour yours.
He gets your blouse and bra undone and cast aside before you can even get his shirt off. Eventually you manage to tug it off him and throw it on the floor. You draw in a little gasp of breath when you see him; he’s gorgeous, of course, and heavily muscled too. But he’s got scars on his abs and you can’t help but wonder if they came from the raptors, or the military.
You shake away the thoughts and focus on him, on unbuckling his belt as he sucks a mark into the skin where your neck meets your collarbone. There won’t be any hiding it, and you’re not sure you want to.
He yanks down your shorts and panties, lifting you onto the desk. He sweeps the papers onto the floor and you giggle, not even thinking about the mess you’ll have to deal with later. There’s a light thud as his pants and belt hit the floor. You sit up a little so you can take in the view. You have to work to stop your jaw from dropping.
How the fuck is that going to fit inside me???
He hovers over you, kissing you passionately, his hands roaming your body, settling on your breasts, massaging slowly. You moan into his mouth, gasping when his lips leave yours and travel south. He sucks on each of your nipples slowly, his eyes never leaving yours as his mouth trails further south.
He presses soft kisses on your inner thighs before his lips meet your core. He licks up your slit slowly, then a little faster, his tongue tracing intricate patterns on your clit, his hands gripping your hips as you squirm.
When he pulls away, his stubble and your thighs are soaked with your arousal. You want him desperately, but there’s something else you want just as much. You sit up, push him into the chair, then slide off the desk and onto your knees. Before he can say anything, you take his length into your mouth, working your tongue on his head for a moment before sliding his length further into your mouth.
“Fuck,” he mumbles, his hands fisting in your hair as you move your head rhythmically, making sure you licked as much as you sucked. You were rather enjoying yourself and the groans you were eliciting from him.
“Get up here,” he ordered, his voice low and husky with desire.
You obeyed, letting him pull you into his lap.
“I’ll try not to hurt you,” he murmured as he lifted you up and pulled you down onto him, slowly, carefully. You let out a small gasp as you felt your body stretch to accommodate him.
“Am I hurting you? Want me to stop?” he asked, although he was already fully inside you, filling you to the hilt.
“God no,” you breathed, and before he could question you further, you began to rock your hips slowly, then a little faster until you were both covered in a thin sheen of sweat.
“Oh, Owen, you’re so big... oh my god...” you gasp.
He begins to thrust up into you, catching you off guard by standing up, holding you close as he lays you down on the desk. You wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside you.
“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groans.
He takes advantage of this new position and thrusts harder and deeper until your eyes are rolling back in your head and you’re raking your nails down his back, moaning his name as your inner walls tense around him. Perhaps its that tightness that leads him to his own climax.
He tenses, kisses you roughly, then curses as you’re filled with his hot release. You can feel his release and your juices overflow out of you, drip down your thighs.
“Owen,” you breathe.
“That was amazing,” you admit.
He smirks. “Hmm, it was pretty good.”
“Were you serious, before?” you ask him, nervous now.
“Dead serious. I’m taking you out to dinner tonight, by the way... don’t wear anything that you’re overly fond of, because I thoroughly intend to tear your clothes off and fuck you into the mattress,” he practically growls in your ear. Heat pools between your thighs.
“Damn it, Owen,” you mutter. He snickers.
“We’re going to be missed if we stay in here much longer... so keep tonight in mind... a raincheck,” he kisses your forehead and you both begin to get dressed.
“Can’t we go home early?” you ask.
He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you.
“Unfortunately not. But, if you promise you’ll do exactly as I say, you can come out to the paddock.”
“Really?” you squeal.
“Really.” He drops another kiss on you, this time, your lips, then holds out his hand.
“You better make good on your promise for later,” you say as you take his hand, completely abandoning the paperwork scattered all over the floor.

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